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Ministers and People, have become little else than a bye word, expressing the propagators of error and the authors of puerile conceits in inflated or mean language, yet among them are the noblest monuments of zeal and knowledge, eloquence and holiness, that can support the Christian Church or adorn the Christian Character.

The reason, why the Work is not brought down so far as at first proposed, will be found at the conclusion of this volume.

I had designed to have written A Dissertation on the Use of the Fathers, to serve as an Introduction to this Work, - but nearly 800 pages, in one Volume, should not be lightly increased,-and as such a Dissertation ought not to be either slightly written or hastily dismissed, it was judged expedient not to increase the size of a book already unexpectedly large. Should an opportunity offer, a future time may enable me to accomplish what I am now obliged to postpone.

The assistance which I have had in the work, I have derived from various quarters :—from Cave's Historia Literaria, I have generally taken the Catalogue and Chronology of the Writers, and also from the Ecclesiastical History of Du Pin, whom it is impossible to praise too highly for candor, correctness and industry : the Lectiones Antiquæ of CANISIUS, as edited by Basnage, whose preliminary notices of the several authors are most admirable, has been used with considerable profit ; as also Father D'ACHERY's Spicilegium Scriptorum Gallia, where I have been able to consult many short Tracts and Letters :- Lives of various Saints, with the history of the Foundations of several Monasteries, &c., have been procured from LABBE's Biblioth. Nov. MScript. and from Mabillon's Sæculum Benedictinum, a treasury of Monkish history : Bowers' History of the Popes has frequently contributed to the utility of the work : and the works of COTELERIUS, COMBEFISIUS, LEO ALLATIUS, and GRETSER, with the Orthodoxographa, and the Bibliotheca Patrum, have supplied me with most of the writings of the Minor Authors, while the more voluminous ones have been either borrowed or purchased, that I might knowingly omit nothing requisite for the better performance of the Work. The editions of the Fathers generally used have been the Benedictine ; and wheresoever I could find help I have been glad to avail myself of it, but in no one instance has trust in the authority of others superseded my own perusal of the several Authors, whenever they have been in either public or private Libraries to which I could possibly gain access; and from such perusal have the opinions and judgments expressed been formed. To my Father's invaluable Library I have been very considerably indebted, and I should have rejoiced if his health and time would have allowed him to finish the whole work; but he proceeded no farther than to the conclusion of St. Basil's Writings, and all his Papers have been embodied and printed in the first part : also to Dr. Beek, the present venerable Dean of Bristol, and to J. S. Harford, Esq., of Blaise Castle, I have been obliged for the loan of books which I could not otherwise have obtained : I mention these names as the only means which I possess of recording my grateful sense of the kindness of those who bear them.

To the Reader I would say a few words :--this Work is not designed to supersede, but to excite to, the study of the Fathers, who are now unduly neglected, as they have been in past times extravagantly esteemed—thus even the solid gold may be foolishly despised because it has been framed into an Idol and worshipped as a God.- Among the earlier Fathers he will find several who abound

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in copious materials for the use of the Divine, in riches of natural and therefore heart-searching eloquence, and in ample matter even to satiate curiosity: no Clergyman should voluntarily be ignorant of them, as he would thus cut himself off from the possession of stores which may serve for hints capable of amplification, not as borrowed plumes wherewith to shine in another's beauty; and sometimes for models of plain practical exposition, attractive from novelty of illustration and urged with that warmth of language and depth of feeling which sinks at once into the heart, even before the will has time to give consent to its entrance.—The Greek Writers, he will observe, give less countenance to doctrinal errors than the Latin : and on every account they are generally to be preferred, as giving more sterling metal with less alloy, as less under the influence of that kind of spiritual government which causes to err, and as less pledged to the support of individual power or the maintainance of those errors in creed productive of undue authority in the Rulers, and of ignorance and wandering in the People.

Imperfections in the Work I am well aware there must be, and errors there may be, but perhaps the Reader will guide himself by the words which I adopt from an Asiatic,


جا که

التماس از فضلي روزگار و بلغاي ادوار است هر جا و خطاي واقع شود بذيل كرم بپوشند و قلم اصلاح بر آن جاري دارند و

My request from the instructed of time and the matured of

ages is this, every place where a fault or an omission occurs let the garment of Generosity hide, and let the pen of Correction pass gently over it.


Frome, Nov. 10, 1831.


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A.D. Page

ABÆLARD, PETER , 1120 670

Abbo, Abbot of Fleury 970 572

Abbo, of Neustria

880 546
Absolom, Abbot of Spin-

1210 728
A bucara, Theodorus 867 534
Abulfaragius, George 1284 759

705 429

Achard, Prior of Clara-


1140 685

Achridenus, Basilius 1155 699

Acominatus, Michael 1204 724

A cominatus, Nicetas 1204 725

Acropolita, Constantine 1270 750

Acropolita, George 1261 749
Adalbero, Bishop of Aus-

961 571
Adalgisus, Monk of St.

1150 695

822 493

Adam, Canon of Bremen 1080 627

Adam, of Domersham 1272 753

Adam, the Scot


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1160 703
A damanoos

679 413
Adelbold, Bishop of U.

1008 585

1105 650
Æneas, the Notary 854 520

527 300




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A.D. Page
Agapetus, Bp. of Rome 535 312
Agapetus Il., Bishop of

946 568

680 421
Agatho, Bp. of Rome 679 412
Ageles, Raimund de . 1095 640

555 928
Agnellus, Andreas

830 498
Agobardus, Bishop of

813 475
Ailred, of Revesby 1150 696
Aimo, Bishop of Halber-

841 505

872 541
Aimoinus, Monk of

1001 583
Alan, Abbot of Tewkes-

Alan, de Insulis

1151 697
* Alan, of Lisle

1215 730

1241 740
Alberic, Cardinal

1057 612
Albert, or Alberic 1120 674

890 548
Albertus, the Franciscan 1256 747
Albertus Magnus

1260 748
Albus, Cummeneus 660 410

780 433
of Rome

1061 616
Alexander iii., Bishop
of Rome

1159 700
Alexander IV., Bishop
of Rome

1254 743
Alexander, Monk of St.

1196 720
Alexander, of Hales . 1230 736
Alexius Aristenus

1166 706
Alexius, Patriarch of

1025 588
Alfred the Great

871 541
Alfonsus, Petrus,' the

1106 651
Alger, Monk of Cluny 1130 682
Algrinus, John, Cardi-

1227 734

850 520
Alphanus, Archbishop of

1057 613

A.D. Page
Anastatius, Abbot of Eu-

741 444
Anastatius, Sinaita

561 338
Anastatius, Sinaita, Jun. 599 372
Anastatius, the Monk 655 407
Anastatius, Bp.of Rome. 1153 698
Anastatius, the Roman

870 540
Anastatius, the Chancel-

655 408
Anchialus, Michael 1167 707
Andreas Agnellus

830 498

635 390
Andrew, Bishop of Samo-

431 193
Andrew, Bishop of Cæsa-

rea in Cappadocia 500 270
Andrew, the Abbot 806 469
Andrew, the Priest 1241 739
Andronicus Camaterus 1156 700
Andronicus Comnenus 1183 715
Andronicus Palæologus 1282 758

856 523
Angelrannus, Abbot of
St. Richerius.

981 577

699 424
Anonymous Writers in
the 7th century

Do. in the 8th century

Do. in the 9th century

Do. in the 10th century

Do, in the 17th century

Do. in the 12th century

Do. in the 13th century

Anscharius, Bishop of

830 496
Anscherus, Abbot of St.

1110 654
Ansegius, Abbot of St.

828 495
Anselm, Archbishop of

1093 636
Anselm, Bishop of Ha-

1149 694
Anselm, Dean of Laon . 1103 649
Anselm, Bishop of Lucca 1071 622
Anselm, Canon of Liege 1019 600

720 432
Anthony, of Padua 1220 732

614 379
Antoninus Honoratus,

Bp. of Constantinople 437 222
Apoldia, Theodoric de 1289 760
Apollonaris Sidonius, Bi-

shop of Clermont 472 256
Apollovius, of Novara 700 426

680 415
Aquinas, Thomas

1255 · 745
Arabo, Cyrinus .

761 449
Ararsius, Patricius

858 529

544 819

690 423
Ardens, Radulf.

1101 648

836 499




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839 500

847 518
Amalarius, Archbishop of

810 470
Amalarius, of Meniz

812 471
Ambrose, Autpertus 760 449
Amatus, Monk of Cassin 1070 621
Amedeus, Bishop of Lau-

1144 691
Amulo, Archbishop of

841 506

685 422

754 448
Anastatius, Bishop of

1094 639



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