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Vol 3. Æ n7.f 711.

The Seventh Book of the





The ARGUMEN T. King Latinús entertains Æneas, anil promises him his only

Daughter, Lavinia, the Heirefs of his Crown. Turnus being in Love with her, far our’d by her mother, and ftir'd up by Juno, and Alesto, breaks the Treaty which was made, and engages in his Quarrel Mezentius, Camilla, Mesfapus, and many other of the Neighbouring Princes; whose Forces and the Names of their Commanders are particularly related.

ND thou, O Matron of Immortal Faine!

Here Dying, to the Shore haft left thy Name: A

Cajeta still the Place is call'd from thee,

The Nurse of great Æneas Infancy.
Here reit thy Bones in rich Hesperia's Plains,
Thy Name ('tis all a Ghost can have) remains.

Now, when the Prince her Fun'ral Rites had paid,
He plough'd the Tyrrhene Seas with Sails display.d.
Vol. III:




From Land a gentle Breeze arose by Night,
Serenely shone the Stars, the Moon was bright,
And the Sea trembled with her Silver Light.
Now near the Shelves of Circe's Shores they run,
(Circe the rich, the Daughter of the Sun)
A dang’rous Coast: The Goddess wastes her Days
In joyous Songs, the Rocks refound her Lays: 15
In spinning, or the Loom, she spends the Night,
And Cedar Brands supply her Father's Light.
From hence were heard, (rebellowing to the Main,)
The Roars of Lyons that refuse the Chain,
The Grunts of Bristled Boars, and Groans of Bears,
And Herds of Howling Wolves that stun the Sailors Ears.
These from their Caverns, at the close of Night,
Fill the fad Isle with Horror and Affright.
Darkling they mourn their Fate, whom Circe's Pow'r
(That watch'd the Moon, and Planetary Hour) 25
With Words and wicked Herbs, from Human Kind
Had alter'd, and in Brutal Shapes confin'd.
Which Monsters, lest the Trojans pious Host
Shou'd bear, or touch upon th' inchanted Coaft;
Propitious Neptune steer'd their Course by Night,
With rising Gales, that sped their happy Flight.
Supply'd with these, they skim the founding Shore,
And hear the swelling Surges vainly roar.

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Now when the rosie Morn began to rise,
And wav'd her Saffron Streamer thro' the Skies, 35
When Thetis blush'd in Purple, not her own,
And from her Face the breathing Winds were blown: .
A sudden Silence fate upon the Sea,
And sweeping Oars, with Strugling, utge their way.

The Trojan, from the Main beheld a Wood,
Which thick with Shades, and a brown Horror, ftood:
Betwixt the Trees the Tyber took his Course,
With Whirlpools dimplid; and with downward Force
That drove the Sand along, he took his Way,
And rowld his yellow Billows to the Sea.

About him, and above, and round the Wood,
The Birds that haunt the Borders of his Flood;
That bath'd within, or bask'd upon his fide,
To tuneful Songs their narrow Throats apply'da
The Captain gives Coinmand, the joyful Train

50 Glide thro' the gloomy Shade, and leave the Main.

Now, Erato, thy Poet's Mind inspire, And fill his Soul with thy Celestial Fire. Relate what Latium was, her ancient Kings : Declare the past, and present State of things, 55 When first the Trojan Fleet Ansonia fought's And how the Rivals lov'd, and how they fought. These are my Theme, and how the War began, And how concluded by the Godlike Man.


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For I fhall sing of Battels, Blood and Rage,
Which Princes and their People did engage:
And haughty Souls, that mov'd with mutual Hate,
In fighting Fields pursu'd and found their Fate :
That rouz'd the Tyrrhene Realm with loud Alarms,
And peaceful Italy involv'd in Arms.
A larger Scene of Action is display'd,
And, riling hence, a greater Work is weigh’d.

Latinus old and mild, had long possess’d
The Latian Sceptre, and his people bless'd :
His Father Faunus : a Laurentian Dame
His Mother, fair Marica was her Name,
But Faumus came from Picus, Picus drew
His Birth from Saturn, if Records be true.
Thus King Latinus, in the third Degree,
Had Saturn Author of his family.

But this old peaceful Prince, as Heav'n decreed,
Was bless'd with no Male Iflue to succeed:
His Sons in blooming Youth were snatch'd by Fate :
One only Daughter heir’d the Royal State,
Fir'd with her Love, and with Ambition led,

80 The neighb'ring Princes court her nuptial Bed. Among the Crowd, but far above the rest, Young Turnus to the Beauteous Maid address’d. Turnus, for high Descent, and graceful Meen, Was first, and favour'd by the Latian Queen : 85

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