The Fifth American Chess Congress: Containing a Full Report of the Proceedings of the Convention of Chess Players, Held in New York, in ... 1880 ...

Brentano's literary emporium, 1881 - 539 sidor
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Sida iii - We are puppets, Man in his pride, and Beauty fair in her flower ; Do we move ourselves, or are moved by an unseen hand at a game That pushes us off from the board, and others ever succeed ? Ah yet, we cannot be kind to each other here for an hour ; We whisper, and hint, and chuckle, and grin at a brother's shame ; However we brave it out, we men are a little breed.
Sida 169 - AT ODDS. I. In games where one player gives the odds of a piece, or " the exchange," or allows his opponent to count drawn games as won, or agrees to checkmate with a particular man, or on a particular square, he has the right to choose the men, and to move first, unless an arrangement to the" contrary is agreed to between the combatants. II. When the odds of Pawn and one move, or Pawn and more than one move are given, the Pawn given must be the King's Bishop's Pawn when not otherwise previously...
Sida 166 - A player who touches with his hand (except accidentally) one of his own men when it is his turn to play, must move it if it can be legally moved, unless before touching it he...
Sida 165 - If, during the course of the game, it be discovered that any «rror, or illegality has been committed, the moves must be retraced and the necessary correction made, without penalty. If the moves cannot be correctly retraced, the game must be annulled. If a man be dropped from the board and moves made during its absence, such moves must be retraced and the man restored. If this cannot be done, to the satisfaction of the Umpire, the game must be annulled.
Sida 168 - TIME LIMIT. The penalty for exceeding the time limit is the forfeiture of the game. It shall be the duty of each player, as soon as his move be made, to stop his own register of time and start that of his opponent, whether the time be taken by clocks, sand-glasses, or otherwise. No complaint respecting an adversary's time can be considered, unless this rule be strictly complied with. But nothing herein is intended to affect the penalty for exceeding the time limit as registered. ABANDONING THE GAME....
Sida 164 - Tournaments, with power to determine questions of chess-law and rules ; or for any duly appointed Referee, or Umpire; for the bystanders, when properly appealed to; or for any person, present or absent, to whom may be referred any disputed questions ; or for any other authority whomsoever having power to determine such (questions. When the word " move " is used it is understood to mean a legal move or a move to be legally made according to these laws. When the word "man" or " men " is used, it is...
Sida 165 - Whenever a game shall be annulled, the party having the move in that game shall have it in the next game. An annulled game must be considered, in every respect, the same as if it had never been begun. Concessions. The concession of an indulgence by one player does not give him the right of a similar, or other, indulgence from his opponent. Errors.
Sida 166 - ... the man, or men, be touched, and only the player whose turn it is to move is allowed so to adjust. The hand having once quitted the man, but for an instant, the move must stand. Men overturned or displaced accidentally may be replaced by either player, without notice.
Sida 63 - Chess never has been and never can be aught but a recreation. It should not be indulged in to the detriment of other and more serious avocations — should not absorb or engross the thoughts of those who worship at its shrine, but should be kept in the background, and restrained within its proper provinces. As a mere game, a relaxation from the severe pursuits of life, it is deserving of high commendation.
Sida 170 - Each party must be bound by the move communicated in writing, or by word of mouth, to the adversary whether or not it be made on the adversary's board. If the move so communicated should prove to be different from that actually made on the party's own board, the latter must be altered to accord with the former. IV. If either party be detected in moving the men when it is not their turn to play, or in moving more than one man (except in castling) when it is their turn to play, they shall forfeit the...

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