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Not more than THREE volumes shall be is not

taken out at the same time, and no books of th

shall be permitted to be taken or used, but long


by the owner of a share or his family.

be If

For the first year after the admission of

OW fame


a Book, fine of ten cents is incurred for volun

ed each Library-day it may be kept beyond the be pa

the time limited on the cover; and after that

time, of seventeen cents per week, if dehave

tained beyond five weeks ;—for abuse of comp cur Books, the value thereof when new. If

Thi of a any Book be lost, the same must be reand S

the placed by a similar volume, or by paying

1 the current price of a new volume ; if it be in Wi

pre part of a set, the remainder must be taken,

ann paying the current price of a new set. shall

A THREE DOLLARS assessment must be Tha

ry, paid previous to the delivery of any Book,

wh after the annual meeting. at the for

ALL Books must be returned into the Li

brary ten days previous to the annual meetthe M:


ing, which is always on the second Friday


det for inspection ; fine for non-com

Thi any pe


pliance is one dollar.

Books must be called for by their numaffeffm

i bers, and not by their titles. the

The Library is opened every, Tuesday, the Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, from 3

summer; and 3 to 5, in winter ;

turday forenoon, from 10 to hall be allowed to go within r to take down any Book, ecial leave of the Librarian.


on or

present price of a share is 25 dollars.

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