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ROBERT, de MONTE, A. D. 1210, Wrote a Continuation of Sigebert's Chronicle, a work on the Norman Abbeys, and an Epistle :-D'Achery, ad calc. Guibert. Op. Paris, 1651.

WILLIBRAND, ab OLDENBURG, A. D. 1211, Canon of Hildesheim, wrote an Itinerary of the Holy Land :-Leo Allat. Symmict. pt. i. p. 122.


PETER, of SARNA, A. D. 1212, A Monk, wrote a History of the Albigenses :-N. Camuzac. Trecis. 1615.

HELINAND, a Cistertian Monk, A. D. 1212, Wrote a Chronicle, from the Creation to A. D. 1204:and some Sermons : -Tissier. Biblioth. Cistert. :— the Martyrdom of St. Gereon and his Companions :-ap. Surium:-Verses on Death:- A. Loisell. 1594.

GAUFRID, the SACRISTAN, A. D. 1234, Of Coldingham in Scotland, wrote the History of the Church of Durham :-H. Warton. Angl. Sacr. vol. i. p. 718.

CONRAD, of LichtenAU, A. D. 1215, Abbot of Ursburg, wrote a Chronicle, from Belus to A. D. 1229 :-- Argent. 1609.

ALEXANDER NECKAM, A. D. 1215, Abbot of Exeter, has written Commentaries, &c., on Scripture, and of the Nature of Things ;-in MS. in the Cambridge and Oxford Libraries.

ALAN, of LISLE, A. D. 1215, Surnamed the universal Doctor, on account of his general knowledge, was Moderator of the Paris Academy: he wrote Commentaries on the Canticles ;-on the Art of Preaching ;-a Pænitential ;-on Parables ;-a book of Memorabilia ;-Anticlaudianus, or a perfect man, in nine books, in verse ;-the Lament of Nature ;-against the Albigenses ;-eleven Sermons ;—on the Cherubim ;-on the Incarnation ;-all published by C. Du Visch, Antverp. 1653, fol. :—Commentaries on the Prophecies of Merlin ;-Francof. 1608 :-on the Philosopher's Stone ; Lugd. Bat. 1600 :—against the Jews and Pagans ;-C. Du Visch, Bibl. Cistert. Colon. 1656: -and a work entituled In how many Ways, shewing in what various ways a thing may be understood either ill or well ;-in MS. in Biblioth. Cistert.

HONORIUS III., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1216, Of the Savelli family of Ronie. To this Pope was voluntarily yielded, by its king Reginald, the Isle of Man, to be held by him and his successors as a fief of the Roman enspire: he much promoted the Crusades :. he died A.D. 1227. In Concil. vol. xi. Baluz. Miscell. vol. ii. and Wadding. Annal. Minor. vol. i. are nineteen Letters of this Pope's writing.

SIMON, OF TOURNAY, A. D. 1216, Whose writings are yet only in MS., and consist of a Sum of Questions on the Sentences, on the Athanasian Creed, &c. ;-in Baliol and Merton Libraries, Oxford, and on the Continent.

JOHN, de CeccANO, A. D. 1217, Wrote a Chronicle of the Monastery of Fossa Nova :F. Ughell. Ital. Sacr. vol. i.

BENIGNUS, Abbot of VaLLOMBROSA, A. D. 1220, A Florentine, wrote an Account of his Religion :-Florent. 1600.

JAMES, de VITRIACO, A. D. 1220, Bishop of Ptolemais, wrote a History of the East and West, in three books ;-8vo. Duac. 1597 :-two Epistles, one on the taking of Damietta ;-Gest. Dei per Francos, p. 1146 :—and one to Honorius III. ;-D'Achery, vol. ii. p.

590 :- Sermons on the Epistles and Gospels ;-fol. Antverp. 1575 :—and Life of St. Mary of Oignies ;-ap. Surium.

ANTHONY, of PADUA, A. D. 1220, A Franciscan Friar of much celebrity as a divine, wrote very many Sermons for all occasions and times of the year, -published in Paris, 1521, Venet. 1575, Aven. 1684; wretched compositions :

-a Mystical Exposition of Scripture:-and five books of Scripture Morals ;-fol. J. de la Haye, Paris, 1641.

GERMANUS II., Patriarch of ConstanTINOPLE,

A. D. 1222. Constantinople being in the hands of the Latins, Ger. manus resided at Nice : be wrote a work called the Ecclesiastical Theory, or an Exposition of the Liturgy; in Auctuar. Ducean. vol. ii. :-several Orations, Homilies, Epistles, and Decrees, published by Gretser, de Cruce, Cotelerius, Combefis., and Leunclavius.

JORDAIN, General of the DOMINICANS, A.D. 1223,

Wrote a History of his Order ;-cum Not. Ant. Maffei, Rom. 1587 :-also an Account of the Translation of St. . Dominic's Reliques ;-Bzovii Annal. ad ann. 1233.

CÆSARIUS, Prior of St. Peter's, A. D. 1225, Near Bona, composed twelve Dialogues, on the Miracles and Visions of his own times ;-8vo.Colon. 1591 :— Life of Engelbert, in three books ;-ap. Surium :-Homilies :- And. Coppenstein, Colon. 1615.

CONRAD LAUTERBERGIUS, A. D. 1225, Monk of Mount Serenus, wrote a Chronicle of his Monastery :--J. J. Mader. 4to. Helmst. 1665.

RIGORDUS, the CHRONOGRAPHER, A. D. 1225, Composed Annals of Philip Augustus, king of France : -Francof. 1596.

GREGORY IX., Bishop of Rome, A. D. 1227. During nearly all of his Pontificate Gregory was at open war with the Emperor Frederic, whom he excommunicated four several times, and wished to betray him into

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