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therefore send them out with | the Island of Ceylon, this being much satisfaction and cheerful the station on which the attenhope, that they will seek and tion of the Society, and of the obtain grace to be faithful to Directors, is more especially fixGod, to the Society, and to the ed, and where, we trust, they Heathen, in the course of their will actually labor : yet in the ministry. Mrs. Vos, and Mrs. first instance they are to accomPalm, have also an important pany their brethren to Tranqueservice to occupy their zeal, in bar, where they will obtain such the instruction of the female na- accurate and comprehensive intives, and in assisting in the ed- formation as will greatly assist ucation of children.

them in forming their future Those who are designed to plans; and where they will find labor on the continent of India, are some Christian friends, who will the Rev. Messrs. Ringeltaube, promote their introduction, were Desgranges, and Cran. The not this rendered almost unnefirst is a native of Prussia, who cessary, by the kindness of one has already passed a short time of his Majesty's Principal Secrein India, and has since held his taries of State, who has furnishprincipal intercourse with the ed them with a letter to his ExSociety of the United Brethren.cellency Frederick North, the The other Missionaries have Governor of the Colony. The been about two years in the Directors have also fixed in their Seminary at Gosport ; and the own minds a particular station whole have been ordained to the for the labors of the Brethren office of the Christian Ministry, who are to remain on the Conand recommended to the grace tinent, and in which a very exof God in the discharge of the tensive field appears ripe for the árduous and important service harvest ; this they have more to which they are called, and on particularly pointed out in their which, we believe, they enter instructions, leaving, however, with a humble sense of their the ultimate decision to them. own insufficiency, a firın reli- selves, under the intimations of ance on divine influences, and Divine Providence, and the ada sincere desire to consecrate vice of those pious and well inthemselves to the glory of Christ formed friends with whom they in the salvation of the Heathen. will communicate on their arThe Society, and the Christian rival. community at large, will, no The Directors have the satisdoubt, bear these devoted ser-faction to make a favorable Revants of God in their affectionate port of the state of the Seminary remembrance; and at the throne at Gosport. The young men of grace, implore in their behalf who are under a course of inthe divine protection, counsel, struction suited to Missionary and support, that they may make labors, pursue their studies with known among the Gentiles the diligence, and evince that devounsearchable riches of Christ, tedness of heart to the great oband at length finish their courseject in view, which encourages with joy.

their worthy Tutor and the SoIt has been observed that some ciety to hope that they will one of our brethren are intended for day become burning and shining VOL. V. No. 8.


lights in the benighted regions siderably reduced ; and unless of the pagan world. Two other the exertions of the public, parpersons have nearly finished ticularly in the country, shall their medical studies, and we keep pace with the extended ophope, may be eminently quali- erations of the Society, the refied for situations in which the duction must be far greater than healing art may prove a happy the Directors conceive is comintroduction to the dispensation patible with the permanent inof the gospel, particularly in the terests of the Institution. But more highiy civilized countries they indulge a confident expectof the East.

ation, that while they pursue With cheerful confidence the with steady zeal the grand obDirectors look forward to theject proposed—“the spread of centinued and liberal support of the gospel in Heathen and other the religious public. The So- unenlightened countries,”—and ciety will perceive, by the fore- while the Great Head of the going statement of the enlarge Church shall be pleased to sucment of the Missionary sphere, ceed, with the sacred Influences that the experiditure of the Insti- of his Holy Spirit, their feeble tution must of course be exceed- endeavors, their fellow Chrisingly increased : about two thou- tians, of every denomination, will sand pounds will be requisite for cheerfully consecrate to this serthe conveyance of the Missiona- vice a sufficient portion of their ries now on their way, or ready worldly substance, to enable the to depart; and nearly the same Society not only to support the sum may be annually necessary, Missions already established, but for several years to come, for continually to make new inroads the purposes of their several into the kingdom of darkness, Missions. The visit of the Af- and to erect the standard of the ricans to this country, and their cross in every country to which return, together with eight ad- they may have access. ditional laborers, have occasion- Political reasonings are coned an unexpected and consider- fessedly remote from the sphere able demand ; but we trust that of duty belonging to Missionary this expense will not become a institutions, yet those who conmatter of regret, when the satis- duct their concerns, with mofaction which their visit has af- tives and aims which are purely forded to the Society, and the spiritual, will, nevertheless, conprobable advantage which the template the great changes which Mission may derive from their take place in Empires and Nareport in Africa, are taken into tions, as arrangements of an inconsideration. When the large finitely wise and holy Provisums which the efforts of the dence, designed to produce imlast year have occasioned, are portant moral effects, and which paid, it will be found that the ex- bear a relation to the final tripenditure has greatly exceeded umphs of the kingdom of Christ. the income. Those of our friends, Among these events, the imtherefore, who have supposed mense acquisition in territory the retention of a large capital and population made to the Britby the Society to be improper, ish Government in the Eastern will find that it will then be con- 1 part of the world, cannot but in

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spire the breast of every true | South African Missionary Soci-
Christian with an earnest hope eties, have become the means
that thereby a way may be pre- of bringing many savage heath-
pared for the spiritual dominion en to a knowledge of the gospel.
of the Redeemer ; especially | A door is opened for instructing
when it is considered, that while the wild Hottentots, Boschemen,
these and other external dispen- and other barbarous tribes, who
sat produce an interesting never before heard of the true
opening for the exertions of God, the Saviour of men. Dr.
Christians, the liberal principles Vanderkemp, Mr. Kicherer and
of the enlightened Government sundry other faithful servants of
under which we live, counten- Christ, appear to be filled with
ance and encourage them. What an apostolic zeal, and are pain-
Divine Grace has lately effected fully laboring in the work. To
in the West, in the remarkable see the most degraded part of
revival of religion, and conver- mankind, thus visited by light
sion of multitudes of nominal from on high, is a new evidence
Christians in several parts of A- of the power and riches of di-
merica, affords additional ground vine grace. The liberality of the
of hope, that the Saviour is about Christian Dutch inhabitants to
to take unto him his great pow- the Missionaries, in supplying
er, and reign in a more splendid them with provisions and other
and extensive degree. There necessaries, shows that the Lord
seems, however, abundant evi- hath opened their hearts to ad-
dence of the Lord's gracious ap- vance his own work. Mr. Kich-
probation of the various and zeal- erer's Narrative of his Mission
ous efforts of his ministers and to Zak River, appears the best
people, in different parts of the calculated of any thing the Edi-
world, and, consequently, strong tors have seen, to give their rea-
encouragement to proceed with ders a just idea of the savage
increasing diligence and vigor state of these heathen, the forti-
in the Missionary work. Much, tude and danger of the Mission-
very much indeed, remains to aries, the success with which the
be done. We have but just be- Missions have been attended,
gun our work. We have made and the manner of divine opera-
a beginning, and God has pros- tion on the minds of these igno-
pered it. Let us go forward. rant people. The Narrative,
The voice of the Word is Go which is here begun will be con-
forward ! The voice of an ap-tinued in succeeding numbers.]
proving Providence is-Go for-
ward! Let the encouraging voice The Rev. Mr. Kicherer's Narra-
of the public, in their prayers tive of his NIission to the Hota
and in their generous contribu-
tions, also be-Go forward !

EING requested by the Di

rectors of the London Mis

sionary Society to give a writ[THE latest accounts from ten Narrative of my proceedings South Africa inform us, tlie Mis- in South Africa, I have to regret sions established in that country the want of my papers, which by the London, Rotterdam and the Captain who brought me

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over from Holland, advised me') is the source of every good ; to leave behind, as they might they were also told that their ige possibly involve him in difficul- norance and neglect of this Di. ties; on this account I cannot vine Being was the real cause of be exact as to the dates of par- their comparative wretchedness, ticular occurrences, but my On this explanation, the Bosstatement of facts will, I trust, chemen expressed their earnest be found accurate.

desire that proper persons might I embarked with my mission- come and reside among them, ary brethren, Vanderkemp, Ed- who would afford them those val. wards, and Edmond, on the 5th uable instructions which would of December, 1798, and arrived enable them to become as rich at Cape Town on the last day of and happy as their neighbors. March, 1799. Our original in- For this purpose they were ditention was to visit the Nama- rected to the Government at the quas, but learning that they were Cape, where we met with them then at war, we changed our on our arrival. We considered plan, and prepared for going into this peculiar concurrence of eCaffraria.

vents as a providential call to A few days previous to our visit them; and having looked arrival at the Cape, three Pos up to the Lord to point out which chemen had come thither from of us should go, we appealed to Zak River,* with a view to so- the Lot, which fell upon me : licit the Government to send Brother Edwards had previously Teachers into their country. determined to go there; and They came in the capacity of Brother Kramer, a native of the public ambassadors. Providence Cape, followed us afterwards. had opened this door in the fol. On the 22d of May, we left lowing manner. The Farmers Cape Town, accompanied by the of the back settlements, of whom brethren Vanderkemp and EdFlorus Fischer was the princi- mond, who travelled with us as

pal, had been greatly reduced far as Rodezand, in their way to by the depredations of the neigh-Caffraria. Here we met with boring Boschemen. To prevent the most welcome reception by similar calamities in future, the the Rev. Mr. Vos, who presided Landdrost advised them to pur- over a fiourishing congregation, chase a Peace, at the expense of and whose successful zeal in the several thousand Sheep." At the cause of Christ is well known to ratification of this contract, some the Society. Mrs. Smith also, of the Settiers, being religiously an eminently pious lady, treated disposed, offered up a prayer in us with great hospitality, the presence of the Hottentots; were detained here for some who, upon their inquiry into the time by our want of a waggon nature and design of this action, and the necessary cattle ; but were informed that it was done our time was agreeably spent with a view of imploring the among our christian friends, and blessing of Almighty God, who we enjoyed frequent opportuni

ties of preaching the word in the * Zak River is between four and neighborhood. From hence we five hundred miles North-East of the made an excursion to Bavian's Cape.

Kloos, where the Morayizn)

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Brethren had a numerous and f zand, Mrs. Meyer, a widow, well regulated congregation of having lent us her waggon, and Tame Hottentots, for by this name some of the neighboring Farmthey are distinguished, who do ers their servants to drive the not run away at the sight of the oxen. Our object was now to White people, and who are some proceed as far as Florus Fis, what more civilized than the cher's, who possesses the last wild Hottentots or Boschemen. farm in the Karroo. This is a These latter, when approaching vast tract of land, of many days a white man for the first time, journey, .so dry in the Summer for some urgent motive, such as as not to produce a blade of their ardent desire of obtaining grass; but, happily for us, it afa little Tobacco, appear in an forded, when we passed it, sufagony of fear, which discovers ficient pasture for our cattle, and itself by the trembling of every for those of the surrounding in limb; yet so vehement is their habitants, who hearing of our love of this narcotic, that they journey came from all parts to will venture anything to procure hear the Gospel. We travelled it ; and had it not been for the but slowly, our waggon being powerful attraction of this favor- overloaded with the numerous ite herb, which we liberally dis- presents of these open-hearted tributed among them, I am per- colonists. We had, however, suaded we could not have pre- frequent opportunities of preachvailed upon them to venture near ing to small congregations of us.

the Farmers from the adjacent On our way to Bavian's Kloof, countries, near Broad River, the Lord was After a fortnight's journey pleased to bless my poor labors through the mountainous Buckó among the people in an abundant field, and the level Karroo, we degree. Some of the hearers arrived safely at Florus Fisexpressed their gratitude with cher's, where we received a cortears of joy, and by a very wel- dial welcome. Mr. Fischer is gome present of eleven draught the person already mentioned, oxen for our intended journey who was employed by Governnorthwards. Upon our return ment, (under whom he was a to Rodezand, Brothers Edmond Field-Cornet) to negociate a and Edwards were solemnly set peace with the Boschemen, and apart to the work of the Minis- in which he happily succeeded ; try, in Mr. Vos' church; and and to his family devotions it the next day Dr. Vanderkemp seems chiefly owing, that his and Mr. Edmond proceeded to heathen neighbors conceived the wards Caffraria.

desire of receiving religious inOn the 25th of June* we took struction. This desire Mr. Fisleave of our kind friends at Rode- cher was sincerely desirous of

gratifying, but by what means, * Some of these dates are supplied from a former Journal, sent to the cuse the repetition of some particulars Society by Mr. Kicherer, when in which appear therein, as it is the Africa ; an extract from which ap- wish of ihe Society to present to the

ears in Vol. I. of The Transactions public in this Narrative, a complete of the Missionary Society, No. VIII. account of Mr. Kicherer's Mission, The readers of that Volume will ex- and settlement at Zak River,

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