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Frites: “I have the pleasure to ac- ||| preached on the banks to more than knowledge the receipt of your liberal a thousand. The colonel and his offisupply of Ooriya versions of the Scrip: cers, and Mr. B. were present. A piltures, and you will rejoice with me grim about 70 years of age, named that I have obtained their admiitance Kishora-dasa, on his journey to Jugun into the very temple of Jugunnat'ha. nat'ha, heard me, and immediately exMay their blessed light break through pressed his disapprobation of his woodthe intense darkness of this leathen en Jugunnat'ha and his approbation of land! I have distributed them among the Gospel. He has been with us for the principal persons belonging to the the last week, and has voluntarily retemple, and gave one to one of the nounced his former connections by Puriebas, or head ministers of the Idol.eating with us. He says that he has I do not conceive it at all difficult tolong been searching for salvation, and make a Hindoo believe with the un- was advised to visit Jugonnat'ha; but derstanding; but to do so with the after hearing the Gospel he gave up all heart, is of God, and not of mian, and reliance on Jugunnat'ba.

He is apt applies as generally to nominal Christo learn. I have begun teaching him tia as actual unbelievers. Many of to read Bengalee.” the tracts I have also distributed to the The following is one out of several pilgrims, whom I met on the road to instances, which have come to the their God.

knowledge of the Missionaries, of the " August 4. On the 18th of last power of the Gospel, even although month Krishna and I went to Poo- the individuals had not assumed the rooha-pota, about tivo miles from this profession of Christianity. place, and preached Jesus from Ro- im Brother De Motlu, on his way mans i. 21, 22 and 23. It being the home, one day, saw a poor Hindoo lý. last day of the festival of Jugunnatha, ing at the door of a hut, apparentmore than a thousand persous were as-ly dying, and calling loudly on the sembled, and three cars of the god name of the Lord Jesus. On going were dragged along. In the midst of up to the man, he said that his rethis erowd I stood upon a chair and|lations had turned him out of doors, preached the everlasting Gospel. The sick as he was, because he would not people, almiost to a man, left the cars, call upon Narayüna, Rama, and other and surrounded me, and heard the gods, but would call on. Jesus who had word with attention ; we sung three died for him. He had heard Sebukhymns, preached and prayed twice, || ram preach, and had received a tract, and distributed fifteen Orissa N. Tes- || which he then had with him. This taments and Psalms, and many tracts. poor perishing out-cast did not long One Ooriya was insulted by his coun-survive the cruelty of his relations; but trymen for receiving a Testaññent; we hope, as another Lazarus, he was their derision, however, made no im- conveyed by angels into Abraham's pression on him; he received the book bosom. The existence of the cast reand went his way. Mr. B. and sever- quires such great sacrifices, that it is al military officers with their ladies highly probable many will be found, in were present upon elephants; Mr. B. that day, who died in the faith of Jesus, sent the day before the festival to en- even in the houses of the heathen." quire whether I would preach to the On the 20th of November, 1812, the Ooriyas on this occasion."

number of children in the Benevolent Nov. 4. “ I have the pleasure to Institution was 318 boys and 107 inform you, that during the festival girls ; and it is stated, that they were of Doorga, Krishna and I preached increasing not only in numbers but in daily on the highways, at the doors of knowledge. the principal worshippers. The day From Digah, a central situation bethe goddess was consigned to the river tween Calcutta and the Upper Provin:

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ces, where a Mission has been estab- |f reach the side, but had he been a good lished, Mr. Moore, one of the Mission-swimmer he could not have got out, aries writes :

the stream was so rapid. I saw him “Our native free-school has about struggle much before he sunk to rise forty boys, and I hope soon to increase no more a living man! I endeavored it to one hundred. A worthy young to impress on the people who attend. friend in the army, who has spent his ed him the heinousness of the crime Sabbaths and spare time with us for they had perpetrated; but they only nearly a year past, gave us fifty rupees | smiled at iny concern, and said they towards a school room, which is now had merely complied with the wishes building for the native children. You of the deceased, who, they added, had would have felt much had you seen neither bands nor feet," Vrindavuna yesterday, surrounded by “ The following is the account of the servants of our two friends, W. B. Major K.:-"I have known a woman and Lieutenant P. and our own people, whose courage failed her on the pile, and the native scholars, talking to them bludgeoned by her own dear kindred. of the difference between his former This I have told to the author of "The life as a Viragee, and his present one Vindication of the Hindoos. I have as a Christian, and of the difference taken a Gentoo out of the Ganges. I between Hindooism and Christianity. perceived him at night, and called out I lately sent to Serampore an account to the boatmen. “Sir, he is gone; he of a religious murder which I witness- belongs to God.' 'Yes, but take him ed, and anothe given me by Major K. up, and God will get him hereafter.'of a poor woman, whose courage failed We got him up at the last gasp. I gave on the funeral pile, having been blud- him some brandy, and called it physgeoned to death by her owu kindred ; ic. O, sir, my cast is gone!' 'No, it also of another that he took out of thesis physic. It is not that, sir: my fawater.”

inily will never receive me! I am an is The account of Mr. Moore related outcast! What, for saving your life?" to the drowning of a leper at Futwa, • Yes.' Never mind such a family !" and is as follows:-On hearing the The following extract of a letter people belonging to the boat saying from Dr. Marshman, dated the 7th of that a man was going to be drowned, February, 1813, concludes this numI looked out, and saw on the bank of ber of the Periodical Accounts: the river the poor creature without fin- “ Brother Lawsop makes great progers or toes, but in other respects ap-gress in the language, and is a man of parently healthy. He was eating very an excellent sprit. He is engaged in heartily, and surrounded by several cutting a fount of Chinese types for people who appeared to have conduc- dictionary of the language, &c. The ted him to the spot. The bank be- word of the Lord seems evidently to ing high, I could not get out of the boat grow and multiply among us. Neartill we got a considerable distance from ly seventy have been added in the past the place where he sat. As I was run-sear to the church at Serampore and piog towards the spot, I heard the peo- Calcutta; and the spirit which seems ple in the boat call out, “He is drown-to pervade them is peculiarly pleasing. od he is drowned !" His attendants, | Almost all the brethren at Calcutta who apppeared to be his relations, had are endeavoring, in one way or other, assisted him down the bank of the riv- to recommend the Gospel to those aer; but whether they pushed him in, or round them. This I esteem a precious whether he went in of his own accord, token for good. The native brethren I cannot tell; but the bank was so at Serampore, too, are much stirred weep that he could not possibly get out up to seek the salvation of their counig. He made great efforts at first to trymen. Nearly every one capable of

speaking, is out on a Lord's day in the


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neighboring towns and villages. This ish ; Chittagong, by De Bruyn; Orris

; spirit, you may be certain, we encour-sa, by Peter; Kagoon, by F. Carey age to the utmost. Indeed, the word and Keer; and Bombay, by Carapeit is spread over such an extent of coun. Chator Aratoon. O for the dews of try, that I sometimes stand still and Heaven to water tliese little hills of admire the hand of God therein. Near- Zion! Othat the Lord may bless us ly 500 have been baptized in these 12 indeed, and enlarge our coast ; that years, and they are spread over an ex- his hand may be with us; and that he tent of more than 1000 miles in length. may keep us from evil, that it may not The extension, during the past year, grieve us!" amidst all our afflictions, has been We are much concerned to perceive greater than in any former year. Four in the pamphlet before us, symptoms new stations have been occupied, and of a disposition on the part of our Inpromise to be effective, of which we dian Government and its servants to had scarcely any idea at the beginning harass the Missionaries and interrupt of the year; viz. Patna, Columbo, their labors. We trust, however, that Chittagong, and Bombay.

as soon as the mind of the British Par“ At Patna, Thompson is laboring, liament on this subject shall be known of whose spirit you can form some ideas in India, a different tone will be given from his journals. At Columbo, broth-to the proceedings of the public funcer Chạter has found an abuodant en-tionaries. We are disposed, also, to trance for the word. I had an affec-hope for much from the known libertionate letter from him about a fort. || ality of Earl Moira, the present Gor, night ago. He and sister Chater scem General, and from his marked desire quite happy in their work, which re-| to promote the diffusion of the Scrip: joices us. At Chittagong, about 300|tures and of general knowledge, as it miles from us, in the east of Bengal, has been evinced by the cordial supand on the borders of the Burman em- port he was accustomed to yield to all pire, brother De Bruyn is employed. institutions formed for that object. Within three days of his arrival, the Lord Minto commenced his governCatholic clergyman came to hear him,ment in India by interdicting the puband seeing he had not seats, sent for lic preaching of the missionaries (aņ the benches out of his church. A few interdiction which after a time was rem days after, a respectable woman there) laxed :) he has closed it by a proceedia brought twenty to hear him, and offer- ing still more arbitrary and vexatious, ed him a piece of ground on which to The following extract of a letter erect a place of worship. At Bom- from Dr. Carey, dated March 25, 1813, bay brother Carapeit is arrived. We will explain its nature. . have received a letter from him, the “I sit down to write with a mind so spirit breathing in which will cheer i disturbed with different kinds of feelyour heart when you get it. Besides ings, that I scarcely know how to ex the situation of our brethren in the ar- press them. Last year we had to my, Mahratta, and Java, and the Isle mourn over a most heavy calamity by of France, there are now fourteen sta-fire, which we suffered in this month. tions, and only three of them oc- This year we had set apart a time at cupied by brethren sent out as Mis-the expiration of twelve months to resionaries from England ; namely, Se-view the dealings of God with us since rampore, Digah, and Columbo. Alltiat calamitous event; when the very. the rest are occupied by the men rais- day before our meeting, we received ed up in India, as Agra, by Peacock letters from Government, ordering our and Mackintosh; Patna, by Thompson;| brethren Robinson, Johns, and Law. Dinagepore, by Fernandez; Goamal- son home to England. I can assign, ty, by De Cruz ; Cutwa, by W. Carey no reason for this ineasure : certainly Jessore, by Petruse; Daca, by Corn-| nothing on the part of our brethren

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as a


has been, or can be, alledged by them one of the two ships then under des

Indeed the sweeping | patch. Dr. M. alledged that they had clause of the Charter, which requires not been made acquainted with the orall Europeans not in the service of the der twenty-four hours, and that they King orCompany to be sent to England had not been able as yet to make any is the alledged reason. It is an impe-arrangement respecting either them. rious duty of all who love the Lord Je-selves or their infant families : and, bus, to labor in all proper ways with further, that it was their intention to the Legislature to obtain leave for Mis- make a respectful application to Gorsionaries to settle in India, and travelernment on the subject; and though from place to place, or to settle in they would cheerfully sign a promise any of the provinces, without control, to comply with the will of Governunless they are guilty of civil crimes or ment, it yet seemed peculiarly hard misdemeanors.

to compel them to sign an engage. It appears that on the arrival of ment, which, when sent in to Governa Messrs, Johns and Lawson, who had ment, might tend to lessen the effect gone out by way of America, previ- of a subsequent application. It would ous application to the Government ha- make them appear inconsistent, to be ving been made on their behalf, they || praying for relief from an order which were allowed to continue in the coun-| they had solemnly pledged themselves try till the will of the Directors should to perform. This, however, had no be known ; and on the ground of this effect on the magistrate, who, on Mr. allowance, Mr. Johns was appointed, Lawson's hesitating to sign the engageby the Governor-General in council ment, immediately committed him Acting surgeon of Serampore, and Mr. to custody, and sent him under an esLawson was permitted to reside at the cort of Seapoys to prison, where he Mission-house, where he assisted in the continued some hours, till, on Dr. M's improvement of the Chinese types. having applied to the public Secretary,

In January last, letters passed be- | an order was immediately sent to the tween the Public Secretary and Dr. Police Magistrate to release him. He Marshman, the result of which was an was, however required to appear again acknowledgment on the part of the || before the Police Magistrate which he latter, that the Missionaries came out did, and signed a promise to obey the without leave of the Directors. orders of Government. A similar or

On the 12th of March the Mission-der was sent to Mr. Johns, which he aries received a communication from also signed. Mr. Robinson was gone the Public Secretary, in the name of to Java a few days before the order the Right Honorable the Governor was issued. General in Council containing a letter The Missionaries, though with but tn Dr. Marshman, requesting him to little hope of success, resolved to peinform Messrs. Johns, Lawson, and tition the Governor General. The Robinson, that they were ordered to Conmissioner for Serampore also unreturn to Europe by the fleet then un-dertook to lay Mr. Johns' case before der despatch, and a letter addressed his Lordship. It being represented to by the public Secretary to each of the Governor-General, that Mr. Lawthem, to the same purport. This was son had begun ä fount of Chinese succeeded the same day by an order types, which was not completed, this from the police Magistrate at Calcutta, ||plea operated in his favor; but no atto each of them, requiring them to ap-tention was paid to the applications on Dear before him the next day. This the part of Mr. Johns. On the conMr. Lawson did, accompanied by Dr. trary, an order for his return was perMarshmam ; when the Magistrate insis-emptorily confirmed, and he was given And on Mr.Lawson's signing an engage- to understand, that if he did not im

nt positively to embark on board||mediately take his passage, he would


be apprehended, and carried on board progressive prosperity of that Institu: the ship. The public Secretary also tion to the Cammittee of the British said, that Mr. Robinson would be sent and Foreign Bible Society, which we home from Java.

are happy to acknowledge as our venOn the 29th of March, after being erable Parent, We are also directed solemnly commended to God, and to to transmit you the accompanying the Christian sympathy of their breth-copy of our Provisional Constitution, ren in England, Mr. and Mrs. Johns, &c. for the inspection of your Comwith their little one, took leave of the mittee, the favor of whose corresponbrethren at Serampore and went down dence we solicit, to assist us in promoto the shịp the next day. They have ting the object of our Association. since arrived in England.

The English Bible Society have for Dr. Carey adds as follows:- ther charged us to beg that you will

The state of India, aş to religion, have the goodness to convey the ex. as widely different to what it was twen-pressions of their heart-felt gratitude ty years ago. Then a christian could to your beneficent Committee, for the scarcely be found: now you can seasonable supply of 250 Bibles, and scarcely go any where without meet- ||1000 New Testaments which they ing with some, either Europeans or na-have generously, presented to our Intives. The greatest number of these fant Institution. in the provinces, however, are destitute This liberal donation will be as acof the means of grace, unless a native,|| ceptable to those for whom it is ultior country-born minister visit them. mately designed, as it is honorable to There is a general spirit of inquiry the bountiful Donors. It will gladden about the Gospel all over the country ; || the hearts of many who were denied and this inquiry increases more and the opportunity of procuring the Scripmore. Five natives of high cast, not tures in their vernacular tongue, far from Serampore, have lately been while they possessed the means of baptized, who have been brought to a paying for them, and who are now knowledge of the truth without any destitude of these means; while that communication with us They met opportunity is restored. with Bibles and tracts, and God The Committee of the Eoglish Biwrought by them. These men had|ble Society, at whose disposal the said begun to sanctify the sabbath, and Bibles and Testaments were placed, meet for Christian worship, before we immediately forwarded 75 Bibles and knew them. They have boldly own- 150 Testaments to Rotterdam, and 25 ed the Saviour, and meet the persecu- Bibles and 50 Testaments to the țions of their idolatrous relations like Hague, where they were most joyfulChristians.”

ly received by the British Clergymen,

entrusted with their distribution among Extracts of Important Communications the poor of their respective flocks. of

lately received by the Committee of your abundance we are daily administhe British and Foreign Bible Society.tering to the indigent Members, con

nected with the English Church in this 1. LETTER FROM THE ENGLISH BIBLE Society AT AMSTERDAM.

place; and we shall not fail to supply APRIL

the scriptural wants of your country. 26, 1814. PATRON,

men in the remaining cities round

about Amsterdam, and in all the reHis Royal Highness the Hereditary | gions of the United Netherlands be Prince of Orange, &c. &c.

yond the Maas. Dear Sir,

If circumstances, over which they THE ENGLISH BIBLE Society in had no control, prevented the inhabitHolland have instructed us to request|ants of this country, till the eleventh you to announce the formation and the hour, from participating in that strife

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