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[blocks in formation]

Jurisprudence, Roman, works on, 300
Kant, his merits as a reformer of philosophy,

Kasthofer, his Travels in Switzerland, 199

--their object, ib_his route, 200, see

Rural Economy.
Katenine, Russian dramatist, his Andra

mache, 337
Klenze, Leo, German architect, 660
Klinger, his tragedy of Faust, 436
Koran, the civil code of the Mahommedans,

Kortüm, Dr. F., Republican Confederacies

of the Middle Ages, 550-style and plaa

of the work, 555
Kruse's Hellas, or Geographical Descrip

tion of Ancient Greece, 308

Iceland, chronicles, 528-sagas, 529-an-

cient songs, 532-discovery of the island
by the Norwegians, ib.-ancient govern.
ment, &c. 533, note — poetry, 533 —

mythological songs, 534—the Eddas, ib.
Improvisatore, Talassi, 426
Ingemann, Valdemar an historical romance,

235—Tales, 634
Inghirami, Galleria Omerica, illustrations

of Homer, 658
Inquisition abolished by the Cortes, 362–

defence of, in the Catholic Miscellany,'

Ireland, attachment of the clergy to the

See of Rome, 359, note
Italian poetry, see Grossi—novels, 225–

schools of painting, see Painting-

manners, &c., see Rome.
Italy, early inhabitants and geography of,

171—Pelasgi, ib.-Tyrrhenians, 172-
Enotrians, 173—Opici or Ausones, ib.
-Sabelli, 174–Etrusci, 175, see Rome
- Botta's History of Italy, 490, see
Botla, Naples, Piedmont Hourishing
state of Italy during the twelfth century,
556—Simond's Travels in, 634-literary

intelligence, 333, 658, 660
lu-Kiao-Li, Chinese romance, 371
Ivan Vuizhigin, the Russian Gil Blas, 628

Labeed, Arabic poet, 563—his conversion

to Mohamedanism, 564-accompanies
Mahommed in his flight to Medina, ib.

his poem of the Moallakah, ib.
Lagerbring, Sven, 518
Lancetti, his romance of Cabrino Fondulo,

Lanzi, his History of Italian Painting, 387

- character of the work, 388
Launoy, Jehan de, a leader of the White

Hoods, his dreadful death, 22
Leo XII, supports the Junta Apostolica

in Spain, 368
Letrillas, Spanish, 75
Livy, his errors exposed by Niebuhr, 169
Lombardi alla Prima Crociata, epic poem

by Grossi, 238
Lombardic League, 555
Luther, bis want of systematic plan for the

Reformation, 554-Werner's drama of

Martin Luther, 125
Luzan, Ignacio, 79—his Poetica, 415
Magic believed in at the time of the Cru-

sades, 253, note
Manhes, enormities committed by, in Cala-

bria, 512-praised by Botta, 513
Manuscripts, Oriental, 569
Marine and Naval Affairs of the Turks,

295–plan of a history of the Spanish

Marine, 579
Maritime expedition of the Ottomans, 296
Martos, Letters on Eastern Siberia, 337
Maury, Espagne Poetique, 44-plan and
execution of the work, 58

Mayer's History of Italian Music, 339
Mazza, Ang, Italian poet, anecdote of, 517
Medicine, state of in Germany, 328, 655
Melendez, Spanish poet, 80 — verses to

Jovellanos, 81
Mémoires du Prince de Montbarey, 638

Janson, Forbin, missionary in Greece,

openly preaches Catholicism, 281, note
Jahrbucher für wissenschaftlicher Kritik,

Jesuits, Montlosier on, 84 - restored by

Pius VII, 88 — dangers to be appre-
hended from, to France, 89—their cha-

racter, 560—Montbarey's opinion of,639
Jomini, Vie Politique, &c. de Napoleon, 317
Jornandes, his account of the migration of

the Goths from Scandinavia, 523 —

geography of Scandinavia, 524
Jose, Antonio, Portuguese dramatist, 194

--burnt by the Inquisition, ib.
Journal, Asiatique, 334
Journals, Danish, 332 — Russian, 665,

Spanish, 661
Jul, Scandinavian festival, 523, note
Junot, Gen., sent to take possession of

Portugal, 162


Necrology, Pestalozzi, 324_Conz, 325-

Rosmini, 326-Vulpius, ib.—Avanzini,
ib.--Eichhorn, ib. — Hamarskold, 327
-Haschke, ib., 653—Bossellini, 652—
Cassas, 652-Dereser, 653—Fleck, ib.
Hauff, ib.-W. Müller, 654— Rentzell,

655-Rhode, 656
Nelson, Lord, extract of a letter from, to

Lord St. Vincent, 500-his conduct at
Naples in 1799, 503_orders Admiral
Carraccioli to be hanged, 504, 505, 507,

Nicander, Swedish Poet, his Nya Digter,

634-sonnets by, 635_extracts from

his poem on the death of Tasso, 636
Nicolini, his tragedy of Foscarini, 647
Niebuhr, his history of Rome, 168—de-

tects Livy's errors, 169—particular me-
rits of his work, 184_MSS. discovered
by him at Verona, 300_his edition of
the Corpus Scriptorum Historiæ By-
zantinæ, 574-assisted by Bekker and

Dindorf, ib.
Novels : French, Armance, 221-Italian;

Sibilla Odalete, 226-Castello di Trezzo,
230—German; Schloss Avalon, 231—
Danish; Valdemar Seier, 235_Chinese,
371-lu-Kiao-Li, the Two Cousins, 376

Mendebil, History of the Mexican Revolu-

tion, 651
Mexico, History of the Revolution, 651-

geognostical map of, ib.
Michael Angelo, 401, 405
Middle Ages, Republican Confederacies

of, 550-difference between them and
the ancient republics, 552_Lombardic
League, 355-state of Germany, 557—
Frieslandic Confederacy, 558_Rhenish

ditto, 560—Hanseatic League, ib.
Minano, Geographic Dictionary of Spain,

Miranda, Sa de, Portuguese poet, 192
Moallakah, Arabic poem, 564—its authen-

ticity, ib.
Mohamedanism, its arbitrary theocracy,

276—its power re-established by Osman,
ib. — the source of despotism, 278

its principles, 279—the Koran, ib.
Mongol literature, 335
Montbarey, Prince de, Mémoires, 638
Montlosier on the Jesuits, 84
Moratin, Nicolas, Obras Postumas, 415

memoir of, ib.—comedy of la Petimetra,
416—his journal, El Poeta, 417–tra-
gedies, Hormesinda and Guzman, 418
-his romances, 419 — Romance of
Don Sancho, 420—las Naves de Cortes,
421 — lyric pieces, 423 - extempore
comedy, 426 — talents for improvisa-
tion, 426

- the younger, 83
Müller, W., German poet, death of, 654

- Fred., his Faust, 436

- C. O. de Phidiæ Vitâ, 301
Munich, literary intelligence from, 333-

Glyptotheca at, 660
Music, Italian, Mayer's History of, 339
Mysteries, performance of, prohibited in

Spain, 417
Mythology, Scandinavian, 270—Northern,

Asiatic origin of, 525 --Scandinavian
mythology, 527 – sketch of, from the
Edda, 535-Cosmogony, ib.-Odin and

Loke, 537
Naples, Porzio's History of the Conspiracy
of the Barons, 319-events of 1799, 503

-execution of Admiral Carraccioli, 504,

505, see Calabria, Ferdinand.
Napoleon, Gen. Jomini's life of, 317, see
Naroeshoy's Slavonian Evenings, 311
Natchez, Chateaubriand's romance of, 472
Navarrete, his Coleccion de Viages, 576

---spirit of the work, 578—his researches
among archives, 580 — discovers the

original papers of Columbus, 581
Navy, see Marine.

Odin, his migration, 524-proofs adduced

by Geijer relative to it, 525—Icelandic

account of, ib.
Ohson, his account of the Ottomans, 282
Olai, Eric, Swedish historian, 529
Olmedo, Dr. J., Spanish translation of

Pope's Essay on Man by, 652
Oriental Literature in Germany, 552-,

editions of Arabic poems, 553–oriental
studies in Austria, 565—study of He-
brew, 566—other oriental tongues, ib.

- Rabbinical literature, 567—Ěthiopic
and Arabic, ib.-- list of oriental scholars,
568_repositories of MSS., 569-Per-
sian literature, 571-study of hierogly-

phics, 572–Chinese, ib_Sanscrit, 573
Ottoman empire, hatred existing between

and European nations, 281-by wha'
classes of Europeans visited, i6.-Oh-t
son's account of the Ottomans, 282—

see 'Turkey.
Oviedo, Spanish historian, 610
Painting, history of Italian, 387_excel.

lence of the early masters, 390—influ-
ence of catbolicism on, 392–Cimabue
and Giotto, 396_Masaccio, 398-in-
vention of oil painting, 399-character
of the Florentine School, 400-L. da
Vinci, 401 - Michael Angelo, ib.
School of Sienna, 403–Roman School,


Ptolemy, his account of the geography of

Scandinavia, 522
Punic language, relics of, 566

403_Raphael, 404 - Giulio Romano,
405–Sal. Rosa, G. Poussin, Claude,
406-Maratti, Giordano,407—Venetian
School, Giorgione, Titian, 408-Tinto-

retto, 409_Correggio, 411
Paris, literary intelligence from, 334
Peiper, his dissertation on Labeed's Mo-

allakah, 562—its plan, 564
Peninsular War, Foy's history of, 141
Persian literature, studied in Germany,

Pestalozzi, death of, 324
Pesth, intelligence from, 334
Phidias, Müller's life of, 301
Philippe le Hardi, son of John, King of

France, 5 — Duchy of Burgundy bee
stowed on him, ib.-marries Margaret,

daughter of the Count of Flanders, ib.
Philosophy, systems of, 318
Piedmontese revolution, 509
Pinus Cimbra, or Stone Pine, perfume of

its wood, 209–oil extracted from its
seeds, ib.-mode recommended for its

cultivation, ib, note
Poetry, French, 314, see Tastu. German,
see Helena, Werner. Italian, 238, 648;
see Grossi, Nicolini. Portuguese, 184;
see Portugal. Spanish, 44; see Spain.
Swedish; see Nicander, Stagnelius,

Poor, enactments and regulations relative

to, in Berne, 203
Portugal, military economy, 158—popula.

tion divided into ordenanzas, ib.-occu-
pation of the country by the French,
under Junot, in 1807, 161-Literature
and Poetry, 184—formation of the lan-
guage, 185-literature encouraged by
Dionisio, ib.—and by Alfonso, V., 186
-predilection for pastoral poetry, 187
- Bernardo Ribeiro, ib. progress of
letters in the sixteenth century, 188–
historical poems, ib.-respective merits
of Spanish and Portuguese poetry, 189
-Barbosa, ib. — revival of literature in
the peninsula during the eighteenth cen.
tury, ib.-humourous and satiric poetry,
190—Gonz, de Bandarra, Camoens, ib.
-da Cruz, 191-didactic poetry, ib.
drama, 192-Gil Vicente, ib.-Sa de
Miranda, ib.-Ferreira, 193—Camoens,
ib.-modern dramatists, 194—Pimenta
de Aguiar, 195—writers in Latin, ib.
prose writers, ib.-historians, &c., 196
-moral and political writers, 197-10-
mances, ib.
Porzio, Camillo, Congiura, &c.,' history

of the conspiracy of the Neapolitan Ba-

rons, 319
Poussin, Gaspar, 406

Quevedo, Spanish writer, 67
Quintana, Spanish poet, 83
Quirites, origin of the appellation, 179
Rabbinical literature, students of, in Ger-

many, 567
Raphael, 404
Rask, Essay on Danish Orthography, 658
Raumer, his history of the Hohenstaufen

dynasty, 556_remark respecting the
influence of the Church in the middle

ages, 557
Reformation, the, its influence, 554
Reformers, early, Peter de Bruys, 555-

Arnold of Brescia, ib.
Remusat, Contes Chinoises, &c., 371-

his dissertation on Chinese works of

fiction, 376
Repp, his version of the Luxdæle Saga, 657
Republics of the middle ages, 550, see

Reveil, Musée de Peinture, 649
Reynier, Mémoires de, 636
Rioja, Francisco de, Spanish poet, his ex-

cellence, 69
Rock-crystal, extraordinary masses of,

found in Switzerland, 215
Roman History, writers on, 169-obscu-

rity of the early periods, 170
Romano, Giulio, 405
Romantic school of poetry in Italy, 255
Rome, Niebuhr's History of, 168-merits

of the second edition, 169-origin of
the city, 178–fabulous legends, ib. -
the city consisted at first of two distinct
towns, ib.- gentes and tribes, 180-
exclusive spirit of the aristocracy, 181
-jealousy between the patricians and
plebeians, 182–reconciliation attempted
by Servius Tullius, ib.--consuls, 183–
modern festivals, &c., 542-benediction
of the Santissimo Bambino, 544-bene-
diction of the horses, ib.-carnival scenes,
545—the pope's benediction of the po-
pulace, 546 — rustic shrines, ib. re-
proaches bestowed on saints, 547—the
Infiorata, ib.-illuminations, 548-hus-
handry, ib.-banditti, ib.-the Giostra,
ib.-ex votos, 549—burial by torch-light,
ib. — vintage, 550—the saltarello, ib.

Church of, its influence in Spain, 351
- measures adopted by the Cortes
against the Roman Curia, 358-im-
mense sums extorted from Spain, 367

- causes of the hatred of the Curia
towards the Cortes, 369

Romulus, mythological legends respect-

ing, 178
Roosebeke, battle of, 39
Rosenmüller, Prof., publications by, rela-

tive to Arabic literature, 568, 569
Ruhs, Prof., his work on Northern Anti-

quities, 518
Runic writing, 530-ascribed to Odin, ib.

-no histories extant in it, 531
Rural economy of Switzerland, 199-agri-

culture, 205, note-pasturage, &c., 206
-various sorts of cheese, 207-sheep,

Russell, Lord J., his Establishment of the

Turks in Europe, 282, note
Russian literature, notices of, 311, 336,

662, 665-fine arts, 338-poets, 662
Russian Gil Blas, by Bulgarin, 628
San Marino, Saint Hippolite's historical

essay on, 316
Sanscrit, German students of, 573
Santa Rosa, Count Santorre, work on the

Piedmontese revolution, 509
Sappho, song of, 315
Scandinavia, 518, note-accounts of an-

cient geographers respecting, 522 —
Procopius ditto, 523_Jornandes' ditto,

ib.the lotun, the aborigines, 527
Scandinavian literature, 266_mythology,

Schepeler, Contributions to Spanish his-

tory, 627
Schinkel, Entwürfe, &c.,' architectural

designs, and buildings, 302
Schlegel, constitution of Denmark, 312

- Prof., his lectures on the fine arts,
Schloss Avalon, romance by W. Alexis, 231
Sculpture, early Italian, 396
Sea-water, method of rendering it drink-

able discovered by a Sicilian, in the six-

teenth century, 582
Sheep, the Bergamese excellent managers

of, 208
Ships, invention by a Spaniard in the six-

teenth century, for propelling by steam,
582_lead formerly employed for sheath-

ing, 583
Sicilian Constitution, 509
Sicily, grants to the king of, by the Eng-

lish, 510
Signorelli, his theatrical history, 425
Simond, travels in Italy, &c., 642
Sirvin, Protestantism in Spain, 351
Spain, decline of its military renown, 159

- national character, 160 - military
force, ib.-enters into Napoleon's views
for the dismemberment of Portugal, 161
-rising against the French, 164-pro-

gress of the Peninsular war, 165-Papal
domination in Spain, 351-concordat
between Ferdinand VI. and Benedict
XIV., ib. perversions of permanent
legates, 353 - Charles IV. exacts con-
formity to the bull Auctorem Fidei, 354
-edition of the early Canons, 357–
inquisition abolished by the Cortes, 362
the Voto de Santiago abolished, 364
rights of the regular clergy defended, ib.
-money prohibited being remitted to
Rome for dispensations, 365-anger of
Pius VII., 366_wrath of the court of
Rome, 369 - Literature and Poetry.
Troubadours, 47-formation of the Cas.
tilian tongue, 48-poem of the Cid, 49
Gonzalo, Juan Lorenzo, 50--Alphonso
the Wise, 51-El Conde Lucanor, 52-
Juan Ruiz, ib.-specimen from, ib.-
Juan Manuel, 52, 54-Don Henrique,
54-Juan de Mena, 55-his verses on
Lorenzo Davalos, 56. Second era--Men-
doza, 58-Boscan, ib.—Garcilaso, 59-
de la Torre, 62-want of originality in
the poets of this period, 63—Herrera,
Luis de Leon, 64-Gongora, ib.-his
vicious taste, 65-Lope de Vega, ib.
Quevedo, 67–Villegas, 68—Rioja, 69.
Third era, 70-ballads and romances,
71-Letrillas, 76–progress of litera-
ture in the eighteenth century, 77
Luzan, 79_Cadalso, 80–Yriarte, Me.
lendez, 80—Moratin, Arriaga, Quintana,
83—Nicolas Moratin, 415_state of let-
ters, &c., under Charles III., 416-
theatre, ib.-literary society at the Hotel

St. Sebastian, 425
Spaniards, Voyages and Discoveries of,

see Voyages.
Spanish America, revolution in, 583—

feeling relative to in Spain, ib.-super-
stition and intolerance of the Spaniards,
Spanish publications, notices of, 322
Spohn, Prof., his work on Hieroglyphics,
Stagnelius, Swedish poet, Samlade Skrif

ter, 257-extract from his tragedy of

the Martyrs, 260-Birds of Passage, 264
Steam, invention for propelling vessels by,

discovered in the sixteenth century by

a Spaniard, 582
Stedinger, the, their revolt, 558 - accused

of witchcraft, 559—imperial ban passed

against them, ib.their defeat, 560
Stjernhjelm, Swedish poet, 272
Sweden, character of, by Alfieri, 519, note

Tacitus's account of the ancient
Swedes, or Suiones, 522
Swedish literature ; Stagnelius's poems


257-general sketch of the literature, pressive taxation, 283-popular discon-
272_Nicander's poems, 634

tent, 284—hospitality and its causes,
Swiss confederacy, 561

285-extravagance in dress, ib., note
Switzerland, Kasthofer's travels in, 199 prevalence of robbery and assassination,
· condition of the people, 200-distress 286—confinement of the heir apparent,

of the peasantry in the Oberland of ib.-ignorance of the Sultans, 287-
Berne, 201—its causes, 202_condition influence of the Kizlar Agassi, 288-
of, and regulations relative to, the poor, stratagem of a Grand Vizier to get rid
203_encouragement given to marriage, of a Kizlar Agassi, ib., note—the Silih-
ib.--the excess of population requires dar, or chief diguitary of the seraglio, ib.
to be checked, 204-agriculture, 205. - ministers, pachas, &c., 289_Grand
nole- cows and stock, 206 --- cheese, Vizier, 290—Reis Effendi, 292—igno-
207—forests, and their importance, 208 rance of ministers and ambassadors, 293
--the Pinus Cimbra, 209--state of ve -ministry of finance, 294--ministry of
getation at different elevations, 210—va war and marine, 295-commerce, ib.-
riety of temperature, 213—phenomena maritime expeditions, 296 - office of

of blocks of granite found on rocks, Grand Admiral, ib. -Hussein Pacha,
· 214-quarries of gypsum, marble, slate, 298, see Mohamedanism, Ottoman.

&c., 215-manufactures, 216-mode of Turkish empire, Von Hammer's History
building, &c., ib. precaution adopted of, 307
against avalanches,' ib. -- food of the Two Cousins, the, Chinese novel, 379
mountaineers, ib. superior comfort and
industry of the protestant districts, 217 Vega, Garcilaso de, 59—Wiffen's transla-
-emigrants, 218-the Ranz des Vaches, tion of, ib.-bis death, 62

- Lope de, 65-jocose ballad by, 75

Vegetation, influence of altitude on, 210-
Tacitus, his notice of the Suiones, or an influence of depth of vallies, 213_sin.
cient Swedes, 522

gular fact relative to vegetation, ib.
Talassi, Italian improvisatore, 426

Venetian government, 511 - school of
Tales, Chinese, 386

painting, 408
Tallmerayer, History of Trapezunt, 305 Vienna, Oriental Academy at, 565
Tarquinius Superbus, inconsistencies in Villanueva, Dr., on de Pradt's Mexican
the accounts relative to, 183, vote

Concordat, 651
Tasso, bis opinion respecting epic ma- Villele, M. de, his conduct as minister, 91

chinery, 251, note--his abuse of the Villena, Marquis de, 48, 54
marvellous, 252-poem on his death, by Vincente, Gil, Portuguese dramatist, 192
Nicander, 636

Visconti, Opere Varie di, 322
Tastu, Madame, poésies de, 313

Voyages and Discoveries, early Spanish,
Thierry, his History of the Norman Con 577, writers on, 384 — see Columbus,
quest, 2

Spanish America.
Theatre, see Drama.

Vulpius, German romance writer, death
Thomas, un An à Rome, 542, see Rome. of, 326
Thompson, Capt., of the Leander, miscon-
duct at Aboukir, 403

Walter, Mr., his translation of the first
Tiberius, character of, 482

edition of Niebuhr’s History, 170
Tintoretto, 409

Warsaw, 122, note
Titian, 408

Wellington, Duke of, his campaigns in the
Toscanelli, Paolo, astronomer, 590

Peninsula, 166
Trapezunt, Tallmerayer's History of, 305 Werner, Life and Writings of, 95— scene
Travels, Kasthofer's, in Switzerland, 199 from his Sohne des Thals,' 102-ac-
-Simond's, in Italy, 642

count of his · Kreuz an der Ostsee,'123
Troubadours of Spain, 47

--anecdote relative to, ib.-bis • Martin
Turkey, religion, 276—the slavery of the Luther,' 125—his religious enthusiasm,

subject established by it, ib.- power of 129—he visits Italy, and embraces Ca-
the Mufti nugatory, 277-abuses in the tholicism, 131-turns priest, 132—his
judicial administration, 279—venality of • Mutter der Makkabäer, 134-death,
the Grand Mufti, 280—infrequency of ib.-his religious sincerity, 136
law-suits, ib., note character of the na. Wiffen's translation of Garcilaso de Vega, 59
tives of different provinces, 282-op. Wit, Johannes, Memoirs of, 309


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