Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Admiralty: Commencing with the Judgments of Sir William Scott : Trinity Term 1811-[1822]


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Sidan 139 - C. D., his executors, administrators or assigns ; for which payment, well and truly to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presents.
Sidan 453 - For salvage is a question of jus gentium, and materially different from the question of a mariner's contract, which is a creature of the particular institutions of the country, to be applied and construed and explained by its own particular rules.
Sidan 56 - Chan[698] nels, for the Gulf of Mexico, and all parts of the West Indies; forty days for the North Seas, for the Baltic, and...
Sidan 544 - Sovereigns not to foresee, that however honorable may be their object, they would not pursue it without a just regard to the interests, the habits, and even the prejudices of their subjects ; the said Plenipotentiaries, at the same time acknowledge, that this general declaration should not prejudge the period which each particular Power should look upon as the most expedient for the definitive abolition of the traffic in Slaves.
Sidan 56 - Treaty by both parties as hereinafter mentioned, orders shall be sent to the armies, squadrons, officers, subjects, and citizens of the two powers, to cease from all hostilities. And to prevent all causes of complaint, which might arise on account of the prizes which may be taken at sea after the said Ratifications of this Treaty, it is reciprocally agreed, that all vessels...
Sidan 85 - In the first place, it may happen without blame being imputable to either party ; as where the loss is occasioned by a storm, or any other vis major : In that case, the misfortune must be borne by the party on whom it happens to light ; the other not being responsible to him in any degree.
Sidan 85 - ... skill on both sides : In such a case, the rule of law is, that the loss must be apportioned between them, as having been occasioned by the fault of both of them. — • Thirdly, it may happen by the misconduct of the suffering party only ; and then the rule is, that the sufferer must 'bear his own burthen.
Sidan 416 - ... any Law, Custom or Usage to the contrary notwithstanding; subject nevertheless to such Distribution of the Produce of the Seizures so made at Sea, as well with regard to the Moiety hereinbefore granted to His Majesty as with regard to the other Moiety given to the Seizor or Prosecutor, as His Majesty shall think fit to order and direct by any Order or Orders of Council, or by any Proclamation or Proclamations to be made for that Purpose. LXIX. And be it further enacted, That all Actions...
Sidan 222 - African slave-trade, after that trade had been abolished by the internal laws of France, and by the treaty between Great Britain and France. 4th, That the vessel had bargained for twelve slaves at Mesurada, and was prevented by the capture alone from taking them on board.
Sidan 247 - In truth it wants some of the distinguishing features of that offence. It is not the act of freebooters, enemies of the human race, renouncing every country, and ravaging every country in its coasts and vessels indiscriminately...

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