Recollections Abroad, During the Years 1785, 1786, 1787

R. Cruttwell, 1815 - 385 sidor

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Sida 36 - While the pent ocean, rising o'er the pile, Sees an amphibious world beneath him smile ; — The slow canal, the yellow-blossom'd vale, The willow-tufted bank, the gliding sail, The crowded mart, the cultivated plain — A new creation rescued from his reign.
Sida 368 - Morte eius ita laetatus est populus, ut ad primum nuntium discurrentes pars : " Tiberium in Tiberim ! " clamitarent, pars Terram matrem deosque Manes orarent, ne mortuo sedem ullam nisi inter impios darent, alii uncum et Gemonias cadaveri minarentur, exacerbati super memoriam pristinae crudelitatis etiam recenti atrocitate.
Sida 141 - Farewell, a long farewell, to all my greatness ! This is the state of man ; to-day he puts forth The tender leaves of hope, to-morrow blossoms, And bears his blushing...
Sida 337 - And laggard into two days journey broke What were but one to less encumber'd folk; The Appian road, however, yields most pleasure To those who choose to travel at their leisure. The water here was of so foul a stream, Against my stomach I a war proclaim, And wait, though not with much good humour wait, While with keen appetites my comrades ate.
Sida 307 - Cimbrian, proceeded sword in hand to dispatch his victim. The chamber in which Marius was confined was gloomy, and a light, they say, glanced from the eye of Marius upon the face of the assassin, while at the same time a solemn voice exclaimed, " Dost thou dare to kill Marius ?" Upon which the soldier threw down his sword and fled, crying, " I cannot kill Marius." The people of Minturnae were struck with astonishment ; pity and remorse ensued. Should they put to death the preserver of Italy ? Was...
Sida 344 - Apulia now my native mountains shows, Where the north wind with nipping sharpness blows. Nor could we well have climb'd the sleepy height. Did we not at a neighbouring village bait, Where from green wood the smothering flames arise, And with a smoky sorrow fill our eyes.
Sida 339 - At ten, Feronia, we thy fountain gain ; There land and bathe ; then after dinner creep Three tedious miles, and climb the rocky steep Whence Anxur shines. Maecenas was to meet Cocceius here, to settle things of weight : For they had oft in embassy been join'd. And reconcil'd the masters of mankind.
Sida 338 - Step in, my masters;" when with open throat, " Enough, you scoundrel! will you sink the boat ?" Thus, while the mule is harness'd, and we pay Our freight, an hour in wrangling slips away. The fenny frogs, with croakings hoarse and deep, And gnats, loud buzzing, drive away our sleep. Drench'd in the lees of wine the wat'ry swain, And passenger, in loud alternate strain, Chaunt forth the absent fair, who warms his breast, Till weary'd passenger retires to rest.
Sida 308 - Marius upon hearing this, was struck dumb with grief and indignation. He uttered not a word for some time, but stood regarding the officer with a menacing aspect. At length, the officer asked him, what answer he should carry to the governor.
Sida 337 - The Night o'er earth now spread her dusky shade. And through the heavens her starry train display'd; What time, between the slaves and boatmen rise Quarrels of clamorous rout. The boatman cries,

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