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of Tullibody, and Member of Parliament for the City of



If your father, Sir Ralph ABERCROMBY, had now been in life, this History of Egypt would have been laid at his feet, as a mark of respect for his character, and a testimony of approbation with regard to his conduct. It was the high interest, which that country has, for several years excited in Europe, that first suggested to me the idea of composing this work; and it is the success of that important expedition, in which he bore so illustrious a part, which renders the circumstances and events of Egypt, so peculiarly dear to the Empire of Great Britain.



To you, therefore, as the heir and successor of that distinguished hero, who landed the troops of his native country upon the shore of Abukir; and who lost his life, as he was conducting them in triumph along the peninsula, I dedicate with all humility and respect these historical volumes, which I now venture to offer to the notice and judgment of the world.

May the happiness, which you enjoy in being the son of such a father, induce you to continue and cultivate those pursuits, which will promote the interests of

your country, and confer blessings upon yourself. May those high honours, which he earned in the paths of patriotism and virtue, descend with increasing graces upon many successive generations of his house; and if you shall come to


the full possession of your family titles," may you never fail to recollect the valuable conduct, which obtained and secured them to the lineal heirs of

your respected father; and I have the honour

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& The titles do not descend to the heir while Lady Abercromby is in life.

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