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NICETAS, Archbishop of ThessALONICA, A. D. 1201,

Wrote on the Holy Spirit, on the Canons,-on Ecclesiastical Cases, on the Miracles of St. Demetrius, &c. which exist in either printed Fragments or else in MS. in Leo Allat., or Jur. Gr. Rom., or in the Bodleian and Vienna Libraries.

JOHN, Bishop of Citri, A. D. 1203, In Macedonia, wrote Answers to various Questions on the Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs of the Church :-Jur. Gr. Rom. lib. v.

DEMETRIUS, COMATENUS, A. D. 1203, Archbishop of Bulgaria, wrote some Tracts, &c. on Ecclesiastical Affairs :-Jur. Gr. Rom. lib. v.

MARK, Patriarch of AlexANDRIA, A. D. 1203, Wrote sixty-four Questions on Ecclesiastical Affairs :Jur. Gr. Rom. lib. v.

MICHAEL ACOMINATUS, A. D. 1204, A Phrygian, Archbishop of Athens, wrote a funeral Oration on his Brother Nicetas :-cum Op. Nicetæ, Francof. 1568: and in the Paris, Vienna, and Bodleian Libraries are several Sermons, &c., and Histories, &c.

NICETAS ACOMINATUS, A. D. 1204, Brother of the above named Michael, Secretary of State to the Emperors Alexius and Isaac : he quitted Constantinople when the Latins took it, and retired to Nice in Bithynia, where he died A. D. 1206. He wrote a History in twenty-one books, beginning with the death of Alexius Comnenus:—Basil. 1557; Paris, 1647 :—the Treasure of Orthodox Faith, in twenty-seven books, five of which have been published by P. Morell, Paris, 1580, and part of the twentieth is in the Biblioth. Patr.

JOEL, the CHRONOLOGER, A. D. 1204, Wrote a Compendium of Chronology :- Leo Allat. fol. Paris, 1651.

WILLIAM, the Theological Professor, A. D. 1206,

Of Paris, wrote a Commentury on the four books of Sentences :—fol. Paris, 1500.

WILLIAM, of SEGNELAY, A. D. 1206, Bishop of Auxerre, wrote the Sum of Theology :-Paris, 1500 :-on Ecclesiastical Offices, in MS. in S. Germ. Biblioth. Paris.

STEPHEN LANGTON, A. D. 1206, An Englishman but educated in Paris, was much celebrated there for his theological knowledge : he was invited to Rome by Pope Innocent III., by whom he was made a Cardinal, and afterwards, against the will of King John, Archbishop of Canterbury. On the invasion of England by Louis, son of Philip of France, Stephen sided with Louis, till king John died : he died A. D. 1228.He wrote an account of the Translation of St. Thomas à Becket's Reliques :-ad calc. Epist. Becket. 4to. Bruxel. 1682 :- Epistle to King John :-D'Achery, vol. ii. p. 568 :-several Constitutions made in the Council held in Oxford :—Wilkins, Concil. :—and Commentaries on Scripture, with other Works, in MS. in the Lambeth and other Libraries.

HUGOLIN, Bishop of OSTIA, 4. D. 1207. In Baluz. Miscell. vol. ii. p. 248, is an Epistle of this Bishop's writing.

WILLIAM, Abbot of ANDRES, A. D. 1207, Wrote a Chronicle of his own Abbey in the diocese of Terouane :-D'Achery, vol. ii. p. 787.

RODERIC XIMENIUS, A. D. 1208, Of Navarre, Archbishop of Toledo, was the original founder of the University of Salamanca, wrote a History of Spain, in nine books, from the time of Hercules to A.D. 1224 ;-a History of the Ostrogoths, from A. D. 453 to A. D. 555 ;-a History of the Huns, Vandals, &c.; from their first rise to A. D. 585 ;-a History of the Saracens, from A. D. 570 to A. D. 1150;—and a History of the Romans, from king Janus, to A. U. C. 708:-Granat. fol. 1545.

FRANCIS, of Assisi, A. D. 1208, In Umbria, Founder of the Minim Friars, was in early youth as celebrated for his debauchery, as he afterwards was for his singular austerity of life and fanaticism of conduct; he practised every hardship which the body could endure, and denied himself every conveniency: he died A. D. 1226.-His Works, consisting of Sermons, Prayers, Advices and Rules to his Monks, &c., were all published by J. de la Haye, Paris, 1641.

ARNOLD, Abbot of LUBEC, A. D. 1209, Wrote a Continuation of Hermold's Chronicle, to A.D. 1209 :-H. Meibom. Op. Hist. Helmstad. 4to. 1660.

GERVASIUS, of TILBURY, 1210, On the Thames, Marshal of Arles, a relation of king Henry II., wrote a History of the West, called Otia Imperialia :-Mader. 1673 :-he wrote also a History of England, of the Holy Land, and other Works, in MS. in the Cotton and other Libraries.

GUALTER MAPES, A. D. 1210, Archdeacon of Oxford, a satirical Poet who severely scourged the Clergy of his times :-J. Wolfii, Memorab. Lect. vol. i. cent. xii. p. 430.

GUNTHER, A. D. 1210, The Cistertian Monk, wrote a History of the capture of Constantinople:-Canis. Lect. Antiq. vol. iv. p.5:-a History of Frederic Barbarossa, in ten books :-int. Script. Germ, cum Not. J. Spiegelii, fol. Francof. 1584.


In the diocese of Treves, wrote fifty-one Festival Sermons:-fol. Colon. 1534.

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