The History of Free Masonry Drawn from Authentic Sources of Information: With an Account of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, from Its Institution in 1736, to the Present Time, Compiled from the Records, and an Appendix of Original Papers

A. Lawrie and Company, 1804 - 340 sidor
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Sida 203 - He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth man's heart.
Sida 270 - An Act for the more effectual suppression of societies established for seditious and treasonable purposes, and for better preventing treasonable and seditious practices.
Sida 149 - And we consent to the registration hereof in ' the books of Council and Session, or others competent, therein to ' remain for preservation ; and if needful, that letters of horning
Sida 272 - ' continuance of the meetings of any such lodge or society is likely to " ' be injurious to the public peace and good order, to direct that the •' ' meetings of any such society or lodge within such county...
Sida 88 - ... in Syria, and existed there for a considerable time, it would be no improbable supposition that they received their Masonic knowledge from the Lodges in that quarter. But we are fortunately, in this case, not left to conjecture, for we are expressly informed by a foreign author [Adler, de Lhntsis], who was well acquainted with the history and customs of Syria, that the Knights Templars were actually members of the Syriac fraternities.
Sida 257 - May the Grand Architect of the Universe grant a blessing on this Foundation-stone which we have now laid, and by His Providence enable us to finish this and every other work which may be undertaken for the embellishment and advantage of this city.
Sida 79 - ... and patience which most of them exhibited on the rack, and in the flames. In their case it has been too true, that The evil which men do lives after them : The good is oft interred with their bones.
Sida 100 - Masonry, while the lodge of that village granted constitutions, and charters of erection to those brethren of the order, who were anxious that regular lodges should be formed in different parts of the kingdom. These lodges all held of the lodge of Kilwinning; and, in token of their respect and submission, joined to their own name, that of their mother lodge, from whom they derived their existence as a corporation f, DURING * See Appendix, No II.
Sida 290 - Master,, and approved of, they are recommitted to you, with full confidence, that, as skilful and faithful workmen, you will use them in such a manner, that the building may rise in order, harmony, and beauty; and, being perfected in strength, will answer every purpose for which it is intended, to your credit as Craftsmen, and to the honour of our ancient Fraternity.
Sida 30 - They occasionally held convivial meetings in houses erected and consecrated for this purpose ; and each separate association was under the direction of a master, and presidents, or wardens.^ They held a general meeting once a year, which was solemnized with great pomp and festivity ; and at which the brethren partook of a splendid entertainment, provided by the master, after they had finished the sacrifices to their gods, and especially to their patron Bacchus.

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