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Sunday-School World.

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Vol. II.—No. 1.]

[JANUARY, 1862. THE SUNDAY-SCHOOL WORLD | [We have already apprized our friends Oh! stay them not! nor check the zeal

Of any in that youthful band, of our intention to re-publish the essays on Is published by the American Sunday-School

Who long to spread a Saviour's name the cultivation of the benevolent principle To earth's remotest land, Union on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month,

Lest death should seize that little one, and embraces the interests of Sunday-schools, in the young, to which generous priz

And snatch him from a work undone, and their improvement and extension at HOME were recently awarded in England. The

With swift relentless hand. and ABROAD. • province which even little children may

Oh, stay them not ! lest far away* It contains a general survey of the Mis- occupy in the wide field of Christian and Some poor benighted heathen slave sionary field occupied by the AMERICAN SUNDAY- philanthropic enterprise is beautifully set

Should find, from all life's toil and woe, SCHOOL Union and kindred institutions in the forth in the following stanzas.]

A sad and hopeless grave;

And souls should perish in despair, United States and other parts of Christendom.

Whom now the effort and the prayer It presents a summary of Sunday-school in- LITTLE SOWERS; OR, THE CHILDREN'S

Of little ones might save. telligence from all sources within reach, and a


Oh, stay them not ! lest in the day view of the progress and prospects of religious I gazed upon a busy field,

When angels, in their Ma ter's name, education generally.

Where nought as yet of verdure grew,

Shall come to reap the golden corn,
But sowers hastened up and down

The harrest sheaves to claim ;
Price Twenty-five Cents a Year. The precious seed to strew;

Sonne distant corner of the field,
And in a distant corner there

Untilled, unsown, should only yield
go Samples of the paper will be sent gra-
I saw that children, young and fair,

Tares for the quenchless flames. tuitously to schools or individuals upon a call or Were busy sowing too.

Oh, stay them not! but help them on, a post-paid order. They sang and smiled upon their work,

And with a thankful heart rejoice,

And yet I said, " Why labour now?"

That such a holy, bappy work
The curse of toil was never sent

Should be their exirly choice.

And then, as childhood wears away,
To press so young a brow.
And so I bade them sport and play,

Teach them to love it more each day;
And learn, at some far future day,

And gladly help it while they may,
Fear and Love....

To reap and sow and plough.

Nor heed the scorner's voice.
Ought wuch things to be..
A Famous Scene in Jerusalem re-enacted on a West And in the sunny harvest time

Brave, earnest one: ! God bless them all, era Prairie. .... The Retention of older Pan ......................

And make them blessings far and near,
I sought that busy field again;
And saw it rich with bending ears

And speed them in their work of love,
Synopsis of Missionary Labour...
Expenses aud Advantages of the Government Educa-

Of Autumn's golden grain.

While still they sojourn here; tion of Eugland....

And take them when the work is o'er,
...13 But, 'mid the plenty all around,
There was one little patch of ground

In heaven, to rest for evermore
That barren did remain.

From every toil and tear.
(See Practical for Teachers.”)
The Question of Prizes....

I wondered wherefore this should be.
The Resolute Effort........
It was because I suffered not

For The Sunday-School World, Sunday schools in France......

The willing hands of little ones

An old Debt paid in the same Coin....
To plant that barren spot;


And other workers took no heed,
A Working Woman-A Little Cripple.....

Or had no time to strew the seed

Some forty years ago or more, your Encouraging Survey ........


present correspondent was appointed to A Goud Day's Work - A beautiful Serpent..

take charge of a class of boys in a Sunday. What One Sabbath-school accomplished..

The world is all one busy field,
The Wonderful Transformation....

school, then the only one in a village of
And life the busy time to sow
In human hearts the precious seed,

New England, which has since become a We don't know what they will be, (original.)...

Tbat, scattered to and fro,

famous city. The class consisted of seven, Home Habits of the Young....

Shall soon put forth its tender leaves,

but only six were regular attendants. All the influences should be Christian.

And to the glorious harvest sheaves

Their faces, voices, dress and general New York sunday-chools, (original.)....

Of life eternal grow. ** Safe to steer By.'....

appearance, as they occupied their place One Secret of Success..........

There is a work for all to do;

in school, are perfectly retained in my Inconsistencies of Professors of Religion............14

The strong may help it if they will ; memory.
And for the trembling hand of Age

It is not in my power to recollect a sinHow may an Abundant Harvest be Secured......

There is an office still.

gle incident connected with the teaching Importance of Family ourtesy........

Nor only 80,—the young are there, Infant Clasess or Schools-Number and Age of Pu

of those boys. What Scriptures we studied,

And childhood hath its little share pils-Room aud Furniture......

what hymns were learned, what books Dangers in Religion.......

Of labour to fulfil.

were read, (papers, tbere were nope), no General Havelock's Daughter. New Year's Eve..

Oh ! say not that it is too soon

recollection remains. But had the teacher " In Jesus.".

For those young, happy hearts to sigh

known or surmised to what condition in Take huld of my Haud......

.......10 Over the barren, heathen wastes, The Sanday-school and what comes of it............11 That all uncultured lie;'

life those boys were to attain, it seems to The Bible iu my Trunk....

Nor send them with a careless smile,

him all other occupations and interests Is the Moral Power of a good Sunday-school appreciated....

To play and trifle yet awhile,

would have been absorbed in the effort to ...............................12 Influence of Sunday-school Associations............13

And labour by and by!

prepare them for it, Bible and Domestic Feinale Mission of London.....14

Of two of the six I have no present Private Judgment inevitable necessity...........14

Oh! stay them not, for though the work The Tank and the Well.....

knowledge at all. Of the others, I believe Appears too vast for human might;

......14 Rivers-How they Flow......

Yet is it still an easy yoke,

the following to be a true account:
A burden small and light,

One of them entered the Gospel ministry, Little Sowers; or, the Children's plot.....

For e'en the youngest heart that feels

and organized a flourishing church within Better than a Charm.....

The gladness bright that Christ reveals Consider the Lilies........ l'pon the soul's dark night.

* Or near at hand,



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gun-shot of the place where the class sat, Enough has not yet been done in attempt effort he makes for the salvation of souls. and has received into it the children of ing to instruct our young people in home His place of prayer, if it could speak, those who were boys and girls in the same duties, and to reform home habits; time and should be able to bear witness to the freschool! He has since become a Bishop of labour must be given, but the outlay will quency and holy importunity of his supthe Protestant Episcopal Church in which surely be repaid. We may assure teachers plications on behalf of each child commitposition he is eminently useful.

that in the relationship between you and ted to his care. Another became a distinguished and your scholars; your influence for good is Feeling, also, that all his sowing and most valuable missionary in Asia, assisting strongest when they are in your presence, watching, will of themselves be in vain, he in the translation of the Holy Scriptures strongest of all when they touch you; when must depend solely for success upon the into many languages, and introducing the in the nearness of affectionate intimacy, Holy Spirit's influences, knowing that it is knowledge of the only way of salvation to they are allowed to pour into your ear their “not by might, nor by power,” but by the communities sunk in idolatry and super- confidences; when they feel that you are Spirit of the Lord, that any soil can ever stition.

flesh and blood, subject to like passions become fruitful. Faith must likewise grasp A third became an officer in the Ameri- with themselves, and therefore can under-firmly the abundant promises of encouragecan Army ;-& warm hearted, zealous, stand and pity them. It would be well if ment given in the Bible; such as, -"Doubtactive Christian, doing good to all as he the teachers of elder scholars would take less he shall come again with rejoicing, had opportunity, and exerting a happy upon themselves somewhat the character | bringing his sheaves with him," _“Ye influence over those who were otherwise of confessors, listening tenderly to the shall reap, if ye faint not,”-“Be ye steadquite unapproachable upon the subject of story of their sins and sorrows, their diffi- fast, immovable, always abounding in the religious truth and duty. In consequence culties and dangers ; and though it may work of the Lord; forasmuch as ye know of a severe disease, contracted in the not be an easy thing to comprehend at that your labour is not in vain in the public service, an hereditary tendency to all times, the merits or demerits of the Lord,”—“My word shall not return unto insanity was developed and terminated in case-to understand all the belongings of ne void,” &c. an act of self-destruction.

a mode of existence different from your own, “Let those that sow in sadness wait The fourth is a prominent and very yet you can always bring to bear upon Till the fair harvest come; wealthy mercbant in one of our Atlantic their conduct, the yearning of a loving They shall confess their sheaves are great cities. He has been actively concerned in heart, te save from harm, and the elevating And shout the harvest home." some of the most important public enter influence of pure thought and feeling.

Union Magazine. prises of the day and exerts a wide and Go with them sometimes into the chambers salutary influence in the community of their darker experiences, that you may Now there will be thousands of classes grasp them more firmly, and draw them

For The Sunday-School World. of just such boys, assembled in the various up, more surely, into light; to keep over

A WORKING WOMAN. Sunday-schools of the United States next sight of them is a great responsibility; it A missionary employed in Illinois says: Lord's day. It is quite uncertain which may be felt to be a task, but shrink not

I once gave some account of a visit I of them will be called to occupy positions from it, for assuredly, if you do, in too made to some Sunday-schools I organizod of influence and responsibility; and this many cases “the virtue will die out.” a little more than a year ago, in Bvery uncertainty lays upon us, tcachers, ! There is one formidable source of evil, I county. I have thought that perhaps the oblication to teach them all as we mean the sort of reading which is now so a further account of those schools might shall wish we had taught those that we may attractive to our young people. Most of not be uninteresting. live to see occupying exalted posts of duty | them are readers, and the question is, how It is a German district entirely destitute in future years. Whatever their destiny, / shall we induce them to read only that of religious privileges and much given to there can be no doubt that the fear of which is beneficial; how shall we keep Sabbath desecration. The teacher of the God, faith in Christ, a thorough knowledge them from that which is destructive to public school, as he learned my business. of Holy Scripture, habits of truth, sobriety, their moral life. It seems to me the only said with much emotion, “God sent you chastity, candour, benevolence and patriot- / answer is, supervision. Let classes be here.” to organize a Sabbath-school, for it ism, will be essential to their happiness instituted (where they do not already exist) | seems to me to be just what is needed in a and usefulness. A good hope of immortal | for reading together, and circulating among place like this. That Sunday-school was blessedness they will need, let their condi- the members such books as are unobjec well sustained while the teacher remained tion be what it may. And hence we may tionable; I see nothing so likely to touch there, and afterwards as there was no learn our obligation to teach all children; all the points at issue, as classes or little praying men to attend, they had a Sundayto furnish them with such knowledge, to communities, for prayer, for reading, for

school without praying on singing. It form them to such habits, and earnestly instruction, for entertainment and recrea seemed like a strange Sunday-school, but to seek in their behalf the blessed officestion ; meetings, in little parties, for read- | I thought it much better than none. That of the Holy Spirit, that they may be fitted ing and studying the Scriptures with school had already accomplished much good. for whatever destiny awaits them.

prayer.-T. Bantock, Esq., at Midland and I look for greater results. SEMPER Doctor. Counties, (Eng.) S. S. Conference.

That earnest Christian female teacher

is, this season, labouring in another country HOW MAY AN ABUNDANT HARVEST

district, where previous to her going thther, HOME IIABITS OF THE YOUNG.

there never had been a Sunday-school and BE SECURED.

they knew very little about them. Soon Prominent amongst the temptations to As in the natural, so in the spiritual after opening her school, she invited all to evil, to which young persons are exposed, world, there is a close connection between meet in the school-house on the Sabbath, are their home habits; tbe want of vigor- sowing and reaping ; one will be in propor. and they united in a Sabbath school. For ous self-respect which prompts to persever- ' tion to the other. “As a man soweth, so a time she was superintendent, principal ing industry and vigilance in making, and shall be also reap.” “He that soweth teacher and all. She raised money suffikeeping, neat, clean, and comfortable, the sparingly, shall reap also sparingly; and cient to procure a good library, and when place in which a considerable portion of he that soweth bountifully, shall reap also I was there they had a large and exceedtheir time ought to be spent; so that it bountifully." The teacher, then, who ingly interesting Sunday-school. shall be felt to be a home, a refuge, where would reap a large harvest, must sow dili

THE LITTLE CRIPPLE. to enter is to breathe the air of loving- gently, constantly and abundantly, the inkindness warmer, purer, and fuller than corruptible seed. He must make Christ During my stay in that section of counanywhere beside. Here is a wide sphere the sum and substance, the Alpha and try I became much interested in a poor for teaching and learning ; the young girl | Omega, of all his instructions. He must crippled boy who lived in a district where I who delights in the respectability of her also watch with a jealous eye, lest anything had organized a Sunday-school. Previous home, will have much tj keep her out of catch away or tend to prevent the growth to his severe illness he had been a conmischief; and the young man who finds of the seed. But above all must he water stant attendant upon the Sunday-school ; comfort in his home, will be far less likely it constantly with believing prayer. This and in his affliction, the good seed which to seek society elsewhere.

must precede, attend, and follow every had already sprung up in his heart, was

Sundav-school World

bringing forth precious fruit, as all saw

The third observed the existence of two who witnessed his patience in suffering: and

tendencies :his strong faith and trust in God. O how Free Approved communications on any subject

In certain cases, parents place their he prized those Bible verses he had recited connected with the improvement and extension of in the Sunday-school. Though scarcely able Sunday-schools, or the religious instruction of

children entirely under the influence of to move he could read, and spent most of

children and youth, will be welcomed to the grace; they only speak to them of Christhis time with his Bible in hand, trusting

columns of The Sunday-School World. They ian love. It would appear to me that the

should be forwarded at least a week before conscience is not thus sufficiently laid hold his soul on those precious truths and pro

the first Wednesday of each month. mises which never fail. He said he never |

of and developed. Other parents place Brief Reports or notices of meetings of |

their children almost exclusively under the expected to get well, and was willing to re- 1 teachers or friends of Sunday-schools, which | main a cripple, if it was God's will. “Or," may be regarded as of general interest, are

law; they uniformly enforce obedience, but said he, “ I feel ready to die, when it shall ! particularly desired.

then nothing is developed in the child ; the please God to take me." I save him the the Members of the Society and contributors to end is, that fear becomes his only motive. highly interesting volume " Chloe Lank

its funds, who desire it, and are willing to pay Now, I find that we ought to impress on

postage, will be furnished with the paper the child obedience without reserve; but ton," one of the books of the American

gratuitously. Sunday-School Union, and left him, asking

on all possible opportunities we ought, above

all, to insist upon the love of God, and to myself the question, -" Could I lie thus

THE on a bed of suffering rejoicing in God.”—

develope in his heart the motive of love;

allied together, these two motives will lead Could our young friends in more favoured

the child to Jesus. Let us maintain between Sunday-schools, if God should cripple their active limbs, say without a murmur “ Thy

| the two a just and wise balance. will be done, O Lord.” Surely not without

JANUARY, 1862. the same sustaining grace the comforting presence of our blessed Saviour.

Mer For the convenience of our friends INFANT CLASSES OR SCHOOLS. who commence their subscription with

NUMBER AND AGE OF PUPILS. IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY the new year, we make this the first num

Few teachers find themselves able to manCOURTESY. ber of Vol. II.

age more than one hundred infants, and the Family intimacy should never make The reduction of the price to

arrangements must be good to make that brothers and sisters forget to be polite and


an easy task. Of course the boys and sympathizing to each other. Those who

girls are together, as whatever diversity of contract thoughtless and rude habits to- will, it is hoped, enable all who desire to

will, it is hoped, enable all who desire to opinions may exist, as to mixed classes wards the members of their own family, avail themselves of such a publication to among the elders, there can be no reason will be rude and thoughtless to all the obtain a copy.

for separating the little ones. It will be world. But let the family intercourse be

found that the age of three years is about true, tender, and affectionate, and the


as early as most children can profitably manners of all uniformly gentle and con

attend school, though we need not refuse siderate, and the members of the family

We learn, on apostolic authority, that

nat any who are sent; the necessary qualificathos trained will carry into the world and "perfect love casteth out fear." There is a tions being the power to walk and oneal. society the habits of their childhood.- fear however, which is consistent with per- and I have pleasant recollections of some They will require in their associates simi- fect love. It is that fear which is the begin admitted at the age of two. They should lar qualities ; they will not be satisfied ning of wisdom. The most blessed promises

be passed on at about seven years of age : without mutual esteem, and the cultivation of Holy Scripture are to such as fear the few, should on no account be put in the

big dunces, of whom most schools have a of the best affections, and their own character will be sustained by that faith in | Lord. His salvation is nigh to such as infant class; they will be a trouble to the goodness which belongs to a mind exerci- fear Him, and great is his mercy towards teacher, and not likely to learn reading or sed in pure and high thoughts.- Silvio | them. This fear leads to an abhorrence of anything else; and on every account will Pellico's Duties of men.

do better with children of their own age, all sin, and to a living and cheerful obedi

even if they skip their turn in reading. ence to a holy law. To inculcate those The teacher will often be tempted to retain ALL THE INFLUENCES SHOULD BE views of the divine character which will an interesting scholar who is quite fit to CHRISTIAN

give to the concurrent emotions of fear and pass on ; it will very rarely be wise to inSeek to prepare for and to pursue your love their appropriate influence is a pri

ue your love their appropriate influence, is a pri- dulge himself thus; send the scholars on. work as a teacher, with higher and nobler

and though it is not pleasant to part aims. Do not be satisfied merely with inmary object of the religious educator. At

with them, your intercourse need not terteresting and instructing your children; | the last meeting of the Evangelical Alli

minate yet, and they will like you all the but strive so to interest and so to instruct ance at Geneva, one of the French pastors better by.and-bye, for sacrificing to princithem as to be the means, by God's grace, said :

ple and duty. of promoting within their souls the spirit We ought to imitate the method of Jesus APARTMENTS AND FURNITURE. of a simple, childlike, and joyous piety.

Christ. On every occasion our Saviour They are not too young to love their Father

A separate room should be provided, as lays down a truth, causes an idea, a sentiin heaven ; to be told of the friendship and

comfortable and commodious as possible. ment to penetrate the conscience deeply ; mercy of Jesus; and to begin to love good

| We decidedly go in for a good sized room, whilst, on the other hand, He attaches His ness for its own sake. The seeds of evil

apart from the general school so that the hearers to His person, and makes them cannot be too soon crushed; the seeds of desire to know Him more. We ought to

class may neither be checked in their work, godliness cannot be too soon planted. make Jesus Christ pass entirely before the

nor become a nuisance to their nighbours. From your looks, your tones, your manner, hearts of the children.

It should be well ventilated, have a fire in your instructions, your character, influen

winter, as little children are especially ces-silent and unobtrusive, yet strong

Another said :

susceptible of uncomfortable impressions, and lasting-are poured into their young

| The object of Sunday-schools is to lead and the general order of the class is wonminds and hearts. It is to be your high

children to Jesus. A child brought to the derfully dependent on their personal comand lofty purpose to make all these influ- |

Lord is a converted child, if, by conversion, fort. But every infant class room is inences christian in their origin and in their

is understood turning from sin to turn to- complete without its gallery of raised seats, tendency.-Union Magazine.

wards Jesus. As for the means, I am of where, in regular rows, the children are

the opinion of those who seek to make the all able to see and hear with ease, while Know Your Pupils AT HOME !-A school a joy,-a holy joy. The question, the teacher has a space in front, large teacher loses much of his pleasure and however, is not the amusement of the chil- enough to place his lesson stand, &c., and reward, who only knows his scholars in dren, but of their salvation,-of life and to walk about freely while giving the the school room. death.

lesson. The form of this gallery will

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