The hot-air bath. Repr. with additions from The Dubl. univ. magazine


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Sida 20 - Mother, for love of grace, Lay not that flattering unction to your soul, That not your trespass, but my madness, speaks : It will but skin and film the ulcerous place, While rank corruption, mining all within, Infects unseen.
Sida 2 - The walls of the lofty apartments were covered with curious mosaics, that imitated the art of the pencil in the elegance of design and the variety of colours.
Sida 11 - The working classes among the Turks — for such classes do exist, and are as numerous and fully more hard-working than elsewhere — know of no other means of prevention, on feeling indisposed, but the bath. It is looked upon so much in the light of a panacea by the lower orders, that they hardly ever dream of consulting a physician when taken unwell. If the bath fail to cure them, nothing else will succeed. This prevailing conviction. accounts, in a great measure, for the total absence of dispensarics...
Sida 2 - Numidia; the perpetual stream of hot water was poured into the capacious basins through so many wide mouths of bright and massy silver; and the meanest Roman could purchase, with a small copper coin, the daily enjoyment of a scene of pomp and luxury which might excite the envy of the kings of Asia.
Sida 29 - The faculty of preventing disease, as exercised by the skin, besides being indirect and operating on the general health of the body, is also direct. The skin repels the depressing effects of cold, of alternations of temperature, of extreme dryness or moisture, by virtue of its own healthy structure — by its intrinsic power of generating heat ; and it also repels other causes of disease, such as animal and miasmatic poisons, by its emunctory power, which enables it to convey them directly out of...
Sida 11 - If the bath fail to cure them, nothing else will succeed. This prevailing conviction accounts, in a great measure, for the total absence of dispensaries and civil hospitals, not only in this large city, but throughout the whole empire. Yet, I apprehend, from the tables of mortality monthly published, that the mortality is not greater than it is in countries blessed with those institutions. The higher classes, and women especially, do not, as with us, know much about regular exercise, so that were...
Sida 36 - Of all diseases," says Sir James Clark, " we consider dyspepsia the most fertile source of cachexia of every form, for this plain reason, that a healthy condition of the digestive organs, and a proper performance of their functions, are essential to the due preparation of the food, and consequently to the supply of healthy nourishment to the body.
Sida 34 - We have a!l an opportunity of observing and comparing the state of health of the rising generation with that of their fathers and grandfathers. On taking a survey of the constitution of these three generations, we think it will be found, in a large proportion of instances, that the deterioration of health is progressive from father to son.
Sida 14 - ... its employment requires great caution and discrimination, first, as to whether it should be used at all ; and, secondly, as to the form and mode of using it. It must be confessed that in a vast number of cases no such discrimination is practised ; and it will not be doubted by any physician resident in the vicinity of the sea, that in the case of no other remedy are greater mistakes committed and greater mischief produced than in the use of the cold bath.
Sida 34 - Woollcombe, and others, from the best data which the bills of mortality aflbrd, that in Great Britain and Ireland, consumption causes one fourth part of the deaths that occur from disease. If, then, we add to consumption, tuberculous disease of the glandular system, of the brain, of the large joints, of the spinal column, &c. and deduct the mortality which occurs during the first months of life, we shall probably be within the truth in stating that one third part of the mortality of this country...

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