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'Do you see the CHRISTIAN LADY's MAGAZINE ?' was the question put to a friend of ours—Oh no,' was her answer, 'I think the monthly publications make people idle.' Now if this sweeping charge were true, we should at once feel it a duty to withdraw from our present occupation, for it would be no light offence to tempt those to idleness, whose time is a talent entrusted to them for their Master's service. At the same time, indiscriminate censure may convey a useful lesson ; and in sending forth another volume of our Magazine, we cannot forbear suggesting to our readers the enquiry,—Has the CHRISTIAN LADY’s Magazine this year made them idle ? The genus idleness contains several species. There is the idleness of perfectly inert minds, to whom the pleasantest thing in life is the dolce far niente, a state of existence that can hardly be called life at all ;—but this is not the commonest species of idleness. There is another well characterized by Miss

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