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D'Lady Har, Grevil.

18 UKE of Om
17 Lady Har, Grevil.
22 Drs. of Cleveland and her 5 Children,
26 Dutchess of Portsmouth.
27 L. Marl.

L. S

dd. 28 Lord Rofs, and Mrs. Tofts.

Lord Brook. 31 Polydore and Urania, Lord Haversham's

Son and Daughter. Sir E. G. Seymour, and E. Romney. 53 Widow Howard. D. of Sbr. 56 Duke of Ormond. 57 Lord Treasurer and the Cabal. 59 Lord Lexington, Mrs. Proud, and Lady

Fretchville, Lord H. Scott, Lady Anne

Popbam. 62 Lord Wh ->, Mrs. Tofts, Cor-teffes

Dorchester and Portmore. 65 L. Carmarthen. 68 Dr. Garth. 69 Mrs Griffin.

Duke of Marl. h. 71 Mr. Betterton. 72 Mr. Scarron a Parfon. 75 Duke of Buck's House. 79 L. Olun. 78 L. Albemarle and D. of Roxb. b. 80 Sir Robert Howard.

Sir James of the Peak. 140 Lord Tr--mor, and his Character. 146 King James. . 147 Pr. of Orange and Den. D. of Shrews---y's Duke and Dutchess of Marl- b.

184 Prin.

Earl of Dorset, 316 Ld. Barnard, and Mr. Vane who marri.

ed Mr. Folly's Daughter, 318 Earl of Peterborough.


Chiebedorich, King of Sweden.

14 Harles, XIV

Horatio, E. of Peterborough. Iberia, Spain,
18 Ximena, Lady Peterborough.
20 Genferick, the Czar. Nova, Nerva.
24 The Tatler, Capt. Steel.

Tyrant, Lord Wh. . 25 A great Man, Earl.of

28 Glory of One, Duke of Marl- b.

Princes, D. of Beaufort.
35 Merovius, Abbot Polygnack.

Sarmatia, Poland.
48 Merchant's Wife, late Lady Eliz. Gage.
49 Agnes, her Daughter, whom Polygnack

fell in Love with at Paris,
71 Young Widow, Queen of Poland.
72 Field-Master's Lady, Lubomirsky.
74 Pr. Alexi, Pr. James of Poland.
79 Pr. of Illyria, Duke of Bavaria.

Sarmatian Princess, Dutchess of Bavaria.
81 Honorius, late Cardinal Primate.
88 Pr. Armutius, Pr. Conti,
91 Muli, Cardinal's Mistress.
92 Honoria, a Lady of the Cardinal's Fami-

ly who kill'd herself for Pr. James So

bieski. 104 Princess Emely,King of Prussia's Brother's

Widow, a Lithuanian Princess. 118 Pr, of Noricum, Pr. Charles of Neuburg.

124 Count

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124. Count Mørtell, Count Tallard. Empress Irene, Ldy M

Stauracius, D. of M- 1.
126 Prince of Rhetia, Elect. of Har.
128 Alurick, Count Coningsmark.
129 Isabella, Lady Ogle.

Her Mother, Countess of North-d.
Needy Prince, D. of som.
His Rival, Thomas Thynne.

Abbess, Lady Temple.
136 Lady omitted, Lady Granville.

Proud Lady, Lady Thanet. 139 Annagild, Electress of H141 Rodegund, the Elector's Mistress. 145 Governess, Lady Tyrconnel's Character, 159 Empress Irene, D. of M

-gb. 161 Her Mother, Mother Fennings. 162 A certain Lady, late D. of Norfolk.

Person of the first Distinction, Duke of sh

-Y 164 Æmilius, Lord Tr

-Y. 165 Vain Projector, Mr. Murray, who died

in the Fleet Prison, 156 Strong Frontier, Dunkirk. 178 Court Mesalina, Dss. of Cleveland. 186 Necipborus, Lord Rocbefter.

Cbristopber, late Earl of Clarendon. 189 Publicola, Lord Nottingham,

Cataline, Lord Wh. 193 Theode&ta, Mrs. Majham. 194 Duke of campania, Duke of Ormond.

Rutilius, Earl of Galway. 195 Herminius, Mr. Harley. 199 Cethegus, Lord S-rd200 Cicero, Lord S-m--s.

Worn out Mistress, Attorney Blunt's




Wife, Sir R. Fanshaw's Daughter, 202 Pope Adrian, A.B. I-n.

Leo III. Dr. Tennison. 204 Tarafus, B. of S205 Bp. of Galatia, B. of E208 Plato Patriarch, Dr. Sacheverei, 223 Agrippa, Duke of Bucks. 234 Lady of Quality, Dutchess of Tyrconnel,

Asian Side, Bow near Stratford.

Lovely Lady, Lady Kingsland. 243 Gratian, . Florella, Lord Moban, Mrs.

Griffin. 245 Portia, Mrs. Bovey of Gloucestershire. 249 Julius Sergius, Lord H. 250 Reverend Matron, Countess Dowager of

Manchester 256 Cafias, Mr. Wycherly.

Corvino, Mr. Congreve. 257 Maro, Mr. Addison.

Artificial Patron, Earl of Wh

Gallus, Mr. Prior. 258 Sapho younger, Mrs. Rebn. 259 Lais's Charms, Mrs. Catharine Trotter.

Clarinda, Dr. Egerton's Lady:

Lucretius, Mr. Edw. Smith. 263 Bartica, Sir Isaac Newton's Niece, 266 Lady Well-featur’d, Dfs. Mote, 267 Narcisus, D. of Gr-ton. 268 Ariadne, Lady W-1.

Baucus, Pbilomela, Lydia, Sir Richard

Temple, Mrs. Buda Mantua-maker,

Mrs. Lindsey Singer, 269 Cataline, young Girl, Lord Wh,

Lady Huntingtower. 270 Cloe, Mrs. Coryton. Old Curmudgeon, E. Dyfert.

271 Idalian


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