The Anvár-i Suhailí; Or, The Lights of Canopus;: Being the Persian Version of the Fables of Pilpay; Or, the Book "Kalílah and Damnah,"

Stephen Austin, 1854 - 650 sidor

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Sida 27 - Whatever things are given you, they are the provision of this present life: but the reward which is with GOD is better, and more durable, for those who believe, and put their trust in their LORD; and who avoid heinous and filthy crimes, and when they are angry, forgive; and who hearken unto their LORD, and are constant at prayer, and whose affairs are directed by consultation among themselves, and who give alms out of what we have bestowed on them; and who, when an injury is done them, avenge themselves...
Sida 168 - O true believers, the law of retaliation is ordained you for the slain : the free shall die for the free, and the servant for the servant, and a woman for a woman: but he whom his brother shall forgive may be prosecuted, and obliged to make satisfaction according to what is just, and a fine shall be set on him with humanity.
Sida 421 - On that day men shall go forward in distinct classes, that they may behold their works. And whoever shall have wrought good of the weight of an ant,
Sida 469 - But as to the unbelievers, their works are like the vapor in a plain, which the thirsty traveller thinketh to be water, until, when he cometh thereto, he findeth it to be nothing...
Sida 189 - Do they envy other men that which God of his bounty hath given them ? We formerly gave unto the family of Abraham a book of revelations and wisdom ; and we gave them a great kingdom.
Sida 20 - Cawthar, one of the rivers of paradise, being whiter than milk or silver, and more odoriferous than musk, with as many cups set around it as there are stars in the firmament; of which water whoever drinks will thirst no more for ever.
Sida 41 - Youths which shall continue in their bloom for ever, shall go round about to attend them, with goblets, and beakers, and a cup of flowing wine...
Sida 263 - And fight for the religion of God against those who fight against you, but transgress not by attacking them first, for God loveth not the transgressors.
Sida 4 - Mohammed, hast been mild towards them; but if thou hadst been severe and hardhearted, they had surely separated themselves from about thee. Therefore forgive them, and ask pardon for them: and consult them in the affair of war; and after thou hast deliberated, trust in GOD; for GOD loveth those who trust in him.
Sida 212 - ... until, while they were rejoicing for that which had been given them, we suddenly laid hold on them, and behold, they were seized with despair ; and the utmost part of the people which had acted wickedly was cut off: praise be unto GOD, the LORD of all creatures ! Say, what think ye?

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