The Evolution of Modern Money

Macmillan and Company, limited, 1901 - 373 sidor

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Sida 253 - I confess I am not charmed with the ideal of life held out by those who think that the normal state of human beings is that of struggling to get on; that the trampling, crushing, elbowing, and treading on each other's heels, which form the existing type of social life, are the most desirable lot of human kind, or anything but the disagreeable symptoms of one of the phases of industrial progress.
Sida 158 - Hands. Here, by the by, we may observe, That it were better for Trade, and consequently for everybody, (for more Money would be stirring, and less would do the business) if Rents were paid by shorter Intervals that six months.
Sida 231 - ... his neck, his arms, his legs, his ears, necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants of every shape, in the manufacture of which the precious metals are always and everywhere preferred.
Sida 220 - When an article reaches this degree of acceptability, it becomes money, no matter what it is made of, and no matter why people want it.
Sida 3 - But it is no wonder, if the price and value of things be confounded and uncertain, when the measure itself is lost. For we have now no lawful silver money current amongst us; and therefore cannot talk, nor judge right...
Sida 224 - I have had occasion to quote so often already may be quoted again in this connection.1 /'The commodity that becomes money," Mommsen observes, "must above all things not be one that is indispensable for the supply of the most urgent material needs. It is for this reason that in no country has corn ever been used as the comparative measure of the value of other merchandise ; and that mankind 'after having, from the most remote antiquity, successively and in various countries employed as money cattle,...
Sida 58 - Spain, with all their charge, and all that they could raise. He knew all their funds were so swallowed up, that it was impossible for them to victual and set out their fleet, but by their credit in the bank of Genoa. So he undertook to write to all the places of trade, and to get such remittances made on that bank, that he...
Sida 149 - The circulation of every country may be considered as divided into two different branches ; the circulation of the dealers with one another, and the circulation between the dealers and the consumers.
Sida 139 - majesty's coin, there appears but very little; so " that in effect we have none left for common use, " but a little old lean coined money of the late three " former princes. And what supply is preparing for " it, my lords ? I hear of none, unless it be of copper " farthings, and this is the metal that is to vindicate, " according to the inscription on it, the dominion of
Sida 291 - ... An advance of money which enables a farmer to bestow a higher degree of cultivation on his land — which enables a manufacturer or a tradesman to extend his business — has the effect of increasing the quantity of commodities offered for sale, and consequently to reduce the price. The banks, too, by advancing capital on lower terms than it could be otherwise obtained, diminish the cost of production, and, consequently, the price. The banks still farther reduce prices by destroying monopoly....

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