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favorable a moment, and blinded his forgiveness. God informed by impetuous desire of gain, he him that sin was the cause, and might reason thus with himself: that the offender must be search

The divine prohibition is, with ed out and punished. While out doubt, designed to keep the they make the search, the divine people of Israel from falling in- finger points out the guilty, and to the idolatry of these nations, Achan is taken. and if that general design is an- By this time his heart must swered, God will not be strict to tremble, for his sin has found mark some trisling deviation in him out, and he sees it become a single individual. One would a very serious matter indeed. think his goodness and benevo: Joshua, in a very paternal manlence would dictate the saving ner, calls upon him to confess. every useful and beautiful thing his sin and give glory to God. that would not lead us into er- Achan seems very readily to rors in religion. To prohibit comply ; probably in some hope this would seem marked with a his confession might procure severity unusual in the dispensa- his pardon, especially since God tions of heaven. How much had proclaimed his name, “The thought, genius and time must Lord, the Lord God gracious have been spent upon this beau- and merciful, slow to anger and tiful garment. This gold and abundant in goodness and truth." silver I know are ordered to be But he finds it not so easy disput in the treasury of the Lord ; pensing with the breach of a dibut how can silver or gold af- vine command: for by God's difect him who made all things ? rection he is ordered to be stonIt is not probable it can all be ed to death, with all his family, wanted'immediately for sacred and his cattle, and his substance purposes; it might place me in to be wholly destroyed. a gainful situation ; so that I But why this severity on his might soon be able to place it in family--what have they done? the treasury of the Lord with His wife and children were not good interest, which might be in the war, and took not the much betterthan putting it there things forbidden. But is it rot now. Could I take these things more than probable they were sccretly, I see no way in which knowing to what he had done, I can hurt any one, for the real were pleased with it, and thus owners are now no more ; to made the sin their own? me they would be of much ser- The destruction of all his subvice, and I trust no evil will a- stance with him, is doubtless derise froin it. I will take them signed to show the greatness and and risk the consequence.

holiness of God; what a dread Soon after this the people of ful evil he views sin ; how true Israel, in a very surprising and he is to his word ; and the unexpected manner, flee and fall strange and certain punishment before their enemies. Their that awaits all the impenitent very souls fainted at the event ; breakers of his commands. and Joshua their leader prostra- Much instruction is commu. ted himself in humble prayer nicated to us by this portion of before God, to know the reason scripture history. of his displeasure, and to implore 1. We see here the true

church, immediately directed by al enemies, while she tolerates God, under a typical dispensa- an Achan in the midst of her, tion, designed not only to in- and allows the breach of any of struct them ; but to be a light the commands of God ; for her to the church in all succeeding prayers will not be heard, and her ages. We see them encounter- enemies will prevail. But when ing their enemies, by divine di- she purifies herself, God will be' rection, under Joshua their lead with her, and make her terrible er, and entering the promised as an army with banners. land of Canaan, a type of that 2. As individuals we are taught heavenly rest that remains for how selfishness blinds the huthe people of God, after they man mind. Like Achan, we do have vanquished their spiritual not take warning by the judgenemies through Jesus the cap- ments of God on other sinners. tain of their salvation. We see The prejudice in favor of self is the church, while obedient, pro- so strong, that we think our own tected and defended by an irre- sins small,compared with others. sistible arm; so that they had We feel many excuses for ourlittle more to do, in conquering selves, arising from various contheir enemies, than to stand and curring circumstances, which see the salvation of God. But seem peculiar to us. And tho" soon their enemies prevail, while on the whole, we may allow we they flee and fall before them, commit some sin, yet under all and seem ignorant of the cause ; circumstances, and considering but by the prayer and interces- the weakness of human nature, sion of Joshua, who is a type of we think it is very small, and Jesus, they are informed, that what the Divine Being, in the the reason why they could not greatness of his mercy, will stand before their enemies was, scarcely mark against us. their having transgressed the 3. Blinded by our own false command of God. That they views of self-importance, we must search out and punish the have very low ideas of the greatoffender, before God would again ness and holiness of God. We be with them. Then follows the think the great Jehovah, who scene of discipline, in the affair fills heaven and earth, comparof Achan, which we have been ed with whom, all nations weigh contemplating:

no more than the small dust that This wears the marks of lights upon the balance, and evstrict justice raising its glitter- en less, for they are as nothing ing sword against the trans- and less than nothing and vanigressor, and brings in view the ty, is a' being like unto ourselves; greatness and holiness of God, and dream that unchangeable the nature of sin, and how dread- perfection may change ; that ful, strange and certain will be he, who is so infinitely pure that the punishment of all the im- the heavens are not clean in his penitent breakers of his com- sight, will view those sins we mands, both as it respects his call small, in the same light we church, and individual persons. do. Thus, like Achan, we trans,

The church cannot make pro- gress and flatter ourselves, that gress towards the heavenly Ca- we shall have peace, though we paan, and overcome her spiritu- | add drunkenness to thirst, and

fill our coffers with dishonest We have in this instance of and sacrilegious gain.

Achan, and in many others an 4. From the wrong estimate earnest of what God will do.we have of ourselves and of God, That he will by no means clear arise misconceptions of his com- the guilty. That out of Christ mands and threatenings. Had he is a consuming fire, and will the mists of selfishness been dis- deal in terrible things in rightpelled from the mind of Achan, eousness with the impenitent had just views of God, the infin- transgressor ; will whet his glitite and unchangeable perfection tering sword and his hand take of his law and government en- hold on vengeaece. tered his soul, he would have Let the person, who spends shuddered at disobedience more the sabbath for worldly purposes than death. But the false prom- and pleasure, and profanes the ise which the devil made to our holy name of God, pausefirst parents in the garden, every will not a moment's considerself-deceiver makes to himself. ation convince you, that your That though he break the com- sin is like Achan’s, only more mands of God he shall not surely heinous as you have more light? die, especially as he has so many Has not God set apart the sabexcuses for his transgression. bath as time sacred to his honor

But will God Almighty trifle and worship, and commanded with his creatures? Will he act thus to keep it holy? When in a manner derogatory to the you spend it for worldly profit or greatness and perfection of his pleasure, do you not sacrilegiousbeing ? Will he degrade himself ly take from him those hours, so low as to give commands, and he has appropriated to himself? suffer them to be broken with When you profane his name, impunity, to threaten and not do you not break his commands fulfil his word ? Did not Achan and take from him that honor find to his sorrow, that there and reverence, which belong to was no trifling with the com- him ? Do you not see in the sacmands of God; that all excuses rilegious Achan, a specimen of were but resuges of lies; that the that justice and wrath, that will all-piercing eye of God, would overtake all, who impenitently search out the most secret and sin like him ; for there is no hidden acts of disobedience, and respect of persons with God. that there was no escape for the Look, formal and hypocrititransgressor ; that God would cal professor, at the ancient disand did deal with him in terri- pensation, when future life and ble things in righteousness. Vain immortality were less brought would have been his plea, judg: to light, and the justice and seing in his own case, that his verity of God more exhibited punishment was greater than on the transgressor in this world, his crime deserved. The judge and learn that God is great, his of all the earth does right, he law perfect; and that there is alone can rightly determine how no escape from wrath, but by terrible a punishment is just for sincere repentance and faith in breaking his commands. He the Lord Jesus Christ. bids us be still and know that he Look at the ancient church is God.

and see the terrible judgments 66 That

that have fallen on the house of Satan to our first parents, God, for their hypocrisy, sin and you shall not surely die ?” Beunbelief, and tremble, lest the lieve him not, he was a liar from same omnipotent arm should be the beginning. lifted against you in still heavier Perhaps, by this time, you will wrath ; for

you have much more say the subject is a gloomy one, given to you, and of course much and tends to destroy your presmore will be required of you. ent happiness, and all your fu

As future retribution and a ture schemes to increase it : and judgment to come are now clear-though religion may be necessaly brought to light in the gospel, ry when death comes, yet you you may not feel the divine dis- wish to defer it to old age, or to pleasure so heavy in this world ; some period when it will not obbut it is only a comparative struct present enjoyment. and uncertain moment, towards My friend, stop think again which every breath hastens you, before you decide on a subject when the Mediator will stand so great-a subject that involves between you and strict justice all your future happiness or misno longer ; when it will be vain ery through more years than to plead you have “ Eaten and there are sands on this globe, or drunken in his presence, and he drops of water in the ocean. has taught in your streets.” But what certainty have you

that Thoughtless, gay,careless sin- you shall live to old age? Do ner, stop-pause for a moment. you not see death strike without · Are you not a creature of God? | any order as to age or circumHas he not preserved your life, stances ? But few of the human and loaded you

many com- race arrive at old age; and much forts, and given you many privi- fewer still, at that age of pain leges and opportunities to be ac- and infirmity, are disposed to atquainted with your duty ? What tend to religion ; habits, if sinreturns have you made to this ful, are then fixed and hard to God ? Have you ever thought change. Do you not see many how great and how holy he is ? at your period in life called into Have you ever sincerely thanked the world of spirits, where their him for his favors, or prayed to state and their character are fixhim for his mercy ? As he is ed for eternity ? Some are taken your maker, you are his proper- by accidents without any warnty, he has a right to you and ing, some by accute, and some your services; and he has given by lingering disease, taken from you commands, which in their friends, from all present enjoynature will make you happy in ments and future schemes of obeying them ; and has affixed happiness, till the heavens are no penalties to breaking them, enough to make the stoutest Could they now speak to you,. heart, that is not adamant it their words would be truth. self, tremble. Have you kept They have passed through life, these commands, or do you daily they can look back upon the break them in thought, word and whole sum of its enjoyments, deed? If you have, how do you on all its disappointing, golden expect to escape the penalty, or dreams. They now know the do you believe the suggestion of l worth of time, as it stands con



- nected with eternal happiness or | fresh in their minds.

The acmisery.

count is penned and transmitted If they have entered the para- for publication, if you should dise of God, and drink of those approve, with a hope that it may rivers of life that flow from the be useful to your readers, and be throne ; they would tell you the received as a new testimony, in joys of earth are vanity, the the providence of God, to the re. pleasures of sin delusive, ending ality and importance of experiin misery and death. That all mental religion, and to the richgood, beauty and glory are in es of the divine mercy and faithGod. That his service is all


fulness. delight, peace and joy. That

Yours, &c. J. W. without a holy temper, none, even in heaven itself, could be hap- Memoir of Mrs. Lucy Jerome, py :

: therefore marvel not that late consort of the Rev. Amasa it is said, “ Ye must be born Jerome, of New-Hartford, Conagain.”


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RS. Jerome was a daughthere is weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, judge for Treadwell, Esquire, Lieutenant yourselves what they would say, Governor of Connecticut. She when they saw you with multi- was born in Farmington, May tudes, equally thoughtless, walk- 18th, 1781, and was married to ing the broad road that leads to Mr. Jerome August 11th, 1803. that world of misery. But in On the 22d day of September, vain do we listen at the grave, or 1804, she was delivered of twin seek impressive truth from the infants, a son and a daughterworld of spirits ; for “ if we hear the latter of which deceased very not Moses and the prophets nei-soon after the birth. On Wedther should we be persuaded nesday, the fifth day from her though one rose from the dead.” delivery, and after a scene of un

ZETA. common distress of body, except

in the last fifteen hours, she
closed her eyes in death, aged

23 years and 4 months. Messrs. EDITORS,

Mrs. Jerome was possessed of THE subject of the follow- good natural powers, which were ing memoir was an acquaintance cultivated and improved by a of the writer from her childhood. suitable education. In her natThe particulars of her character, ural disposition she was mild, religious exercises, and Christian amiable, obliging, modest and walk, previous to her removal unassuming. Her conduct in from her native town, are from the several relations she sustainhis own personal knowledge, and ed, was worthy of imitation, and the information of others to be secured the attachment of her depended on. The affecting friends and the esteem of all her 'scene of her death is given from acquaintance. She was a dutiminutes made by her friends and ful, diligent, and desirable child neighbors, at the time, or soon -an affectionate sister-a kind after, while the particulars were and benevolent neighbor, and a

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