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prudent and faithful wife. The to be noticed with thankfulness,
heart of her husband might safe that they were so exemplary
ly trust in her. She was dis- and that instead of giving us oc-
posed to be to him an helpmeet casion for anxiety, and to be fre-
indeed. And she was well qual-quently cautioning them against
ified for the important sphere the allurements of youth, they
in which she had begun to move. were even helpful to us in res-
But the brightest part of her pect to others. After her seri-
character---that which gave a ousness she appeared to have no
lustre to the whole, and which more any taste for those compa-
it is fit should be particularly nies, and circles, where the name
noticed with gratitude to Him and cause of a Saviour could on
who is the giver of every good no occasion be introduced, with-
and perfect gift, was her piety out its being considered a breach
her attachment to the Redeem- of politeness, or a fit subject for
er's kingdom. To exhibit this ridicule. But her delight ap-
as it appeared in her life, and peared to be in meetings for
more especially in the scene of prayer and religious instruction,
· her death, was the principal de- from which she was rarely ab-
sign of this paper.

sent; and in the circle of those
Between five and six years youthful friends, where the men-
previous to her death, at a timetion of religion was not disgust-
very memorable in her native ing, and where social happiness
place, and in many towns in Con- was not lessened, but encreased,
necticut and other parts, for the by conversation upon divine truth,
outpouring of the Spirit of God, and by news of the prosperity of
she was deeply impressed with the Redeemer's kingdom. She
a sense of her lost and guilty appeared evidently to adopt and
state-was hopefully converted practise upon the sentiment of
and brought into the family of the Psalmist, expressed Psalm
Christ, and made a public pro- xvi. 3, “ The saints that are in
fession of his name. And now, the earth, the excellent, in whom
from a state of natural sobriety, is all my delight."
and decency of conduct, the ef- From the time of her hopeful
fect of education, and which was conversion, her mind was exer-
her character while unacquaint- cised with a tender concern for
ed with the Saviour, she became the youth of her acquaintance,
a warm and active friend to the and particularly those with whom
cause of Godwas ready to con- she had been intimate. To one
verse upon religion ; and tho' of these she expressed her anxie-
surrounded with all the peculiar ty in writing, as follows:
temptations of youth, by a watch-

66 Dear Julia, ful and exemplary conduct, hon- “ My thoughts have been on ored the good profession which you this morning. I feel very she had made. An aged mem- anxious respecting your situaber in the church, speaking of tion. I wish to know what you her and several other young con- think of religion? For some time verts, two or three years after you felt engaged to attend to it. they had united with the church, I fear yourimpressions are worn observed to the writer, that it off, and that they will not return. was wonderful; and what ought I have thought a great deal about VOL. V. No. 11.


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you of late, and felt anxious tosion of religion, but what is that, write though you did not desire without the Christian graces ?” it of me. But I could forbear no

“ Oh, that the Lord would guide my . longer at such a time as the pre

ways sent. Julia, we have been togeth- To keep his statutes still ! er in the ways of sin—why can Oh, that my God would grant megrace not we go together in the road to To know and do his will ! - the heavenlyCanaan. It is of the My soul hath gone too far astray, greatest importance to attend to My feet too often slip :

Yet since I've not forgot thy way, religion in early life, even now. “ Remember now thy Creator in Restore thy wand’ring sheep.” the days of thy youth.” There When she was called in Provis nothing short of God, which idence to contemplate the imcan satisfy the desires of an important subject of changing her mortal mind. We have been situation and entering the marattempting to find substantial ried state, she treated the matjoys in the diversions of youth. ter with becoming seriousness But have we not always been dis- expressed to her friends a sense appointed ? Have we not gener- of the greatness of the undertakally returned unsatisfied with ing, and a degree of concern lest ourselves ? At such times have she should not fill, with proprieour minds been calm and pre- ty, a station in which prudence, pared for religious duties? We discretion and exemplary piety have tried the vanities and levi- . are peculiarly needful. ties of the world long enough After her removal to Newwe must judge for ourselves Hartford she applied herself with what they are and carefully diligence to the duties of her staavoid all such company as will tion ; and was noticed by all who * have a tendency to cool our had opportunity to observe, as love to God. Dear Julia, death, excelling in economy and indusjudgment and eternity are just try. By these, and by her disbefore us. Look forward, per- creetness, kindness and serious haps twenty years, and view the deportment, she soon obtained eternal world. In all probability, the friendship and high esteem we shall be in it before that time! of her neighbors and of all who Then is it not important to at- became acquainted with her. tend to these things now, because And it appeared by observations we know not what a day may which she made a little previbring forth.” “ It is my sin- ous to her death, respecting that .cere prayer


heart may people, that their spiritual prosbe changed--that you may taste perity, by a revival of the work and see that the Lord is gra- of God among them, had lain cious."If we are not re- near her heart, and been a subnewed, we are filling up the ject which had often carried her measure of our sins every day. to a throne of grace. Every day encreases our guilt. For several months previous I hope I do in some measure feel to her death she was rather unreconciled to the character of commonly impressed with an God. But the heart is deceitful idea that she should not survive above all things, and desperately the sickness before her. And wicked. I have made a profes- ) from various circumstances at

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the time, as well as from her After 'her delivery she was inpeaceful and triumphant depart- formed by her physicians and ure, it appears that, during that friends, that there was hope of period, she was ripening fast for her recovery. But she seemed the employments and perfection to give but little heed to their of the heavenly state. Her con- suggestions. In the afternoon versation was in heaven. She of the day previous to her death, appeared disposed, more than apprehending her dissolution had been common, to repress ev- near, she desired to be alone, ery suggestion of plans and pros and consented to have no person, pects of temporal enjoyments except a sister, in the room. Acoften giving a turn to the conver- cordingly she was gratified ; and sation by remarking upon the in that situation spent several uncertainty of human prospects, hours, apparently in meditation and the importance of having our and prayer, and composing her affections on things above. She mind for the great change which expressed a lively sense of the she expected soon to experience. value of the public worship and After this she willingly received ordinances of God's house. And company, and was ready to conbeing for a number of Sabbaths verse, as before, so far as she previous to her sickness, depriv. was able. Soon after this, her ed of the privilege, she submit- friends informed her that they ted to it as a peculiar affliction considered her case to be despeand trial. She was peculiarly rate. She received the informaattentive to the Bible, and other tion with perfect calmness, and religious books ; and it was appeared pleased that they were judged from circumstances, that no longer reserved, and that she she often retired for secret devo- could converse with them freely tion. Nor were these things oc- upon the subject. Having concasioned by a gloomy state of versed with her alone, her husmind. She was not gloomy ; but band, at her particular desire, generally cheerful, and appeared prayed with her with special renot in the least to have lost her ference to the parting scene relish for social enjoyments. which was before them. In the

When the scene of her distress evening, several passages of commenced she met it not only scripture, adapted to her condiwith that natural resolution which tion, were read, and family prayis common in such cases, but er attended, in which she was with a Christian fortitude, which commended to God, as one apenabled her to go through the parently near the close of life. whole, though a scene of uncom- Soon after this, she appeared evmon and indescribable anguish, idently struck with death. The with unusual patience and resig- inflammatory stage of her disornation. She said it had been der was past, and a mortification her prayer that she might not commenced ; and now, being dishonor God. And she request- relieved from bodily pain, a holy ed those who saw her distressed triumph of soul began, and consituation, to pray that she might tinued about fifteen hours, and to be patient, and endure, without the moment of her dissolution. a murmur, whatever God should She rejoiced in her God and Sa. see fit to lay upon her.

viour-was filled with a sense of them upon

the divine presence, all-sufficien- hope will be a comfort to you. cy and glory, without one fear I could wish to live, were it the or doubt, or obscuring cloud divine will, to assist in bringing and improved her time and it up, but I am willing to leave strength, in bearing testimony it in the hands of God. I hope for God sometimes speaking it may live and be a blessing to generally, to all in the room, and you, and that you will bring it at others, calling particular per-up for God, to whom I have ded, sons to her bed-sideraddressing icated it, even before its birth."

the importance of di- At this time the child being laid tine and eternal realities, and in her arms, she joined in a pray. solemnly warning them of the er, in which they unitedly dedi. danger of delaying a preparation cated it to God. After this she for death. Through the whole expressed a desire to unite, while time her memory was quick and she was living, in dedicating it retentive and all the powers of to the Lord in baptism. Accordher mind appeared to expand ingly it was baptized. and brighten-as she spoke, es- Soon after a hymn was sung, pecially if of herself the pro-entitled “ Moses dying in the gress of death, and her speedy embraces of God;" in which departure, a smile frequently she joined with a sweet voice. It spread over her countenance was the only voice in the room and when she ceased to speak, which did not tremble. At two she composed her countenance other times she joined, with her laid her hands decently across dying lips, to sing the praise of her breast, and in a few mo- God-once in the 227th hymn, ments expired.

in Dwight's selection, and once The following are some of in the 61st psalm. the things which she addressed Again addressing her husband, to different persons, during this she mentioned his connection interesting scene.

with that people, and the imConversing with her consort, portance and greatness of his she said, " It is but a short time work" You have taken," said since our connection, but we have she, “ a great deal of satisfaction lived happily together. We had in your connection with this peoflattered ourselves with much ple. I hope you may live and be happiness in our connection, but a great blessing to them. They now we must be separated. I seem very near to me. I wish hope we shall meet again in the I could see them all once more heavenly world, to part no more. before I die. I hope you will

go You see how liable we are to be on in the good work in which disappointed in our prospects as you are engaged, and not be to this world—I hope this will discouraged.” Some time after, be a mean of weaning you from seeing a number of the peoit. You will be left alone with ple of the society in the room, this motherless child. But it is she addressed them expressed no more than many others have her sense of the kindness of the experienced. I hope you will people since she had resided a. be taken care of I hope you mong them-said their circumwill be supported I can leave stances had lain with weight on you with God. This child Ilber mind that she had been


very desirous that the work of ations upon the importance of God might be revived among religion. them-that she had made this To a neighbor, who looked the subject of her earnest prayer; upon her and observed that he that now, though she was about was sorry to see her in such a to leave them, it seemed to her situation, she replied, very ear. still more desirable and import- nestly, that he was mistaken in ant than it had ever before, and respect to her situation that that she hoped her death might he saw her in the happiest sitbe blest as a mean to effect this ; uation she had ever experienced and be sanctified to her husband in life and that she would not to quicken and animate him in exchange her present situation his labors among them as a min- for that of any person in the ister of Christ.

Towards morning she desired To a young man, a particular a neighbor who was present, and acquaintance, she said : “ You who had several children, to

see I am going to leave this send and call them. When they world, and I warn you to precame to her bed-side, she ten- pare for death. You coubtless derly and impressively addressed flatter yourself that you shall enthem upon the importance of be- joy much pleasure in this world. coming religious, and being pre-But you will never enjoy true pared for death while young- happiness till you make your and closed by repeating to them peace with God. Think of what these words :

I say, and prepare for death. It

may overtake you soon. Spend « Now in the heat of youthful blood, not the best of your days in the Remember your Creator God. service of sin and Satan ; but Behold the months come hastening on, make your peace with God; and When you shall say-My joys are devote your best days to him." gone.”

To a young man who had lateIn the morning when the day ly recovered from sickness, she light fully appeared, she said : said : “ You have been brought " Well, I am alive this morn- very near the grave the summer ing ! I did not expect last night past. You felt very anxions to see the light of another morn- about yourself-I felt anxious ing! How thankful ought we for you, and tried to pray for to be for every morning!

It has pleased God to When the usual time for family spare your life-You must deprayer arrived, at her particular vote the remainder of it to him. desire the scriptures were read, You experienced a great deal and a prayer made by her hus- of pain and distress, in your band, as being their last family sickness I also have suffered prayer together. At this time, an immense deal during mine, the joiners, who were building but it is nothing to what Christ their house, being in the room, suffered for us. Go to Christ. she said ; “ You were preparing He never sent any empty away: a house for me. But I am go- Pray for me, and for yourself. ing to a silent and narrow house Youth is the best time to seek -the house to which we must God, and prepare for death. You all soon go”-and added exhort- I cannot be too soon engaged in


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