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Te ourselves up into his &c. every where dispersing printed coved by his mere grace, lipies of the New Testament in Chinese d at all. This is but act-|(which Mr. Morrison had completed),

to the dictates of the together with catechisms and religious propriety and truth. To tracts. Thus, as it was in the begins, to glorify him as God, ning, the dispersion of the disciples

him the supreme good,|| may more extensively diffuse the truth *t him in equity. After we abroad. We consider the translation his, we are but unprofitable effected by Mr. Morrison, as a great Sing

no more than it was work. He is eminently qualified for

If we come short of it, and, we have reason to believe, a deny to God his attributes, great scholar in the language. He has

his sovereignty, his au-been, for two or three years past, emright of absolute dominion, ployed as a translator for the East Ino our perfect cordial subjec-| dia Company. We send you a copy

justify oorselves and con- of this work for your missionary Board,

, we cannot be the liberal ;l of which we beg your acceptance. i me greatest object of regard,we|sionary stations inSouth Africa, as brief

, uvise liberal things.

ly related in our Report, you will pe

ruse with interest. He has been most of a letter from the Rev. Mr.marvellously preserved in great perils; er, to the Rev. Dr. Worcester, has made great discoveries; and his Sept. 28, 1814.

arrangements will, we trust, be produc

tive of great advantages. Soie, inR:ery gladly avail myself of an deed, already appear. A great awa

tunity of renewing my corres-kening has taken place at Gricqua Tulce with you, by means of the town, formerly Klaar Water, near the ina: of our highly valued friend, Dr. greatOrange river, many hundred miles n.

north of the Cape. Mr. C. visited the me happier state of public affairs is, city of Latakkoo, four miles long (scate and pray, at hand, when inter-tered), and found that there are twene will be easier.

ty-two nations north of that city, who You will have heard long ago of|| all speak the same language. We are uccess of the numerous petition- | about sending several missionaries, an this country for liberty to send mong whoin will be one or two capaionaries to India. The door is ble of forming a grammar. We hope

open, under certain restrictions, a translation of the Scriptures may we trust many laborers will gradu- hereafter be made into that language. be sent. Some are already gone. * Mr. C.'s travels are just going to

have sent three to Batavia, and press, and will be uncommonly intere to the Isle of France. Another is esting. Mr. C. visited some places, pe to Canton and Macao, to assist where a white man was never before r. Morrison. But such was the powseen. His producing a looking glass

of the Popish priests, at the Portu. astonished and affrighted multitudes. Jese settlement at Macao, (where his watch exceedingly terrified the uropeans are obliged to spend part queen, who thought it alive, and could f the year, not being allowed to con- I not be prevailed upon to put it to her inue many months at a tiine at Canon) that they prevailed on the Portu- “ Farewell, my dear sir. Salute all guese government to send Mr. Milne, the dear brethren united with you in

the assistant) away in a few days. Af- promoting the great cause of our dear er spending some months at Canton,

* Mr. C. brought several curiosities with "he went to Malacca, Java, Mauritius,l' him, among which is the king's robe, com


")* ear.

and adorable Redeemer. For Him || let us all work harder and harder, ir posed of thirty-two cat-skins, neatly joined || the night is at hand. Together, though the inhabitants never saw a "I am, dear sir, your truly affe needle. These, with many other articles from tionate frieud and brother, other countries, the Directors are forming in

“ GEORGE BURDER to a little museum.




Being suitable Thoughts for a New Year.


HERE bliss is short, imperfect, insincere,
But total, absolute, and perfect there.
Here time's a moment, short our happiest state,
There infinite duration is our date.
Here Satan tempts, and troubles e'en the best,
There Satan's power extends not to the blest.
In a weak, sinful body, here I dwell,
But there I drop this frail and sickly shell.
Here my best thoughts are stain'd with guilt and fear,
But love and pardon shall be perfect there.
Here my best duties are defild with sin,
There all is ease without, and peace within.
Here feeble faith supplies my only light,
There faith and hope are swallow'd up in sight.
Here love of self my fairest works destroys,
There love of God shall perfect all my joys.
Here things, as in a glass, are darkly shown,
There I shall know as clearly as I'm known.
Frail are the fairest flowers which bloom below,
There freshest palms on roots immortal grow.
Here wants or cares perplex my anxious mind,
But spirits there a calm fruition find.
Ilere disappointments my best schemes destroy,
There those tbat sow'd in tears shall reap in joy.
Here vanity is stampt on all below,
Perfection there on every good shall grow.
Here my fond heart is fasten'd on some friend,
Whose kindness may,

whose life must have an end;
But there no failure can I ever prove,
God cannot disappoint, for God is love.
Mere Christ for sinners suffer'd, groan’d and bled,
But there he reigns the great triumphant head;
Here mock'd and scourg'd, he wore a crown of thorns,
A crown of glory there his brow adorns.
Here error clouds the will, and dims the sight,
T'here all is knowledge, purity and light.
Here so imperfcct is this mortal state,
li blest myseif, 1 mourn some other's fate.
At every human woe I here repine,
The jov of every saint shall there be mine.
Here it I lean, the world shall pierce my heart,
But there that broken reed and I shall part.
Ilere on no promis'd good can I depend,
Eut there the Rock of Ages is поу

Here if so 'ne sudden joy vielight inspire,
The dread to lose it, damps the rising fire ;
But there whatever good the soul employ,
The thawught that’tis eternal, crowns the joy.

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