Notes, During a Visit to Egypt, Nubia, the Oasis Boeris, Mount Sinai and Jerusalem

John Murray, 1824 - 352 sidor

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Sida 271 - And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city.
Sida 79 - ... destined to hold his remains, a pile of stone equal in weight to six millions of tons, which is just three times that of the vast Breakwater thrown across Plymouth Sound...
Sida 278 - Mohammedans, the Blessed City, — the streets of it are narrow and deserted, — the houses dirty and ragged, — the shops few and forsaken, — and throughout the whole there is not one symptom of either commerce, comfort, or happiness. Is this the city that men call the Perfection of Beauty, the Joy of the Whole Earth ? — The town, which appears to me not worth possession, even without the trouble of conquest, is walled entirely round...
Sida 291 - I was drawn some few yards, till, bleeding from my ankle to my shoulder, I resigned myself to my fate. As soon as I stood up one of my pursuers took aim at me ; but the other, casually advancing between us, prevented his firing. He then ran up, and with his sword aimed such a blow as would not have required a second : his companion prevented its full effect, so that it merely cut my ear in halves, and laid open one side of my face : they then stripped me naked...
Sida 161 - ... feet. There are four enormous sitting colossi, the largest in Egypt or Nubia, except the great Sphinx at the pyramids, to which they approach in the proportion of near two-thirds.
Sida 289 - ... rode into and round the building, and then motioned me to advance. We next came to a hill, through the very apex of which has been cut a passage*, the rocks overhanging it on either side. I was in the act of passing through this ditch, when a bullet whizzed by, close to my head ; I saw no one, and had scarcely time to think when another was fired, some short distance...
Sida 192 - He adds, that the surface of the earth in the vicinity of the temple is very remarkable ; it is covered with a lamina of salt and sand mixed, and has the same appearance as if a ploughed field had been flooded over, then frozen, and the water drawn off from under the ice.t This remark suggests a question relative to the origin of these grassy islands in the desert.
Sida 99 - I have cast her off." (Burckhardt's "Bedouins," p. 65). Sir F. Henniker in speaking of the difficulty he had in persuading the natives to descend into the crocodile mummy pits, in consequence of some men having lost their lives there, says : " our guides, as if preparing for certain death, took leave of their children ; the father took the turban from his own head, and put it upon that of his son ; or put him in his place, by giving him his shoes,
Sida 289 - The route is over hills, rocky, barren, and uninteresting ; we arrived at a fountain, and here my two attendants paused to refresh themselves ; the day was so hot that I was anxious to finish the journey, and hurried forwards.
Sida 281 - Damascenus of which Adam was made ; by the side of the corpse is placed a stick, and the priest tells him that the devil will tempt him to become a Christian, but that he must make good use of his stick ; that his trial will last three days, and that he will then find himself in a mansion of glory, &c.

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