How To Study Literature : Stylistic And Pragmatic Approaches, 1/e

Prentice-Hall Of India Pvt Limited, 1 jan. 2010 - 320 pagina's
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This concise and compact text shows how studying of literature can be an ennobling and enjoyable experience through a better understanding of the function and significance of the language employed in the literary works studied. Divided into two parts—Part One: A Stylistic Approach to Literature and Part Two: A Pragmatic Approach to Literature—, the text analyzes these two approaches in considerable detail as they have gained importance in recent decades in the study of literature.

Dr. Nozar Niazi and Dr. Rama Gautam, with their rich experience in the field, give a stylistic and pragmatic analysis of some selected works—novels, poems and short stories. While analyzing the novels, the authors examine such aspects as use of symbols and metaphor, structure of words, the plot, setting, characterization, themes and imagery. Similarly, while analyzing the poems, the authors examine aspects such as imagery, syntax, grammar, semantics, and cohesion. Finally, while examining the selected short stories, they consider aspects like the setting, character, plot, themes, and context.

Part Two of the text dealing with A Pragmatic Approach to Literature explores the role of situational context in the formulation of meaning. Pragmatics studies language not in isolation but in its socio-cultural context. The text analyzes various theories and principles of language and shows that a pragmatic approach enhances understanding and enjoyment of literary works.

The book would be extremely useful to postgraduate students of English literature and linguistics. Besides, research students and academics would find the book quite valuable.

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Over de auteur (2010)

NOZAR NIAZI (PhD in Literary Pragmatics) is Head of the Department of English literature, Lorestan University, Iran. Earlier, he taught Pragmatics at the Institute of Advanced Studies in English, University of Pune. He is a research guide, a translator and a member of the linguistic society of Korea. Dr. Nozar Niazi has published extensively, and his main interest lies in pragmatics and literary criticism.

RAMA GAUTAM (PhD, Linguistics; M.Phil, Stylistics) is Professor and Head of the Department of Communication at the International Institute of Information Technology, Pune. Her areas of expertise are English literature and language, linguistics, literary theory, soft skills, and business communication. She also has several publications to her credit.

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