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Reprinted from American Church Review, October, 1883.
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—The Tithe in Scripture. Half a crown. S.P.C.K., 1908
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John Menzies, Copthall Avenue, London, 1905
Layman [Thomas Kane]. The Pew to the roy cents
per Ioo. Free to these—who cannot pay. ayman
What we Owe, and Why we Owe it./ SVper IOO, or
nnot pay. Layman
— What we Owe, and How to Pay it. No. 2. Revised
Edition per Ioo. Free-tethose who Cannot pay. Layman
What we Owe, and the Results of Paying it./ y?...
Lay Member of the Church of England [J. M. Kemble?].
Pamphlet on Historical Remarks upon the Supposed Antiquity
of Church Rates, and the Threefold Division of Tithes.
London, 1837
Leaflet No. 1, The Example of the Heathen. No. 2, The Ex-
ample of the Saints. No. 3, Firstfruits: A Lost Means of Grace.
No. 4, Tithes: A Lost Means of Grace. No. 5, Offerings: A
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A.B. P.S.
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Price 3d. Partridge
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Price 50 cents per Ioo.
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U.S.A. Presbyterian Church, March, 1901.
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ANDER M. DALRYMPLE] and the Church's Exchequer [by
ALEXANDER M. SYMINGTON]; Essays on Systematic Bene-
ficence. Andrew Elliot, Edinburgh, and Wisbet, 1877
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Rindge Literature Department, 150, Fifth Avenue,
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What a Local Church has done. Price 50 cents per Ioo.
Missionary Society of Methodist Episcopal Church, Rindge
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3O5. . Merrick], J. Waughan. Worship without Offerings Incom

3O7. . Methodist Branch Papers, Nos. 1, 2, 3. Hon. Secretary, 3O9.

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plete. Publication No. 30. F. & O.C.A. — Endowments for Churches. No. 45. F. & O.C.A.

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— Faith Methods in the Use of Money. Go Forward,
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Christian Stewards. I cent.
Moncrieff, J. Forbes, Edited by. Christian Giving. Classified
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Andrew Stevenson, 9, North Bank Street, Edinburgh

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Moncrieff, J. Forbes. Every One of You. Giving for the Cause of

Christ. Id. Andrew Stevenson, 9, North Bank Street, Edinburgh Giving Better than Getting.

Andrew Stevenson, 9, North Bank Street, Edinburgh

— Giving and Withholding ; or, How to Get and How to
Lose a Blessing. Our Giving Series, No. 2. 1d. Partridge
— How, When, and Why? An Address to the Young on
Giving for the Cause of Christ. 1d.
Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, Edinburgh and London
— Our Collectors and their Work. Id. Partridge
— Our Giving : What it is and What it Ought to Be. New
and enlarged edition. Partridge [1902.]
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published together as Our Giving. London
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we robbed God P Morgan & Scott, London — The Christian and his Money. Illustrated Missionary AVews, July, 1903. London

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or, In what Proportion should a Believer in Revelation dedicate
his Property to the Cause of God? See Gold and the Gospel.
Morse, L. L. Consecration of Wealth. Address at Methodist
CEcumenical Conference, 1901. Methodist Times, p. 684,
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MSS. in British Museum on Tithes are indicated in Class Cata-
logue of MSS. as Church History, vol. i. pp. 401–9.
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Orphan Houses, Bristol. Partridge
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The Poverty of Christ. 1d.
S.A.G.M., 14A, Lingfield Road, Wimbledon, S.W.
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Missionary Visitor, February, 1904. B.P. H. E.

35 I. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357.

358. 359.

361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368.

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Noble, W. B. Christian Giving. 3s. per Ioo. R.T.S.
Noel, F. A. D. Systematic and Proportionate Almsgiving. A
Paper read before the Wakefield Diocesan Conference,
October, 1892. Id. J. T.G.
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Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1905

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S.V.M.F.M., 1903
O'Brien, Colonel. The Layman's Point of View.
Orillia Packet Printers, Canada

Offertory Alms. Pamphlet No. 75. F. & O.C.A. Offertory Rubric, The. Is. 6d. per Ioo. F. & O.C.A. . Ogden, Mrs. U. The Grace of Liberality. Briggs On Giving. From The Australian Churchman, November 7, I903. Sydney, N.S.W. 0.P.J. My Rich Religious Experience. Iocents. perdoz. Pritchara Osborne, Henry. Giving. G.A.C.S.B., 1881

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James Clarke & Co., 13-14, Fleet Street, London, 1900
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Talks about Christian Giving, April, 1885. C.G.R.
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Lothrop Publishing Co., Boston, U.S.A.
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The City Temple, London, 1871
The Theology of Money. The City Temple, London
— The Working Church : An Argument for Liberality and
Labour. Misbet, 1857
Path to Wealth. With Introduction by Bishop (now General
Superintendent) Carman. See Blacksmith, A.
Pearse, Mark Guy. Mister Horn preaches on the Great Hurt.
— Mister Horn and his Friends.
Wesleyan Methodist Book Room, London
A Homily of Mister Horn upon Giving.
Wesleyan Methodist Book Room, London
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— The Great Cause of Tithes truly stated, etc., by J. M.
London, 1730–62
Pearson, Hugh. Systematic Beneficence. A Paper read before
the Warminster Clerical Meeting.
Thomas Danks, 4 and 9, Crane Court, London

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