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the Reformation; and being denied, the Reformation is necessarily a great act of schism. I have no hesitation in affirming, that the doctrine which is held on this subject by the most part of our churchmen is purely papal. The Westminster Con. fession is, with them, another book added to the Scriptures, and the Revolution is another day of Pentecost; and they lay their hands upon the book and say, “ By this we live.” So strongly do I perceive this tide running towards the worship of men and men's works, that I have often felt as if it were wrong to plead out of any book but the Scriptures; and though in times past I have done so, I feel as if in the time to come I will do so no more. The church of Christ was in Scotland some fifteen centuries before the Revolution, fourteen centuries and a half before the Westminster Assembly, and thirteen centuries before the Reformation; and it is too much for men to talk as if we lost our liberty of serving Christ, according to the mind of the Spirit, at any one of these three epochs. God forbid.

Wherefore I have taken liberty to set forth the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, according as the same hath been made known to me by the teaching of the Holy Ghost. And while I have a being I will do so by the grace of God. And I tell all my brethren, that if they do not likewise, they are found unfaithful witnesses to the God of truth, and as such shall be condemned in the great day. And however they may please themselves with the bare titles of honesty and consistency, they are both dishonest and inconsistent. And to talk of the duty of separating from the church, when you disapprove of any thing in her standards, is to talk of the duty of schism. To sign the standards, when in heart you differ from them, is dishonesty: to leave the church upon your discovering something in her which you can no longer approve, is schism: to hide it is dishonesty, and want of brotherly love : to publish it abroad, is honesty and brotherly kindness: to bear reproach for it, is patience; to stand up for it, when called into question, is virtue; to be cast out for it, is honour; and to preach it still with all love and long-suffering, is faithfulness unto God, and unto Christ; in which honesty, brotherly-kindness, patience, honour, long-suffering, and faithfulness, I desire to be found abiding unto the end.


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