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themselves to this service. Sev- In behalf of the Directors of eral of these are now under the the London Missionary Society, tuition of our Rev. brother Mr.

Joseph HARDCASTLE, Bogue, at Gosport, and promise

Treasurer. to be eminently suitable for their GEORGE BURDER, expected work.

Secretary We shall rejoice, dear Breth- London, 9th ? ren, to be favored, when conven

Aug. 1804. S ient, with a further account of

P.S. Since this letter was the state of your Society and its

written we have received the operations. The accounts contained in the Connecticut Mag- satisfaction of hearing from Dr. azines of the power which at

Vander Kemp, whose labors at tends the preaching of the

Bethelsdorp are attended with gos

considerable success. pel in North America fill our hearts with joy. The Spirit of

appears to be poured out in ä very uncommon measure, and we trust the work will be found Report of the Directors of the

London Missionary Society. solid and durable, notwithstanding the very peculiar circumstances with which it is accom

THE footsteps of Divine panied, and with which some

Providence, in the gove persons are offended.

ernment of the world at large,

are traced with devout attention Herewith we send a


of four discourses preached at our those events which are visibly

by every real Christian ; but last anniversary, with the Reconnected with the extension of port of the directors, &c. We the Saviour's kingdom among also send a set of Magazines for men, and the salvation of those the last year—and iwo numbers who had not heard his name, are of the Society's transactions.-observed with the most diligent These will fully inform you of and affectionate regard.

To the nature and extent of our at- those who are the subjects of the tempts, and the present state of all our affairs which will excite,

great Redeemer, the interests of no doubt, in your pious minds, expressibly dear ; and the small

pure and vital godliness are inthankfulness to the God of all est advances towards the estabgrace, and fervent prayers for lishment of his gracious reign, our support and success. The where Satan ruled in pagan dark. Connecticut Magazinesare come ness, must be pleasing in the to hand, for which please to ac- highest degree. In this view, cept our sincere thanks. We the Directors of the Missionary beg your acceptance of the Mis- Society indulge a hope, that the sionary Sermons and Magazines Report which they have now the which accompany this.

honor to make, will present to May the good will of Him that its members the path which they dwelt in the bush be with your have trodden during the past Society--and may your labors of year, sufficiently marked with love be attended with much pros- mercies to excite their thankful; perity.

Hess to our gracious Lord, and to invigorate their holy zeal in sionary cause, the Directors think pursuing the grand object of the themselves bound to make the Institution.

most grateful acknowledgment.

From this kind interposition OTAHEITE.

of Divine Providence in the res. It would have afforded great toration of peace in Otaheite, we satisfaction to the Directors, to are encouraged to hope, that the have been able to announce to tient and persevering labors of the Society any important infor- our faithtul brethren, who still mation from that distant quarter persist in well-doing, will, by the of the globe, the islands of the power of the Holy Spirit, be ulo South Sea, to which their first timately crowned with that sucefforts were directed : but, dur- cess, which shall inspire our ing the last year, only incom- souls with ardent gratitude, and plete parts of the Journal of the richly repay all the labors. cares, Missionaries in Otaheite have and prayers, which the Society come to hand, others having has bestowed on this object; and been lost, or detained in their they wait the arrival of the Jourpassage. They have, however, nals, which may be expected to sately been favored with the wei-contain such information of the come tidings of the complete actual state and circumstances restoration of tranquillity. The of this Mission, as may greatly Missionaries embraced an oppor- assist their judgment as to the tunity to transmit to Governor means of promoting its future King, of New South Wales, a interests. letter, dated February 3, 1803, The two Otaheitan youths, informing him that, contrary to Mydo and Oley, who were plaexpectation, the disputes between ced for education at the Moravi. Otoo and Pomere with the At- an school in Yorkshire, and of tahoorooans had been amicably whose improvement an encouradjusted, and the Government in aging report was given last year, the hands of the former fully con- have both been removed by firmed. Had the event of the death. The Society is thus diswar been reversed, it is probable appointed in the hopes which that our Missionaries would have were entertained of their becombeen in the most imminent dan- ing future blessings to their ger; or at any rate have been countrymen, but may receive no obliged to abandon the island ; small consolation from the acbut in consequence of this favor-count which the Brethren hare able termination of the contest, published concerning them, and they continued in perfect safety, in which they express much satand were enabled to pursue their isfaction as to their religious various avocations without mo- state. They both received Chrislestation. This letter his Ex- tian Baptism, and departed in cellency has had the goodness to the faith and hope of the gosforward to the Directors, for the pel. The Directors cannot but satisfaction of their minds res- acknowledge with gratitude, the pecting the welfare of the Mis- kind attention shewn to these sionaries : for this and other strangers by the Brethren at marks of attention, which Gor Mirfield, while they ascribe to ernor King has paid to the Mis- the God of all grace the glory of


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calling and converting them by invited him to an interview with their instrumentality.

them in London, together with

the African strangers. The whole Society has abun- An opportunity to behold and dant cause for joy and thankful converse with some of the firstness, that ever their attention was fruits of the Missionary Society's directed to the wretched inhab- labors in Africa, and to hear itants of South Africa, so many them déclare with their own lips of whom have been turned from “ the wonderful works of God," 6 darkness to light, and from the afforded a new and unequalled power of Satan unto God," and kind of satisfaction and delight. in whose conversion the observ- Nor was this pleasure confined ation of St. Paul, concerning the to the Directors : they were in. first converts to Christianity, has duced, by the example of our again been verified God hath Dutch brethren, to comply with chosen the foolish things of the the wishes of many pious friends world, and the weak things of in London, to introduce them to the world, and the base things of the Missionary Prayer-Meetthe world, and things which are ings, and other religious assemdespised--that no flesh should blies; where, through the meglory in his presence." We bow dium of Mr. Kicherer, Mr. Vos, with reverence and gladness to and others who understood the the sovereign grace of God, who Dutch language, (which the Hothath“ mercy on whom he will tentots spoke fuently, and one of have mercy,” and embrace in them elegantly,) they discoverthe arms of our Christian affec-ed, in answer to a great variety tion those once-degraded chil- of questions proposed to them dren of Adam, who are now be- by different ministers, their come the children of God, and knowledge of the Divine Refellow-citizens with the saints. deemer, their faith, their hope,

In the last Annual Report, the and the ardent love they bore to Directors were only able to state Him, who had saved them from concerning our beloved brother, their abject state of sin and barthe Missonary Kicherer, that his barism. Thousands were witlabors among the Corannas, and nesses of that admirable degree at Zak River, had been attended of spiritual discernment, as well with considerable success. Since as of fervent piety which they that time, in the month of Octo- possessed, and which afforded to ber, information was received every candid mind the most satfrom the Society at Rotterdam, isfactory evidence of a real work that he had arrived in Holland, of grace on their hearts. It was accompanied by three members affecting, in no common degree, of his Hottentot congregation to hear these dear people, themUpon due enquiry, instituted at selves recently delivered from the request of the Directors, by the power of darkness, earnesto the Society in Holland, and the ly pleading in behalf of the heastatement which Mr. Kicherer then world at large, and of their offered of his reasons and mo- own countrymen in particular, tives, the Directors could not A few sentences to this effecte but cordially approve of his con- will not be deemed impertinent ; duct, and therefore affectionately and though they have appeared VOL. V. No. 8.



in periodical works, may be so remarkably suited to the arduthought proper to remain in ous situation in which he was the Report of the Directors, as placed ; and especially for the the powerful voice of recovered singular 'Blessing with which huinanity, intreating, in striking those methods were succeeded, terms, the further assistance of to the conversion of many souls. the Church of God, like the man Perceiving with inexpressible of Macedonia saying to a primi- pleasure, the wide and effectual tire Missionary, “ Come over, door for usefulness, which the and help us !” One of the Hot- Lord himself had so evidently tentot women thus expressed opened in that country, the Diherself. What a pity, what a rectors judged it to be their insin it is, that you (Europeans) dispensible duty to add to the who have for so many years en-number of laborers in Africa. joyed in great abundance the Our brother Kicherer whose heavenly bread, should keep it judgment they highly respect, ail to yourselves, and not spare recommended a Mr. Vos, of one little crumb to the millions | Holland, as a suitable person to of poor heathen ;'adding;“ that become his assistant, in the casou may depend upon it, that pacity of a catechist and schoolyou should not have the less for master. This worthy man, of ourselves by giving some to whose good character, abilities, them ; isi that the Lord Jesus and zeal, they have received amwould bless you and give you ple testimony, together with his the more.” She also observed, wise and child, will accompany that could we ont conceive fuld him to the Missionary station at ly of the miserable situation of Zak River. Three other Miste liviientois, We would cer- sionaries, the brethren who were Lidilly feel more compassion for originally under the tuition of thein.” She expressed her humi-the Rev. Mr. Jænicke, at Berlin, bie thanks to the English people and who have resided for about a hur sending Missionaries among year in Hoiland, for the purpose wiem, but intrcaled them ear- of acquiring the Dutch language, Destly to proceed further in this are also intended to sail with good work, the Lord having him to the Cape ; and there to opened an efiectual door, and be disposed of in such situations trere being yet so many thou- as may be deemed the most elisaids who know not the Lord.” gible, by our experienced bretha When taking leave of the con-| ren, Dr. Vanderkemp and Mr. gregation, she said. “ The last Kicherer. thing I would say is, o pray We have to regret the loss of

Mr. Matthys, a valuable misThe Directors have had the sionary from the above-mensatisfaction of learning from Mr. tioned seminary, who was assoKicherer, the methods which ciated with our brethren in Hol-, vere adopted for the instruction land, learning the language ;Githe l'attentots and Bosche- and who was expected to accom-. inen, and cannot but express pany them to Africa. It pleas-, their thunkiulness to our God ed the all-wise disposer of huand Saviour, furnishing our man life and affairs, to remove lauch valued brother with gists him from this world, by deathly,

pool heathen."

Pray for

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on the 4th of March last. The tions from Africa, hare Witherto Society is thus deprived of a pi-prevented the Directors from ous and promising laborer, but receiving any intelligence conit becomes us to say." The will cerning those valuable Nissionof the Lord be done."

aries, Vanderlingen, Bekhar, and It was the earnest wish of the Tromp, who, they trust, are still Directors that Mr. Kicherer, diligently employed in the work with his friends, might return of the Lord. to Africa, as soon as possible ; The same cause has operated to resume his useful labors, and to interrupt their intercourse to refresh the hearts of his poor with our reverend brother, Dr. people, who parted with him Vanderkemp, no direct advices with extreme regret, and who having been received from him, fully expected to see him in the though there is every reason to month of March ; but insuper- believe that several Letters and able difficulties, arising from the Journals have been dispatched by renewal of hostilities, have hith- him for our Society. Through erto prevented this desirable the medium, however, of the event ; it is hoped, however, that Dutch Society, who hrve been a suitable conveyance, in a neli- more successful in obtaining his tral vessel, may ere long be pro- letters, intelligence of a very invided.

teresting nature has been lately On the subject of this Mission, received, a brief summary of the Directors have only to add, which shall now be stated. that respectable travellers, sent The Doctor, with about 160 to explore that country, with Hottentots, part of whom had others who had opportunity to before attended his instructions observe the judicious plans adopt- at Graaff Reinet, arrived at Boed by our brother Kicherer, have ta's Place, near Algoa Bay, in borne the most honorable and the month of March, 1802, where public testimony to his integri- there was reason to hope that a ty and piety; and have spoken permanent settiement would be in the highest terms of appro- formed, which might be producbation of his wisdom and ability, tive of great advantages, in the in civilizing the barbarous na- civilization and religious instructives of Africa. Indeed the ap- ] tion of the natives. Soon after pearance

of the converted Hot-the settlement was formed, son tentots themselves, in the me- violent diseases, supposed to be tropolis, excited no small sur- occasioned by the stagnater waprise in the minds of some high- ters of the neighborhood, began ly respectable and well-informed to make their appearance amons persons, to whom they were in the people. Our honored brotroduced ; who expressed their ther himself was aflicter with a admiration at the rapici adran- diarrhza and an intermitting icces they had made in so short aver, followed by a violent rhelltime, and who readily adınitted matic disordur, by which his the efficacy of the Christian sys.public labors were totally sustem, in the improvement of the pended, and his patience tried most degraded of human kind. by a confinement to his bed for

The impediments which war cieven months. has opposed to the communica- It was a consolation, loverer,

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