Sidor som bilder

For what remains, long habitude, and use,
Will kindness in domeftic bands produce:
For custom will a strong impression leave.
Hard bodies, which the lightest stroke receive,
In length of time, will moulder and decay,
And stones with drops of rain are walh'd away.


Vol. II.



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HUS, like a sailor by a tempeft hurld

Alhore, the babe is thipwreck'd on the world:
Naked he lies, and ready to expire ;
Helpless of all that human wants require ;
Expos'd upon unhospitable earth,
From the first moment of his hapless birth.
Straight with foreboding cries he fills the room;
Too true presages of his future doom.
But flocks and herds, and every savage beast,
By more indulgent nature are increas'd.
They want no rattles for their froward mood,
Nor nurse to reconcile them to their food,
With broken words; nor winter blasts they fear,
Nor change their habits with the changing year :
Nor, for their safety, citadels prepare,
Nor forge the wicked initruments of war:
Unlabour'd earth her bounteous treasure grants,
And Nature's lavish hand supplies their common wants,

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Inscribed to the Earl of Roscommon, on his intended

Voyage to Ireland.

may th'auspicious queen of love,

And the twin stars the feed of Jove,
And he who rules the raging wind,
To thee, O sacred ship, be kind;
And gentle breezes fill thy fails,
Supplying foft Etesian gales :

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