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That the Books of the New Testament were written by

those Persons whose Names they bear. Page 10

That the matters of Fact related in the New Testament

are true.

That our Savior and his Apostles were Teachers sent

from, and inspir'd by, Almighty God.

Of the Scriptures of the Old Testament.


Of the Canon and Integrity of the Scriptures. 13

Of the Objections of the Deifts.

Secondly, With respect to the Hypothesis of the Jews.

That our Saviour and his Apostles were Teachers fent

from, and inspired by, Almighty God. ibid.

That our Saviour is the Messiab promised in the Old



Thirdly, With respect to the Hypothesis of the Ma-


Fourthly, With respect to the Hypothesis of the Pa-



Of Faith.


Of the Trinity.


Of the Incarnation.


Of Christ's Satisfačtion for Sin, Original and Aktual.16

Of the Descent into Hell.

Of Christ's Ascension, Sitting at the right Hand of
God, and his Coming to Judgment.


Of our own Resurrection, and the Eternity of Rewards

and Punishments.

Of Predestination, Free Will, Grace, universal Rem
demption, Perseverance, &c.


Of the Nature, Unity and Communion of the Catholic



Of Clerical Powers.


Of the Form of Church Goverment.


of the Popish Controversies.


of Consubstantiation.


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INTENDED to have given

The Occasion you this Trouble much sooner ;

of this Letbut my late Rambles, my Busi

ness, and diverse Accidents (not to mention that Indisposition of Body which I have labor'd under) have hindred me. And there fore I must in the beginning of it beg Pardon for the Delay, as perhaps I shall have reason before the Conclusion of it, for the Length of my Letter

to you.

&tion for you.

I shall not wast either Time or Paper in Apologies. No Man knows better than my self, that there are numberless Persons, whose Age and Experience have rendred them abundantly more able to direct you, than I can pretend to be ; and perhaps, after the perufal of what follows, you'll be forc'd to seek a more skilful Guide, and receive better Advice from another Hand. But, since you were pleas'd to create me an Opportunity of difcoursing with you upon that Head; and since the hurry I was then in, drew upon me this Imployment: I hope, you'll accept and excuse what I now offer to you, as a Proof (tho’ of my own Insufficiency, yet) of a most unfeigned and hearty Affe

What you expect, Sir,is, thatIshould lay before you such a Method of beginning the Study of Divinity, as I would recommend to a person who designs for Holy Orders. This therefore I shall endevor to do.

And First, I must intreat you to read Books relating some of those Treatises, which will inso the Duty of struct you in the Duty of the Clergy the Clergy.

; such as St. Chryfoftom of the Priesthood, St. Gregory Nazianzen's Apologetical Oration, St. Jerom to Nepotianus, the Pastoral of Gregory the Great, Bishop Burnets Pastoral Care, Mr. Herbert's Country Parson, Mr. Dodwell's first Letter of Advice, and the like. I presume, 'twill be no difficult Matter for you to procure the Use of all these Books, and 'tis hardly possible for you to peruse too many of them. However, let me persuade you not to omit the reading of St. Chrysostom's and Bishop Burnets Pieces, and our Church's Offices of Ordination, especially the Exhortation to those who are to be ordain'd Priests. But above all, let me prevail upon you seriously to consider that Collection of Scriptures,

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