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MALACHIAS, Archbishop of ArmAGH, A. D. 1134,

Was an intimate friend of St. Bernard who wrote his life, and was Legate of the Court of Rome, in Ireland : he wrote a Prophecy of the future Roman Pontiffs :-Waræis, lib. i. Script. Hibern. p. 55.

ODDO, Monk of St. REMIGIUS, A. D. 1135, At Rheims, wrote concerning a Miracle of St. Thomas : -Mabill. Analec. vol. i. p. 334.

ULGER, Bishop of Angers, A. D. 1136, Wrote a Letter to Innocent II. :-ap. Baluz. Miscell. vol. ii. p. 200:—and an Encomium in verse on Marbodus, Bishop of Rennes, prefixed to his works.

RINALDO II., Count of the MARSI, A. D. 1136, Abbot of Cassin and Cardinal, wrote several Hymns on Saints, which are in the Breviary of the Monastery of Cassin.

GEORGE, Archbishop of Corcyra, A. D. 1136, Fragments of whose Treatise on Purgatory, against the Latins, are preserved by Leo Allatius, de Libr. Eccles. Græc. Dissert. :- a Dissertation on the Eucharist ;-in Biblioth. Barber. :-a Monody on the death of Nectarius; —ap. Baron. :-and some Epistles ;—ap. Baron.

GUALTER, de MAURITANIA, A. D. 1136, Bishop of Laon in France, wrote several Letters, of which five are extant;, D'Achery, vol. iii.

PHILIP, Bishop of Tarento, A. D. 1136, Is author of twenty-five Letters, published by C. de Wisch, ad calc. lib. de Script. Ord. Cistert. p. 336.

PETER, LIBRARIAN of Cassin, A. D. 1137, Wrote a book of the Illustrious Men of his Monastery ; -J. B. Marus, Rom. 1655 :-a continuation of Leo Ostiensis Chronicle of Cassin, from A. D. 1086 to A. D. 1138:-a Tract on the Roman Letters, dedicated to the Emperor Conrad ;—Venice, 1525.

ACHARD, Prior of CLARAVALLA, A. D. 1140, Wrote the Life of St. Geselinus :-A. Rasius, Duac. 1626.

GUILHELM, Abbot of St. THEODORIC, A. D. 1140,

Near Rheims, wrote several short Works, such as-on a Solitary Life,-the Glass of Faith,—the Ænigma of Faith,--Meditations,-the Nature of Divine Love,the Contemplation of God,—the Nature of the Body and Soul, two books,-against Abælard,-against William de Conchis,-of the Eucharist,-an Exposition of Canticles,Commentary on the Romans,-Life of St. Bernard, and Commentary on Canticles :—these works are to be found in the Biblioth. Cistert. vol. iv. :the Life of St. Bernard is in his works.

LUKE, Abbot of St. CORNELIUS, A. D. 1140, Of the order of Præmontre, near Liege, wrote a Commentary on the Canticles, being an abridgment of that of Aponius :-Fribourg. 1538.

GUERRIC, a CISTERTIAN ABBot, A. D. 1140, Near Rheims, is author of some Sermons at the end of St. Bernard's Works ;-Paris, 1645.


Abbot of Bonne Esperance, of the order of Præmontre, in Hainault, is Author of Letters; a Commentary and Observations on the Canticles; Discourses ; 'six Tracts, on the dignity, knowledge, justice, continence,

obedience, and silence of the Clergy; the Lives of SS. Augustine, Amandus, Cyriacus and Julitta, Salvius, Foillanus, Gislenus, Landelinus, Oda, Waldetrude, and Ag. nes; and Poems ;-all published by N. Chamart, Duac. 1620, fol.

ANTONIUS, Melissa, A. D. 1140, A Greek Monk, called Melissa from the style of his Sermons : he is author of two books of Extracts from the Fathers on Virtues and Vices :-Gr. et Lat. Tigur. 1546.

GERARD, à NAZARETH, A. D. 1140, Bishop of Laon, is author of some unpublished works mentioned by Semler in Biblioth. Patr. p. 237.

BERNARDUS, MORNALENSIS, A. D. 1140, An English Monk of Cluny, wrote to Peter the Venerable three books in rhyming Latin verse on Contempt of the World :-12mo. Luneberg. 1640.

WILLIAM, of Wycombe, A. D. 1140, Prior of the Monastery of Lanthony in Cornwall, which office he was obliged to give up in consequence of the opposition made to his severity of temper. He wrote the Life of Robert Betun, Bishop of Hereford, in two books : ---published by Wharton, Angl. Sacr. vol. ii. p. 293, who has omitted some of his miracles.

ORDERICUS VITALIS, A. D. 1140, Was born at a place called Allingesham on the river Severn, A. D. 1075; he was educated in France, and be. came Monk of the Monastery of Evreux in Normandy: he wrote an Ecclesiastical History in thirteen books, from the Incarnation to A. D. 1142:- A. Du Chesne, int. Script. Norman. fol. p. 321, Paris, 1619.

HUGO, Archbishop of Rouen, A. D. 1140, Wrote the Life of St. Adjutor :-E. Martene, Collect. Nov. vol. i. pt. ii. p. 259.

BARTHOLOMEW, DE FUSNIACO, A. D. 1140, Bishop of Laon, wrote an Apologetical Letter to the Council of Rheims, defending himself from the charge of wasting the ecclesiastical revenues :--Concil, vol. x. p. 1184.

PETER, of LOMBARDY, A. D. 1141, Commonly called the Master of Sentences, was a canon of Chartres and afterwards raised to the Bishopric of Paris : he died A. D. 1164. He wrote

Four Books of Sentences,-chiefly collected from SS. Hilary, Ambrose, Jerom, and Augustine, with the design of settling theological controversies by the express de

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