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Christ has taken


the cannot be moved. Improve sting of death, which is sin, and every moment of your time to sin is our misery."

the glory of God, and rememShe conversed with great ber that it is short and precious. feeling and judgment, on vari- May we seon meet in another ous religious subjects. Speak-world, and there spend an etering of unbelievers, she said, nity of praise ! I shall soon leave « Poor deluded souls, can you this tabernacle of flesh, and go to think of entering the pure walls my Father's house. Christ has of the heavenly Jerusalem with redeemed me. Oh, how wonall your sins upon your heads, derful is redeeming love ! May and without an interest in the I patiently wait God's time-his Saviour! Oh, no you cannot ! time is the best time. I long to unless you accept of Christ, you have the world know the hapmust perish forever.

piness there is in religion, and “ If sinners will not accept of the high pleasure it affords-it the Saviour, it will be just in almost overpowers my mind God to condemn them to eternal when I contemplate these won. punishment. They must be born derful things.” She manifested again, and believe in Christ be. a great desire that God would fore they can enter the king. pour out his spirit upon the dom of God.” She slept but town, especially on the youth.little that night, her mind was so “I am distressed,” said she, much taken up with divine “ for the youth of this place, things. She would often say, they seem to be walking in the “Oh, how wonderful it is, that ways of sin, and in the broad God should appear for me, the road which leads to destruction ; most unworthy of all creatures, they are spending their best and give me those views of di- days in vanity and wickedness.

. | My body was almost ready to cy upon them, and turn them fail, and could hardly sustain the from their sinful courses. I discoveries he made to my soul. wish that they might enjoy reI have learnt to sing the song of ligion, for it is the only solid hapMoses and of the Lamb. Oh, piness that can be obtained.” praise the Lord, and let every While an unsanctified, rebelthing that hath breath praise the lious sinner, would have murname of the Lord. I long to mured and repined at the disleave this body of sin and cor- pensations of divine Providence, ruption and to be present with she was meek and submissive, the Lord. Oh, death where is under all the dealings of God, thy sting ! Oh, grave where is and in the midst of her affictions thy victory! God has been rejoiced that he reigned. “Oh, very merciful to me in my sick- be thankful," said she, “ with ness, he has given me kiod me, and bless his great and holy friends, for which I desire to be

How sweet it is to live thankful. Oh, how wonderful is religiously! Christ's yoke is redeeming love.

easy and his burden light. GloGod, in him do I trust. ry to God--I am altogether unput your trust in tim, and you worthy and dependent on him. shall be as mount Zion, which May he have all the praise! I


God is my


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believe the Lord has heard the living, sensible proof of the exprayers of the saints for mc-he altation of Jesus ; for he being is a God who hears prayer.” exalted at God's right hand and

After this remarkable night ever living and reigning there, she lived 13 days, in which she doth send down the comforter, was favored with the light of the effect of which, even the God's countenance, and convers- world (as Peter told his audied freely with all who came in ence) both see and hear. We to see her; she said, language know of the heaven of believers failed when she attempted to after death by divine testimony; speak of the wonderful things but when God lets the heaven which God had done for her of saints thus take place before soul."

they leave these mortal shores, When the following lines it is sensible as any of the objects were repeated to her :

of sight or hearing.

Hence it is supposed, that Jesus can make a dying bed,

God in his sovereign goodness, Feel soft as downy pillows are.

grants 'to some of his favored She replied yes, this is the people such triumphs in death, softest bed on which I ever lay. for the support and refreshing Oh, that you would all join with of surviving saints, and for the me in praise to God, for his conviction of scoffers. It is a goodness is unbounded. I can

I can- day of much infidelity, and of not express the gratitude which

peculiar trials to the faith of the I owe, but I hope I shall soon

godly. And when Christ lets be where I shall praise God as I some of his followers die thus ought. I want strength to praise on the mount, participating in God-he is good in every thing: such a wonderful manner of the I want to praise him in more joys above, it is most encournoble strains. Cast all your aging to mourning believers, to care upon God, and he will sus- behold their fellow saints leave tain you-Live to the glory of ing the world after this sort. God and you shall be happy.” They are greatly quickened,

In this frame of mind her and naturally feel, if this is the eyes were closed in death, May end of a few years spent in

1804. Thus calm, thus Christ's service, if Jesus will happy, are the last hours of those enable us thus to die, we will who trust God, and build their bid defiance to earth and hell, hopes of happiness on the righ- and follow him to the end. And teousness of Jesus Christ. As the mouths of gainsayers are Jesus said, in John xii. 36. con- shut--the infidel is confounded, cerning the voice from heaven, and eren Balaam is forced to “ this voice came not because of say, let me die the death of the me but for your sakes”; so righteous. the above triumphant death and Those who have seen Chris. the like instances, are not mere- tians leave the world in such trily for the sake of those who umphs, testify that the joy and thus die, but for the instruction glory of the scene, cannot be deand benefit of all who hear of scribed. Much less is it in the ar behold them.

power of the favored soul who In these things we have a thus dies, to utter the glory and



joy which it feels.--And if only number of respectable persons, this glory is eternal, how great friends to the missionary cause, are the rewards of Jesus? But came forward and manifested a when we consider that unspeak-desire to join the Society, and able as the present glory and were received as members. peace are, they will be amazing- Owing to the great difficulty ly heightened, as soon as the of obtaining suitable persons to spirit leaves this fettering body, send out as missionaries, the and that they will be endless : Trustees of this Society have Who can help exclaiming hap- not afforded to the new settlepy art thou, O Christian! Who ments much missionary is like to the followers of the preaching, the year past, as they Lamb ? Surely such a blessed expected to have done, nor so hope should make the saints pa- much as their means would have tient under all trials, and faith-enabled them. But, they have ful to the end in the service of not been wholly inactive, nor, it their Saviour. For though all | is hoped, altogether unsuccessmay not have these triumphs on ful in their exertions. their dying bed, yet all this glo- The Rev. Benjamin Wooster ry and joy, even to perfection, has performed two missionary must, (according to the word) tours, under the appointment of fill their souls as soon as they the Trustees of this Society, of reach the shores of eternity, sixteen weeks each, since the

last annual meeting. On both

of these missions the field of his A NARRATIVE of the proceedings labor's was nearly the same,

of the Missionary Society in viz. in the North-Western Counthe Counties of Bershire and ties of Vermont, and in that Columbia, since the annual part of the State of New York meeting of the Society in Sep- which borders on Lake Chamtember, 1803 ; together with plain. From the journal of the an account of the monies re- first of these missions it appears, ceived and paid out by the that Mr. Wooster, in performTrustees, from September 1801, ing it, preached 102 sermons, to September 1804.

baptized 22 adults and infants,

attended 18 conferences and WIE annual meeting of this church meetings, gathered and

Society, agreeably to ap-organized one church, adminpointment, was holden at West-istered the Lord's supper once, Stockbridge, on the 18th of Sep- introduced the catechism into two tember, 1804. A Sermon, a- schools, attended one concert in dapted to the occasion, was de- prayer and two general meetlivered before the Society, by ings to seek the out-pourings of the Reverend Aaron Bascom of the Spirit, visited much from Chester, from Judges v. 23. house to house, and collected Curse ye Meroz, (said the Angel for the use of the Society, by of the Lord) curse ye bitterly the way of contribution and private

nhabitants thereof; because they donation, S 19 86. came not to the help of the Lord, The journal of Mr. Wooster's lil the help of the Lord against last mission has not been rethe mighty. After whioh ceived. In June last Messrs.


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year, are the

Samuel P. Robbins and Asaph | ties of a missionary, while per-
Morgan were appointed by the forming this journey, and after
Trustees of this Society to per- his arrival at the Ohio, the whole
form each a mission of sixteen or part of the six months, as to
weeks in the Counties of Lu- him might appear expedient.
zerne and Wayne, in Pennsyl- The Rev. Messrs. John Morse
vania ; and on the 9th of July and Samuel Fuller are also ap-
they set out on their missions. pointed to go on missions, the
Mr. Morgan has lately returned present fall. The appointment
from his mission, having been of the former is for eight weeks,
absent only fourteen weeks.-- and the field of his labor is in
At the close of his journal of this County of Columbia, State of
mission he observes, “ In the New-York, particularly in the
course of my mission I rode destitute towns and settlements
914 miles, preached 85 sermons, on Livingston's Manor. Mr.
visited from house to house to Morse has entered on this mis-
the amount of between two and sion. Mr. Fuller is appointed
three hundred families, visited 3 for twelve weeks ; and to go
schools, attended many confer- | the western Counties of the
ences, and received in contribu- State of New-York.
tion for the Society $ 8 35.- The oflicers of this Society,
In those parts through which I for the present
travelled, stupidity and inatten- following, viz.-Rev. Ephraim
tion to the things of religion Judson, President; the honora-
generally prevail.

There are ble Timothy Edwards, Esquire,
some happy exceptions--some Vice-President; the hon. Wil-

appear to feel the power, liam Walker, Esq. Treasurer ; and enjoy the comforts of reli- Rev. Alvan Hyde, Secretary, gion; and who express great and Rev. Oliver Ayer, Clerk. thankfulness to the Missionary


Rev. Dr. Stephen West, hon.
In consequence of a letter re- Timothy Edwards, Esq. Rev.
ceived from Mr. Robbins, in- Jacob Catlin, Deacon Robert
forming, that he designed, after Johnson, Rev. Aaron Bascom,
the expiration of his mission in

Rev. Daniel Collins, Rev. John
the Counties of Luzerne and Morse, hon. Barnabas Bidwell,
Wayne, to journey from thence Esq. Rev. Alvan Hyde, Deacon
to the Ohio, to visit his relations, John Hall, and Rev. Samuel
the Trustees voted to request | Shepard.
him to continue in their service,

The next annual meeting of
as a missionary, six nionths

the Society is appointed to be at
longer. Agreeably to this vote, I the Court-house in Lenox, the
an appointment has been for-third Tuesday in September,
warded to him, with instruc- 1805, at 11 o'clock, A. M.
tions that he should do the du-
A Statement of the Funds of the Congregational Missionary Society,

originated in the Councies of Berkshire and Columbia, and the ex-
fenditures of the same, from Sertember, 1901, to September, 1804,
Balance in the Treasury, September, 1801, $ 205 78




Vol. V. No, 6.

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October 1801. Received entrance money from sundry members,

$ 12 20 Annual dues from sundry members, 13 00 Donation from Miss Clarissa Storrs,

1 00 From Mr. Abiel Jones, collected on a mission,,

15 59 From Rev. Aaron Bascom, collected on a mission,

45 62 Jeb'ry 1802. A contribution from Pittsfield,

27 25 One annual due,

1 00 April, A contribution from Lee,

39 20 May,

A contribution from North Parish in New-

16 70 A donation from Rev. Gideon Hawley, 110 September, A contribution from South Parish in NewMarlborough,

8 69 91. A contribution from Sheffield,

22 71 A contribution from Lenox,

26 12 A donation from Deacon Barrett,

1 00 A contribution from Great Barrington, 2 10 A contribution from Richmond,

19 21 From Rev. Samuel Leonard, collected on a mission,

4 42 A contribution obtained by Rev. D. Porter and Rev. D. Harrower,

29 00 A private donation,

5 00 A contribution from Chester,

20 00 A contribution from Middlefield,

16 35 A donation from Deacon Wm. Williams, 1 00 A donation from Mr. Nathaniel Spalding, 1 10 Annual dues from sundry members, 44 00 From Rev. Samuel Leonard, collected on a mission,

5 50 December 7. A contribution from Cornwall, (Vt.) 32 42

From Rev. Benjamin Wooster, collected
on a mission,

25 17 Jan. 13, 1803. Annual dues from two members,

2 00 14, A contribution from Washington,

7 78 A donation from Mrs. Austin, (Becket)

1 00 A donation from C. Butler,

31 March 1. A contribution from Pittsfield, April 12.

Annual due from one member,
19. A contiibution from Stockbridge,

From Rev. Joseph Avery, collected on a

mission, May 9.

A contribution from Williamstown,
June 4. From Rev. Benjamin Wooster, collected

on a mission, July 12.

From Rev. B. Hotchkins,
14. A contribution from Students of Williams

20 00

18 04

1 00 83 32

12 94 35 00

24 82 13 30

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