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at least twenty feet distant from any building, in an excavation, which shall be covered with earth to a depth of at least six inches, or iron, or some other metal. The entrance door, if any, and all woodwork connected therewith shall be covered with sheet iron, zine, or tin.

Gunpowder. 21. No person shall keep on his premises a larger quantity of gunpowder in wooden kegs than twentyfive pounds, or in tins than an aggregate quantity of thirty pounds. Quantities of gunpowder greater than aforesaid shall be stored in a substantial building, which, if composed entirely or in part of wood, shall be covered with iron or other metal, or in an excavation which shall be covered witn earth or otherwise protected with some uninflammable substance.

Hay and straw

Stacks of grain or hay.

Refuse or nuisance.

Disposal of garbage.

22. No person shall have or erect on his premises a dwelling, stable or other outhouse built in whole or in part of manure, hay or straw, or place on the roof of any building any manure, hay or straw, unless the said dwelling, stable, out-house or building is distant not less than 100 feet from any other building; provided always that this shall not apply to thatched roofs or to the banking up of any building with manure between the months of October and May in any year.

(a) No person shall have or erect on his premises any stack of hay, grain or straw, unless the said stack is distant not less than two hundred feet from any building.

23. In any village no person shall suffer the accumulation upon his premises, or deposit, or permit the deposit upon any lot belonging to him, of anything which may endanger the public health, or deposit upon, on, or into any street, square, lane, by-way, lake, pond, bank, river, stream, sewer or water, any manure, other refuse, or vegetable or animal matter, or other filth or nuisance.


24. In any village every householder and every hotel and restaurant keeper or other person shall dis

pose of all garbage, for the disposal of which he is responsible, either by burning the same or placing it in a proper covered receptacle for swill and house offal, the contents of which shall, between the 15th day of May and the 1st day of November, be regularly removed at least once a week.

25. No swine shall be kept within the limits of any swine. village, except in pens seventy feet distant from any house, with floors kept free from standing water, and regularly cleansed and disinfected; nor shall any swine be permitted to run at large at any time in any village.

26 Excavations, where foul water accumulates, shall Excavations be filled up, or, when otherwise dangerous, shall be safely covered over or fenced in.

27. It shall be the duty of the Overseer to assess a Assessment. tax as hereinafter provided upon all ratepayers and owners or occupants of real or personal property in the village area, and to expend the money so collected in improving the roads and for fire protection, and to carry out all the provisions of this Ordinance.


Males over eighteen years

28. Every male person over eighteen years of residing within the village, not otherwise assessed, of age. shall be assessd one dollar.


29. Every owner or occupant shall be assessed at Rate of such rate as has been directed by the meeting, provided for in Sections 7 to 14 inclusive, on the amount of his assessment for school purposes, in the area of the village.

Provided that no person shall be assessed at a less Minimum tax tax than one dollar.


30. The expenses connected with the erecting the Expense of district into a village and the expenses of advertising district. and holding meetings of ratepayers for the election of an Overseer of such district, in which the sum of $5.00 to be paid to the returning officer appointed by the

Overseer's remuneration.

Date of

completion of. work.


Recovery of taxes from defaulters.

Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council for directing and holding such election shall be included, and the remuneration of the Overseer, as hereinafter provided, shall be a first charge upon the moneys and fines collected by the Overseer; and the balance shall be applied and expended by the Overseer in the improvement of roads, and to enforce the provisions of this Ordinance.

31. The remuneration of the Overseer shall be $50 per annum and a sum of 2 per cent. on all moneys passing through his hands on account of the district.

32. The Overseer shall have all the road and fire improvements done by the fifteenth day of October in each year.

33. The Overseer shall on or before the first day of November in each year render to the LieutenantGovernor-in-Council an account in writing showing:

(1) Amount of money collected.

(2) The amount expended and for what purposes, showing balance on hand.

(3) The names of all those who have been fined;, stating amount of the fine, and the name of the convicting justice.

(4) A list of taxes unpaid giving name of person in default.

(5) The notice shall be published in the newspaper in or nearest to the town, or a copy thereof posted up in the post office.

34. The amount of taxes returned by the Overseer as unpaid may be collected from the defaulters after such taxes have remained unpaid for not less than two years, by action at law in the name of the Overseer.

to hand over

35. At the expiration of the term of any Overseer, Overseer or on the position becoming vacant from death, resig- books nation, or otherwise, the rolls, minute book, district moneys, and other property of such Overseer held by him in virtue of his position as Overseer, shall be handed over by him or his personal representatives to his successor.

86. Any Overseer who refuses or neglects to dis- Penalty er neglect by charge his duties after having first accepted the office, overseer. or who neglects or refuses to render a true and correct account as required by this Ordinance, or who refuses or neglects to pay any balance of public money, which then may be due from him, shall for each and every offence incur a penalty not exceeding $100, to be recovered together with the balance of the moneys remaining in his hand at the suit of the LieutenantGovernor-in-Council before any court of competent jurisdiction and upon such conviction shall cease to hold office.


37. Any person liable to perform duty under the Penalty fer neglect by provisions of this Ordinance, who wilfully neglects or assessed refuses to perform the same, shall be guilty of an offence against this Ordinance and be liable on summary conviction before a Justice of the Peace to a penalty not exceeding fifty dollars, with costs of prosecution, and in default of payment to be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for any time not exceeding three months, and such fine when recovered shall be paid to the Overseer for the use of the district.

38. For the purpose of collecting the taxes assessed Collection of by him under the provisions of said Ordinance the taxes. Overseer shall have and possess and shall exercise all the powers and authority which are conferred upon collectors of municipalities under the provisions of Sections 41 and 42 of Part 4 of "The Municipal Ordinance."


39. If, at a meeting called for the purpose of elect- Impound g ing an Overseer, a motion is duly carried deciding that animals shall not be allowed to run at large in such

Title to Real


ated Towns to


village, it shall thereafter (and until such motion is rescinded at some subsequent meeting called for the same purpose) be unlawful for any horses, cattle, sheep or pigs to run at large in such village, and it shall be the duty of the Overseer or any person duly appointed by him to keep and maintain a pound and to cause any such animal found running at large in such village to be seized and impounded in such pound, and the Overseer, or such person appointed by him shall be the keeper of such pound and shall have and possess all the powers and authority conferred upon pound keepers of herd districts, under the provisions of Sections 14 and 15 of "The Herd Ordinance," being Ordinance No. 24 of 1891-92, and shall be entitled to the same fees and allowances as are allowed to pound keepers under Section 20 of the last mentioned Ordinance and amendments thereto.

40. The title to any real estate owned by any village shall be vested in the Lieutenant-Governor until such time as the village shall be included in a Municipality.

41. The unincorporated towns of Saltcoats, Grenfell, be known as Gainsboro, Yorkton, Medicine Hat, Wetaskiwin and Red Deer shall hereafter be known as the villages of Saltcoats, Grenfell, Gainsboro, Yorkton, Medicine Hat, Wetaskiwin and Red Deer.

Ordinances repealed.

42. Ordinance No. 3 of 1893 and Ordinance No. 35 of 1894 are hereby repealed.


(Vide Section 9.)

I, A. B., hereby declare that I am assessed as a ratepayer in

School District No.

on the last revised assessment

roll thereof for property situated with the limits of
Village of

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