Sidor som bilder

Dick heard, and tweedling, ogling, bridling, Turning short round, strutting and sideling, Attested, glad, his approbation Of an inmediate conjugation. Their sentiments so well express'd, Influenc'd mightily the rest, All pair’d, and each pair built a nest.

But though the birds were thus in haste,
The leaves came on not quite so fast,
And destiny, that sometimes bears
An aspect stern on man's affairs,
Not altogether smil'd on theirs.
The wind, of late breath'd gently forth,
Now shifted east and east by north.
Bare trees and shrubs but ill, you know,
Could shelter them from rain or snow;
Stepping into their nests, they paddled,
Themselves were chill'd, their eggs were

Soon ev'ry father bird and mother
Grew quarrelsome, and peck'd each other,
Parting without the least regret,
Except that they had ever met,

And learn'd, in future, to be wiser,
Than to neglect a good adviser.


Misses! the tale that I relate,

This lesson seems to carry Choose not alone a proper mate,

But proper time to marry.


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