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The great, the gay, shall they partake

, The heav'n that thou alone canst make?

And wilt thou quit the stream That murmurs through the dewy mead, The grove and the sequester'd shed,

To be a guest with them?


For thee I panted, thee I priz'd,
For thee I gladly sacrific'd

Whate'er I loy'd before;
And shall I see thee start away,
And, helpless, hopeless, hear thee say-

Farewell! we meet no more?




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1. OH, happy shades--to me unblest!

Friendly to peace, but not to me! How ill the scene that offers rest,

And heart that cannot rest, agree!


This glassy stream, that spreading pine,

Those alders quiv'ring to the breeze, Might sooth a soul less hurt than mine,

And please, if any thing could please,


But fixt unalterable care

Foregoes not what she feels within, Shows the same sadness ev'ry where,

And slights the season and the scene.


For all that pleas'd in wood or lawn,

While peace possess’d these silent bow'rs, Her animating smile withdrawn,

Has lost its beauties and its pow'rs.


The saint or moralist should tread

This moss-grown alley, musing, slow, They seek, like me, the secret shade,

But not, like me, to nourish woe!


Me fruitful scenes and prospects waste,

Alike admonish not to roam; These tell me of enjoyments past,

And those of sorrows yet to come.


THERE often wanders one, whom better days
Saw better clad, in cloak of satin trimm'd
With lace, and hat with splendid ribband bound.
A serving maid was she, and fell in love
With one who left her, went to sea, and died.
Her fancy fellow'd him through foaming waves
To distant shores; and she would sit and weep
At what a sailor suffers; fancy, too,
Delusive most where warmest wishes are,
Would oft anticipate his glad return,
And dream of transports she was not to know.
She heard the doleful tidings of his death-
And never smil'd again! and now she roams
The dreary waste; there spends the livelong day,
And there, unless when charity forbids,
The livelong night. A tatter'd apron hides,
Worn as a cloak, and hardly hides, a gown
More tatter'd still; and both but ill conceal

A bosom heav'd with never-ceasing sighs.
She begs an idle pin of all she meets,
And hoards them in her sleeve; but needful food,
Though press'd with hunger oft, or comelier clothes,
Though pinch'd with cold, asks never.-Kate is


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