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reveal even this unto us, if we are in the habit of seeking His truth at our family altars. The Editor has selected the prayers and meditations from various sources, with only so much of alteration from the exact wording of the author as was necessary to suit them to the purpose for which they were extracted. Thus, though he must be held answerable for any defects, he cannot claim

any nierit beyond that of selection of the passages introduced. In choosing both the

prayers and meditations, he has endeavoured to be guided simply by their conformity to the teaching of the Scriptures, and their faithful expositor, the Church of England. The names of the authors have not been appended to their separate productions, because it has been wished that the passages employed should stand by their own merits and inherent truth, rather than by the recommendation of an honoured


The Editor rejoices in the hope that by this little work he will be, as far as in him lies, promoting the cause of Christian c rity and peace.

In prayer

and praise, if nothing else, it may be hoped that sinc Christians of whatever party in the chus may engage together, and find the presen of their Saviour as he hath promised. fulfilling His command that we sho “always pray and not faint,” we may ho to feel the blessings of that unity a unanimity, which but for our unruly p sions should be, and were intended Christ to be, the unfailing heritage a note of his body the church.

March, 1845.

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