Sidor som bilder

Doo I expect I be.
Gen. Your name is Doolittle, I think.

Doo. (Aside.) How the dickens should he know that! (Aloud.) I guess it is, as likely as not. It was the name of my father and of a pretty ancient stock, which has often been improved by publick posts, at your sarvice. But pray, as you have taken the liberty to ax me so many questions, may I be so bold as to ax what your name is? Where you cum from? How long have you bin here?

Where are you going teu ? And what is your business?

Gen. My name is Stewart. I am a general officer in the British army,

and have served in America. Doo. O, dear suzz! I shall always think something better of

you for having been in my country.

Gen. Well, my good fellow, have you a mind to be my servant ?

Doo. Sarvant, no, nor any body's sarvant. I don't choose to be a sarvant of sarvants, and a slave to the divil, as the saying is. Gen. Have you a mind to live with me, then, as my help? Doo. I

guess I have. I should be a rotten fool not to have a mind teu ; especially as you appear to have no pride, nor a bit of a gentleman about you. Gen. (Laughing.) Well

, go in to my steward, and he will tell you what to do.

Exit Doolittle whistling Yankee doodle.



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