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Page A Letter to a Nobleman

376 Bell's Pantheon

377Historical Account of a journey to Kamtschatka

379 Female Characters

385 Love in many Malks

386 The Sick Laureat

ibid Letter on the Practice of Boxing

387 Poetical Epistle to John Wolcot, Efq.

ibid De Montmorency

388 Collectanea Græca

ibid Burke's Speech

ibid The Struggles of Sheridan

389 Introduction to the Observations, &c.

ibid Considerations on a Commission of Bankruptcy

ibid The Farmer convinced

ibid Apoftolical Conceptions of God

390 Sandiland's Sermon

ibid Meilan's Sermons

ibid Apology, for the Two Ordinances of Jesus Christ

391 Coombe's Sermon

ibid De Coetlogon's Sermon

ibid Hodson's Sermon

392 Bruce's Travels (continued)

401. Gallery of Portraits He would be a Soldier; a Comedy

429 Bishop of Carlisle's Sermon

Saltoun's Thoughts on the Disqualification of the eldest
Sons, &c.

Shipwreck of Count de Briffon
Blake's Political Tracts
Price's Sermon

440 Obfervation on Dr. Price's Sermon

443 Smellie's Philosophy of Natural History (continued),

444 Macquart's Essays on Mineralogy

454 Biographical Sketch of the Life and Writings of M. de Rome de l'Isle

460 Doncaster Races

465 The Duel Tren:ham Park

ibid Original Novels, Poems, and Efrays

ibid The Clandestine Lovers

ibid Hitory of Miss Meredith

467 The Address of William Bull, Gent,

ibid A Review of Price's Sermon

ibid A controversial Letter to Dr. Price Dean Swift's Tracts

469 Cursory Remarks

ibid. Observatiồns on the Conduct of the Diffenters

470. Ditto, ditto, No. II.

ibid Public Documents

ibid Observations on Price's Sermon

471 A Scourge

436 438



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Power of Opinion
Standing Armies
Rights of Human Nature
Spirit of Liberty
United Provinces
Compte de Vergennes
Policy of the French Monarchy
Downfall of ditto
Influence of the American Revolution
Sparks of Freedom
National Assembly
Form of Government
French Patriots
Outrages of the French
New Legislature
Establishment of the Revolution
Intrigues of the French Monarchy
The Destruction of ditto
Austrian Netherlands ; Accommodation in 1787
Precipitate Measures of the Sovereign
Revolt of his Subjects
Concessions by the Emperor
Jealousy of the People
Plan of governing
Discontent of the People
Displeasure of their Sovereign
The Concessions annulled
Refusal of the States
Dispoffeffed of their juft Office
Privilege of Brabant
Infringement of their Rights
Overthrow of the Conititution
Standard of Revolt
Success of the Citizens
Alarm of the Emperor

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77 Promises

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Promises of the Emperor
Declaration of the Brabanters
Spirit of the States
Loss of the Provinces
Liege; Worthiness of the People
Aided by Pruffia, &c.
Refusal of Milanese
Spain; Succession of a new King
Despotic Power
King of Sardinia ; Increasement of his Army
Great Britain; Diffensions in Parliament
Right of Regent
Decision of that Right
Conduct of the Prince
Flourishing State
Commercial Treaty
Imposition of Taxes
National Debt
Extension of the Excise
Zeal of the Minister
Repulse of the Imperial Troops
Prospects of Peace
To Correspondents
Revolution in France; honourable to the French Nation
Their Humanity
Declaration of the French King
Prejudice of the Belgic Nation
Sovereign Power
Independence of the Belgic Nation

Their ancient Constitution
States of Brabant
Right of voting
English Parliament
Belgic Provinces
Modern Persians
Family Compact
Courage of the King of Sweden

Turkey aslisted by Sweden
Present Appearances
Emperor; his Indispofition
Probable Effects of his Death
The Grand Duke of Tuscany; his Talents
Cenfures his Brother
King of the Romans; the Electors
King of Great Britain ; his Journey to Germany
Subfidies voted
Duke of Richmond's Fortifications
Mr. Wilberforce's Bill
Teft AEL
Trial of Mr. Hastings; indignation by it produced


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ibid Character



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Character of Mr. Hastings
To Correspondents
Emperor of Germany
Anticipation of his Greatness
ReHections on his Death
Leopold his Succeffor
Views that may influence him
Advice offered to the Belgians
Speculations on hereditary Right
Moft easily comprehended
And of Weight with the Multitude
Speculations on the Situation of Leopold
France; Disorders in that Country
War on the Continent predicted
Reasoning of the Diffenters
To Correfpondents
The Budget; Observations upon it
M. Neckar and M. Calonne
Their different Statements of the French Finances
Neckar and Pitt compared
The Sinking Fund
Its Principle condemned
Additional Taxes censured
Policy of the Prime Minilter
Avoids Responsibility
Qualifications necessary to a Minister
Lord Chatham mentioned with Applause
Mr. Flood's Speech
The Orator praised
The Motion wisely rejected
Importance of the PEOPLE
Pruffia, Sweden, Poland, and Turkey
Their Confederacy
Ruffians and Austrians
Probability of Pacification
Saying of the Count de Clermont
Prediction that the National Affembly will prevail
The Evils of Superstition
To Correspondents
Sudden Transition from Peace
Conduct of the Minister
Motions for the Production of Papers
The Minister's Inconfiitency
Crisis of Nations
Diffolution of Parliament
Pride of the Spaniards
Their Claim to Nootka Sound
Rights of the English
Effects of the Loss of America
Enterprises of the Englith


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ibid National ibid

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