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kind of evidence, which they have a relish and respect for, they still hold out against the reception of the Gospel, this must aggravate the weight of the threatening which lies upon them ; “How'shall they escape, if they neglect so great a salvation ?":

It will be a great satisfaction to the writer of the following pages, if any shall rise from the perusal of them, with a stronger determination than before to take his Christianity exclusively from his Bible. It is not enough to entitle a man to the name of a Christian, that he professes to believe the Bible to be a genuine communication from God. To be the disciple of any book, he must do something more than satisfy himself that its contents are true--he must read the book-he must obtain a knowledge of the contents. And how many are there in the world, who do not call the truth of the Bible message in ques. tion, while they suffer it to lie beside them unopened, unread, and unattended to !

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