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of them : In Two Parts. By

Mr. Gee. (Egloward. ? 9. --Concerning The Sacrifice of the Mass: In Two 13

Parts.' By. Mr. Kidder. * 14 10. Concerning Transubftantiation. By Mr.Wil

Liams. When 11. ---Concerning Auricular Confession. By Mr. Lin.

ford. The senses 16.14. 12. -Concerning Satisfaction : In Two Parts. By

Mr. Gafcarth. 9 18.18.13. —Concerning Purgatory: In Two Parts. By

Mr. Bramfton. Jt time 20:21 14. ----Concerning Prayer in an unknown Tongue :

In Two Parts, By Dr. Scot. 22:23.15. -Concerning Celibacy of Priests, and Vows of

Continence : In Two Parts. By

Mr. Payn. w illore Frey 2 16. —Concerning The Visibility of the Church. By

Mr. Resbury. (Nath 25 17. —Concerning Merits. By Mr. Linford.

Tarix 2 6 18. A TABLE of the Texts examined.

Mr. 27 19. A TABLE of Prin

cipal Matters.



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POPERY not founded on Scripture.

Dr. Thomas Tennison.






HE Faith of the Reformed ha's, by some of
their Adversaries of the Roman Perswafion,
been calld Biblism : And they themselves

have had the Name of Biblifts (a) given to C) Val. Magni
them. And these they look upon as Names of Ho- Adio sa. pro
nour, though they were intended as Marks of Infamy Fide Cachol.
by the Inventers of them ;-for it is both a safe and 2:226, 227,
worthy practice, to take, for their Rule, the Word of
God, rather than the Word of Man.

That was the Rule which Christ left to his Church, and the judicious and sincere Christians of all ages have governed themselves by it:for they have believed, as St. Athanafius did, (6), “That the Holy and Divine (6) Athan."

Scriptures are of themselves sufficient for shewing « the Truth.

'Auto'sxais Nevertheless, those whose Errors and worldly In- icon terests could not bear a ftri& examination by that

yas y Deon

VEUŞI yegpal Rule, have perpetually endeavour'd either to lay it a. meis plus fide, or to pervert it, or to lefsen the Veneration due d'Anbeles ai

παγγελία. to it.

Among the Hereticks of the first Ages, (c) fome ap- () Iren. l. 3. peald from the Bible to Tradition; and then being re- C:2. P.aze

. . ferr'd to Apostolical Tradition, they refus’d to stand to ito. Some invented new Gospels, fome razed several


cont. gent. On rat. Vol.I.


places out of the True Gospels: Thus the Marcionites ** Tertul. con- dealt with the Gospel of St. Luke * But still the Rule cra Marcion. I.

was preserved safe,and the true Christians framed their 4.C. 2, &c. p. 414.

Faith, Worship, and Manners by it.

Among the Heathers, Dioclefian endeavour'd to destroy all the Copies of the Holy Bible, and by that means to root out the Christian Religion. But fuch was the Courage of the Christians, who chose rather to offer themselves, than their Bibles, Sacrifices to the Flames; and so many, and so widely dispersed were the Copies of that Sacred Book, and so watchful was the Providence of God, that no one Leaf of the Scripture perished.

Anong Men professing Christianity, as the Authority of the Papacy encreased, the use of the Scriptures decreased in that Charch; which being possessed of an unhappy Priviledg of a Chair in the Imperial City, began too early to set up it self as a Kingdom of this World. Now the Holy Bible not serving all the Political Pur. poses of such a Kingdom, many Methods have been used towards the giving of Men a diversion from it, as the Christian Rule.

When the Popes triumphed in Temporal Power,then

they were consulted as the Christian Oracles. Such a + Decret.par.2 Pontificate was that of Pope Zachary, who f deposed Caufa nagu the King of the Franks; not (as the Canon Law

Alius, P. 1083 speaks) for his Iniquities, but because he was not ca

pable of managing so great a Charge. To him Boni. face Arch-Bishop of Mentz applied himself for an Answer to this frivolous Question, After what Time was Bacon to be eaten? A Question fitter to have been resolved by the Pope's Cook or Physician, than by the Holy Father himself. But the Pope was so condescending as to give him punctual satisfaction on this manner:


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