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generations, religiously improving sa- Convention, and we do earnestly recred time in attending the means of quest those, who have hitherto delay. grace, storing the mind with christian ed, immediately to engage with us in knowledge, imbibing in their hearts the prosecuting the great object. principles and motives of the Gospel, 3. That we respectfully recommend and ripening for that Sabbath of Rest, to the friends of the sabbath, in other which remains for the people of God,|| parts of this commonwealth, to form shall devoutly bless their memory. Conventions in each county, or in such

We would express the most thank-other Districts as circumstances may ful approbation of the public spirit of|render convenient, and to adopt meas. the Committees in the several towns,ures for a general cooperation; and who have made extraordinary sacrifi-| that we particularly request a corresces of time on the Lord's Day to assist (pondence with all such Conventions. the Tithingmen, and of those Tithing- 4. That we recommend to Commitmen, who have attended to the duties || tees in the several towns, to hold freimposed by their oath of office. If quent meetings, together with the these exertions be a little longer con- Tithingmen, that, by mutual consultatinued, and extensively spread, accor- tion, they may impart the information, ding to the spirit of this report, and of prudence, and zeal of individuals, to the resolutions that will be subjoined, the whole. the evil will be so far controlled, that 5. That we recommend to Tithingordinary vigilance will be sufficient. men and Committees, (reasonable pub.

In order to keep the public mind fix-lic notice having been given,) to prosed on this great object, and to dissem-ecute, without distinction, and without inate useful information, the Commit-delay, all whom they may find traveltee have undertaken to prepare for|ling, or laboriug on the Sabbath withpublication a pamphlet, containing the out sufficient reason, and particularly Laws of this Commonwealth and the to take measures to pursue and bring Report of the Legislature on the Sab- to justice, such as may refuse to give hath--minute directions te Tithing account of themselves, when properly men, and others engaged in suppress-requested. ing violations of this day, how to pro- 6. That the Committees in the sevceed--some account of the proceed-al towns be requested to devise and ings of this Convention, and such in-adopt suitable measures to insure information, as can be procured, of sim-demnification to those, who may incur ilar exertions in other parts of our extraordinary expense in a prudent country. This proposal and the pre. and vigorous prosecution of offenders. ceding report, together with the sub- That we again call the attention of joined Resolutions, are respectfully the friends of the Sabbath, and particsubmitted.

ularly of Committees, to the imporE. RIPLEY Chairman. tance of procuring the appointment of Oct. 26, 1814.

a sufficient number of discreet, judiRESOLUTIONS.

cious, benevolent, and firm Tithing. RESOLVED, 1. That the thanks of men; and that it be earnestly requestthis Convention be expressed to those ed, that no person who is qualified for Committees, and Tithingmen, and this office, decline it. other persons, who have exerted The foregoing Report and Resoluthemselves to restrain violations of the tions were then unanimously adopted, Sabbaih.

The Central Committee were then 2. That considering the high inpor-directed to prepare, and publish the tance of co-operation, we are particu- pamphlet mentioned in their Report. larly anxious to see all the towns in Samuel Hoar Esq. of Concord, Dr. This County entering with spirit and Rufus Wymai, of Chelmsford, BenjaSsolution into thiè measures of this|| min Rice Esq. of Marlborough, and


Jeremiah Evarts Esq. of Charlestown, SECT. 2. Be il further enacted by were then added to the Central Com- ihe authority aforesaid, That no travmittee.

eller, drover, waggoner, teamster, or The Convention was then adjourned any of their servauts, shall travel on to meet again at Concord, on the last the Lord's Day, or any part thereof Wednesday of January, 1815, at 10 (except from necessity or charity) upo'clock, A. M.

on the penalty of a sum not exceeding LAWS OF THE COMMONWEALTH. Twenty Shilings, nor less than Ten An ACT providing for the due Obser-| Shillings. vation of the Lord's Day, and repeal- Sect. 3. Be it further enacted, That ing the several Laws heretofore inade no vintner, retailer of strong liquors, for that Purpose.

inubolder or other person keeping a WHEREAS the observance of the house of public entertainment, shall en. Lord's Day is highly proinotive of the tertain or suffer any of the inhabitants welfare of a community, by affording of the respective towns where they necessary seasons for relaxation from dwell or others, not being travellers, labour and the cares of business ; for strangers, or lodgers in such houses, lo moral reflections and conversation on abide and remain in their houses, the duties of life, and the frequent er-yards, orchards or fields, drinking or rors of human conduct; for public and spending their time, cither idly or at private worship of the Maker, Govern-play, or doing any secular business on or and Judge of the world : and for the Lord's Day, or any part thereof, those acts of charity which support and on penalty of Ten Skillings, payable adorn a christian society: And whereas by such vintner, retailer or innholder

. some thoughtless and irreligious per-| or person keeping such house of entersons, inattentive to the duties and ben- tainment, for each person so entertainefits of the Lord's Day, profane the ed or suffered; and cvery person so same, by unnecessarily pursuing their drinking or awiding (except as aforeworldly business and recreations on said) shall pay a fine not exceeding that day, to their own great damage, Ten Shillings, nor less than Five Shilas members of a christian society: lings ; and every such licensed person, to the great disturbance of well-dispos- | upon any conviction after the first, ed persons, and to the great damage of shall pay a fine of Trrenty Shillings, the community, by producing dissipa- and having been three times convicition of manners and immoralities of ed, shall be dlebarred from renewing life :

his license forever after. Sect. 1. Be it therefore enacted by Aud although it is the sense of this the Senate and House of Representa- Court, that the time commanded in tives, in General Court assembled, and the sacred scriptures to be observed as by the authurity of the same, That no holy time, includes a natural day, or . person or persons whatsoever shall || twenty-four hours; yet whereas there keep open his, her or their shop, ware- is a difference of opinion concerning house, or work-house, nor shall, upon the beginning and ending of the Lord's land or water, do any manner of labor, Day, among the good people of this business or work, (works of accessity Commonwealth, and this Court being and charity only excepted) nor be pre- unwilling to lay any restrictions which sent at any concert of musick, dancing may seem unnecessary or unreasonaor any public diversion, show or enter-ble to persons of sobriety and containment, nør- use any sport, game, science: play or recrcation, on the Lord's Day, SECT. 4. Beil therefore enacled by the or any part thereof, upon penalty of a authority aforesaid, 'I'hat all the foregosum not exceeding Twenty Shillings, ing regulations, respecting tic due obnor less than Ten Shillings, for every servation of the Lord's Day, shall be offence.

construed to extend to the time inclu.

Jeil between the midnight preceding Secr. 9. Be it further enacted by the and the sun setting of the same day. |authority aforesaid, That no person

Sect. 5. Be it enacted by the au shall serve or execute any civil prothorily aforesaid, That no person shall cess, from midnight preceding to inidbe present at any concert of musick, night following the Lord's Day; but dancing, or other public diversion, nor the service thereof shall be void, and shall any person or persons use any the person serving the same shall be game, sport, play, or recreation, on the as liable to answer damages to the parland or water, on the evening next|ty aggrieved, as if he had done the preceding or succeeding the Lord's same, without any such civil process. Day, on pain of Ten Shillings for each Sect. 10. And be it further enacted, offence; and no retailer, innholder, or That the Tithingmen chosen or which person licensed to keep a public house, shall be chosen in the several towns and shall entertain, or suffer to remain, or districts, within this Commonwealth, be in their houses or yards, or other shall be held and obliged to inquire into places appurtenant, any person or per- and inform of all offences against this sons (travellers, strangers or lodgers Act; and all such Tithingmen'as shall excepted) drinking or spending their be hereafter chosen, shall take the foltime on the said evenings, on penalty lowing oath: You being chosen a Tithof Ten Shillings for each offence. ingman for the town of

for the year And whereas the public worship of ensuing, and until another shall be choALMIGHTY God is esteemed by Chris- sen in your rooi, do solemnly swear tians an essential part of the due obser that you will diligently attend to and vance of the Lord's Day, and requires faithfully execute, the duties of the said the greatest decency and reverence for office, without perliality, and according a (lue performance of the same: to your best discretion and judgment.

Secr. 6. Be it therefore enacled, So help you GOD. That any person, being able of body And every such Tithingman is hereund not otherwise necessarily prevent- hy authorized and empowered to enter esi, who shall for the space of three into any of the rooms and other parts ropths together, absent him or herself, of an inn, or public house of entertainfrom the public worship of God, on the ment, on the Lord's Day, and the eveLord's Day provided there be any aing preceding and succeeding; and if place of worship at which he or she can such entrance shall be refused to any conscientiously and conveniently at-Tithingman, the lanlord or licensed tend) shall pay a fine of Ten Shillings. person, „shall forfeit the sum of Forty

Sect. 7. Bc il further enacted by the Shillings for each and every offence. authority oforesaid, That if any person and the said Tithingmen are hereby shall on die Lord's Day, within the further authorised and empowered, walls of any house of public worship, within their respective towns, to exahchave rudely or indecently, he or she mine all persons whom they shall have shall pay a fine not more than Forty good cause, from the circumstances Shillings nor less than Five Shillinge. thereof, to suspect of unnecessarily

SECT. 8. And be it enacted by the au- travelling as aforesaid, on the Lord's therily aforesaid, That if any person or Day, and to demand of all such per

: persons, either on the Lord's Day, or sons the cause thereof, together with at any other time, shall wilfully inter-their names and places of abode; and rupt or disturb any assembly of peo-if any person shall refuse to give an. pe met for the public worship of God,swer, or shall give a false answer to within the place of their assembling, such demand, he shall pay a fine not or out of it, he or they shall severally exceeding Fire Pounds nor less than pay a fine not exceeding Ten Pounds Twenty Shillings; and if the reason or less than Twenty Shillings. given for such travelling shall not be

satisfactory to such Tithingman, ke


shall enter a complaint against the Lord's Day, be and hereby are reperson travelling, before a Justice of pealed and declared null and void. the Peace in the county where the of- An ACT in addition to an Act, entitled, fence is committed, if such person lives in such county, otherwise shall

An Act providing for the due Ob. give information thereof to

servation of the Lord's Day, and reGrand Juryman, to be by him laid be

pealing the several Laws heretofore

made for that purpose.” fore the Grand Jury, for their consideration and presentment.

WHEREAS in the first, second, Secr. 11. And be it further enacted, third and fifth enacting clauses in the That the oath of any Tithingman shall said Act, the several penalties annexbe deemed full and sufficient evidence led to the several offences therein desin

any trial for any offence against this cribed, are found to be too low, and Act, unless, in the judgment of the not so appropriated as to answer the Court of Justice, the same shall be in purposes intended thereby; Therevalidated by other evidence that may

fore, be produced.

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate SECT. 12. And be it further enacted, and House of Representatives, in GenThat the special authority given by eral Court assembleil, and by the authis Act to Tithingmen, for preventing thority of the same, That the penalties the breaches thereof, shall not be con- aforesaid be, and the same hereby are strued or understood to exempt any

increased as follows, to wil: The penSheriff, Grand Jurors, Constables or

alties annexed to the offences descriother officers or persons whatsoever, bed in the said first and second enact. from any obligation or duty to cause ing clauses, shall be not more than this act to be put in execution, but they Six Dollars and Sixty-Six Cents, nor shall be held to take due notice and

less than Four Dollars, for each of

prosecute all breaches thereuf, such spe

fence. And the penalties of Ten Shilcial authority notwithstanding. lings, annexed to the offences first

Sect. 13. And be it further enacted, mentioned in said third enacting clause, That all the penalties and fines incurred shall be increased to Three Dollars and and paid for any of the offences afore-Thirty-Three Cents ; and the said fine said, shall be for the use of the com- in the same clause, not exceeding Ten monwealth : And that all said offences,|| Shillings, nor less than Five, shall be the penalties against which exceed for not less than Two Dollars, nor more ty shillings, shall be prosecuted by pre-than Four, for each offence: and the sentment of the Grand-Jury, before the said fine of Twenty Shillings, last menCourt of General Sessions of the Peace tioned in the same clause, shall be Six in the county where the offence may Dollars and Sixty-Six Cents, for each be committed: But all offences, the ofience; and the said fines of Ten Shil. penalty whereof does not exceed Forty|lings, twice mentioned in the said fifth Shillings, (except the offender lives out enacting clause, shall be, for each ofof the county in which the offence may fence in each case, Three Dollars and Þe committed) shall be prosecuted by Thirty Three Cents. Complaint before a justice of the peace SECT. 2. Be it further enacted, That in such county : But when the offenderli the fines and penalties aforesaid, shall lives out of such county, he may bebe,-one moiety thereof to the towu prosecuted by presentment as afore- wherein the offence shall be commit"said, although the penalty does not ex- ted,and the other moiety thereof to any ceed Forty Shillings.

person or persons who shall inform Sect. 14. And be it further enacted and sue for the same; to be recoverby the authority aforesaid, That alled by a complaint to a Justice of Jaws heretofore made, so far as they | the Peace, with costs of suit, or the relate to the due observation of the said fines may be recovered by pre

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