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tuosity of the stream. In a momcat

the distracted husband, now standing on The British and Foreign Bible So the bridge for foot-passengers, had“ the ciety have given orders for printing

desire of his eyes,” youthful, lovely, 20,000 Welch Bibles, of a smaller size

and pious, snatched from his sighı; than octavo : and

and with such violence precipitated The Society for Promoting Christian

down the floor, that instantly she was Knowledge are about to print 20,000

no more! Not one cry of distress was copies of an octavo Welch Bible, with heard. It was a night of agony and marginal references. These are in

gloomy horror, especially as the most tended to be sold at the low price of anxious search for the body was iaef28. 9d. each, being little more than fectual till the morning; bat one-third of the original cost. We rejoice in both tbexe designs, and

“God mores in a mysterious way, especially in the avidity with which

“ His wonders to perform!” Bibles are sought for in Wales. The $Though he cause grief, yet will he generosity of the Welch people, in con have compassion, according to the mal tributiog to the former Society, does titude of his mercies !” them great honour. The

sum of

The following Letter represents light 7881. 175. rod. has been collected in unexpectedly arising out of this darkdifferent congregations in the Isle of pess. This tempest succeeded by “ a Anglesey, and, in other parts of the still small voice," and the Lord in that principality, In Anglesey only, 573. La voice, awakening the minds of many 28. 3d.

to " Hee from the wrath to come."
* My dear Father,

Marek 14, 18052

“I rejoice to inform you how reAccounts of the victorious power of the

markably the power of God is among

us, both to wound and to heal.. Many Gospel are ever welcome to those who love the Lord Jesus Christ. We

are under deep convictions; and many have permission to present our read

more rejoicing and praising God for deers with an account of a remarkable

liverance, through the Lord Jesus:

Christ. Scarce a day passes but soxre dispensation of the grace of God attending his word at Darwen, a popu

one comes to unburden nis inind, or to

tell me what the Lord has done for his lous village in Lancashire. This ac

soul. I am at times quite overcome count is contained in a letter from

with the glory of divina grace shining the Rev. R. Bowilen, to his father,

around us; and constrained to cry, the Rev. J.B. at- Tooiing, Surry.

* This is the Lord's doing: it is mar-, The letter was written in the course

vellous in our eyes!" He is truly of familiar correspondence, without

anong us, making a people willing the most distant expectation of its

in the day of his power. The hardest appearing in print. It is, “ in siin

hcarts melt like wax before the sun; plicity and godly sincerity," a narra

the strongest bonds of corruption, the · tive of facts. The work of the Lord

most inrererate babits of vice burst to which it relates, will appear es

asıinder; and the ransomed cruptive sits. pecially wonderful, when considered

jyfully, and in his right mind, at his in connexion with the very affecting and awful circumstances by which it

Redeemer's feet, crying, with astonish- : was introduced.

meni, " Why me, Lord, why me?” la

another direction, you see a company On the afternoon of the 21st of of mourning peniteats got together; November, 1804, Mr. and Mrs. B. with and saying, one to another, “ What: a'select company, had been on a friend shall we do to be saved ?" - when, Jy visit, about two miles from home. saiting upon their breasts, they look A very heavy fall of rain commencing upward and cry, “God be merciful to soon after their arrival, constrained us sinners !” Sometimes, the most uptheir stay much beyond the intended likely in human apprehension hear the . bour. They had to repass a brook, Redeemer's voice, and forsake all to which, during this interval, the waters follow him. from the adjacent hills had unusually " Lord, what am I! - a worthless swollen. Mrs. B. with two ladies, her worm, the chief of sinners, “ less than sisters, was on horseback; and not the least of saiots ;'' yet what wonders without impressions of fear, was inclja is the Lord doing day by day!" " The ed, with cautious steps, to try the pas. fields are wbite unto the harvest.” Nosage. The attempt, hazardous beyond thing is wanting but labourers. My ber apprehension, proved fatal. The whole time is taken up with visiting: borse was unable to sustain the inpe- ' and receiving visits froni those who are

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enquiring the way to Zion. What grief men, - the greatest favourites of HezI feel that I cannot do more than I do! ven! But no one knoweth the bitterI trust the outpouring of the Spirit of ness of such a cup as mine, but he sho God is not confined to the people, but, has drank it. If not mingled with 3 in a measure, is the privilege of their sense of the love of God in Christ Jesus, unworthy minister. I feel my heart I could not endure it. Oh, what phyenlarged towards them; and am ready sic, what strong physic, do our powerto spend and be spent for the good of ful earthly affections oblige our Heasouls ! Oh, for humility! Oh, for venly Father to give us! What prunfaith! Oh, for spiritual wisdom and ing-knives do the luxuriant branches in strength equal to the very important his vineyard require ! - and when Deand solemn service allotted me! Our cessary for our good, they shall not be prayer-meetings on Mondays and Fri- withheld. Blessed be God, there is a days are so overflowing, that we shall time coming when these mysteries in be constrained to remove them to the Providence shall be explained. I trust, chapel. Most of those who attend are while in this wilderness, to cast my under spiritual concern. Besides these heavy burden on him whe came to bear meetings, we have another on Satur- our griefs and carry our day evenings, for conversation on mat- Hope (it is my earnest prayer) that I ters of experience. This is confined may come out of this fiery trial purito those in whom we hope the Lord has fied, and better fitted for my Master's began his good work, and who are use. Oh, that the word of the Lord seady to communicate to each other may run and be glorified more and more what the Lord has done for their souls. among us! --and may the joy resulting The men who attend on these occasions from being an honoured instrument in take their curn in prayer. Our chapel, the Redeemer's hand, be my continual which you know is very large, is com- feast! Our day of labour may soon pletely crowded. We have great plea- close: the Lord prepare us for all sure in seeing one of our friends con- events! I expect that the enemy will verting a room, which he had built for be breaking in like a food upon us, billiards, into a place for weekly prayer. We have notices of this already, in atmeetings.

tempts at ridicule, and in horrid efforts “Within a month past, the heads of of infidelity; yet we will trust in the ex families, who appeared to have been Lord. Ile will, according to his gra

gross darkness, have been awakened cious promise, lift up his standard; and to an earnest concern about salvation; in the end the Redeemer will be gloand have commenced praying in their rious! families. O it is delighful, it is over- “ Here is a young woman just come powering, to hear them so fervently lisp- in; and is this moment before me, aping out their prayers to God for con- parently in great trouble : for a few vertin: grace, - stammering out their minutes, therefore, I must lay down new-felt desires; and, in a manner pe- my pen. The Lord enable me to speak culiar to themselves, expressing their a word in season, and render me faithlove to the dear Redeemer! I hare ful, that I “heal not the wound of the lately preached nearly every evening daugh:er of my people slightly!" in the week, at some house or other. Amen and anien. - Well, she is gone. The houses continually full, and the She seems to be one of those weary hearts of the hearers overflowing! To and heavy laden sinners to whom the describe all I see and witness, I cannot: blessed Redeemer promised rest : one it is not to be expressed. The changes of those tender lambs whom the Chief are truly great; and the manner in Shepherd gathers with his arm, and which they have been effected wonder- carries in his bosom. She came weepful! While the arrows of conviction ing bitterly; and while conversing with have been flying all around, the Lord's her of the sin of her heart and life, then own people have found their cup of of the abilily and willingniess of the blessing to run over. Blessed be the Lord Jesus to save, - what torrents of Lord for this time of refreshing from tears flowed from her eyes! After his presence, and for the hope with praying with her, she left ine somewhich he has abundantly inspired us, what relieved. Before she weot, she that we shall yet see good days! No. told ivc of another, who wanted to thing but this hope could heal my talk with me ; but was afraid to come. wound, cure my melancholy, or carry I desired her to send the person dowa me. comfortably through the howling this evening. Oh, my father, I beg wilderness of this sinful, sorrowfiil

an interest in your fervent prayers, that world. Affiction and painful separa- I may hare wiston “ rightly to divide tivo have been thc lot of the best of the word of truth" among my nuncrous

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999 charge : and grace to counsel, com. procure them cheap; but they are tofort, and to “ give to every one his tally unable to purchase them at the portion of meat ia due season I” I feel bigh price at which they are generally my work more and more arduous ; and sold. It is therefore proposed, that myself, if possible, more and more in- religious persons in and about this city, suficient. Believe me, when one of who have spare Bibles or Testaments, these poor distressed souls comes to even though old or damaged, will send me, unburdening his midil, and telling thein to the undernamed places, to be of the Lord's dealings, I tremble he distributed in Ireland; and the Confore him; I feel the presence of God; ductors of this Magazine are satisfied, I see the sune band at work which

thnt they will be given to inen who will raised the dead to life; I seein to feel distribute them to the best advantage, somewhat as Jacob felt, when he ex. and who, if they can sell any, will apply claimed, “ How dreadful is this place! the money to the purchase of more. It This is none other but the house of is well known, ibat there are many God; and this is the gate of Ikaveni" honses where there are Bibles which are On, that it may please the Lord to not used, and which should not be laid grant a gederal revival of his great aside, while so many thousands are peYork, and make it manifest in the sal. rishing for want of the bread of life. vation of multitudes !" Ian, &c.

Think, then, if br sending a Bible or

Testament, it should he made the inIRELAND.

strument of bringing one soul to the OLD BIBLIS WANTED.

knowledge of the truth, you send that To the Friends of Religion. Dear Friends,

soul an infinitely greater treasure, than

if you gave him a thousand worlds ! At a time when I And you all so ac and it is certain, that some individuals tively employed, and coining forward in Ireland have heen brought to the with so much zeal to send the gospel to knowledge of Christ by reading the the heatben, I wish to direct your eyes Bibles lately distributed there, who neto Ireland ; many parts of which are as ver heard the gospel preached. This is dark and benighted as the heathen a critical and favourable time, now the world with respect to the gospel ; and men exist that can distribute them to many thousands reinain in as much ig- advantage :- throw in your mite; pray Dorance and superstition as the very over it, that the Lord may bless it to Indians. Ireland is now an integral some soul; and be assured, it will not part of the empire, and as such, claims be in vain; for he that watches over your attention as much as any part of Sion, watches over every motion of her Great Britain ; separate from the con children, and all their otlerings are to aideration, that every man who loves him as the incense of a sweet-smelling the pame of Christ, must wish to see savour, when presented in the Beloved. bis kingdom advanced anywhere, and He will bless them by circulating the think it a privilege to be able to send Bible; and the people will be thereby his gospel in any shape to a people who prepared for the preaching of the gosa sit in darkness and the shadow of pel,

IIIBERNICUS. death; therefore I address you with Bibles, as above, will be thankfully more confidence; hoping that my pro

received by the following persons : Mr. position will have some good effect.

Brian, oilman, Newgate Street ; Mr. From the present circunstances of

Clark, confectioner, Boroughi, Iligh the people of Ireland, the only thing Street: Mr. Emerson, near the Church, that can immediately be done is, to cir

Whitechapel; Mr. Bancox, taylor, colate Bibles and Testainents. There

411, Oxford Street: Mr. Hill, grocer, are now many pious men in that country, Great Chapel Streci, Westininsier; Mr. who have an opportunity of doing this, Ody, corner of Feuer Lane, Holboros if they had them to distribute ; but who

Mir. Smith, umbrella-inaker, near the cannot afford to purchase any sufficient

Excise Ofice, Bishopsgate Sueets number of them for that purpose, and

Mr. Stitt, New Street, Covent Garden ; who sce with much paio large tracts of

Mr. Townsead, upholder, London Bridge. country without a siogle Bible, especially in the south; where it has been as

Extracts from the Sixth Report of certained, by inquiry, that ope-fourth

the Religious Tract Society. of the poor Protestants have not Bibles; and among the Romanists, there is not

[FROM A CLERGYMAN.] & Bible in one family out of 300: it is "I HAVE dispersed a few hundreds of likewise found, that all the children of your l'radls in wy chapelry and neighthe Romanists will gladly take Testa- bourhood, during the last two years ; trents; and many Bibles have been laten and, thank God, he has made theru il ly bought by them, when they could blessing to many.


" When I entered on my ministry one day, to huy some of the Edinburghi bere, less thau one-fourth of the iu. Society's Traces, there cane in a gentle habitauts atteaded public worsbip on man, who, looking od me, said, "What Sunday mornings; few or pone in the are you to do with these?” I answered, afternoon. Nou, I have often the sa- • I ain going to the north country to tisfaction of meeting two-thirds of my distribute ibem among the ignorant neighbours at chapel, moruing aod af. people. The gentleman, on this, said ternoon, on the Lord's Day, Corninu- to the bookseller,“ Give him a hundred uicants, for the last two years, have for me." After this I went into the heen double the number they were le- Horth, first doing all I could to get fore; and an earnest desire to grow in Religions Tracts to distribute ; aod, grace, and in the knowledge of our blessed be God, I got more than 200, Lord Jesus Christ, is, in general, ma- which I distributed in the heart of the nisest in our little village.

country. Last winter, I sent to Lon“I have reason to conclude, that don for No. 9 of the Missionary TransGod has wrought this happy change actions; and by lending it out to read ampong us hy the means of your Tracs, for a pwany, I got so much encourageas much as by all my feeble' efforts ment, that I procured two copies of it, muited."

J. O, and two copies of the two following

nubers,--and made so much by these, Extract of a Leiter froin a Poor, but that I sent to London for 200 Tracts,

Biry activitud apparently worthy man and all the preceding Numbers of the in Sculland,

Missionary Transactions. When I was Dear Brethren, Nov. 12, 1804.

in the bookseller's shop ordering these, I HAVE read the Evangelical Ma

the gentleman before spoken of, came

in. I had not before seen him to thank gazine for six years, and have been greatly delighted with the acrounts of

him for his kindness last year; and now your Society. Having read an anec

when I was doiug this, be ordered me dote some time ago, of a woman finding

to send for five shillings worth more of a book, giving it to her husband, and its

such Tracts as I thought best for the having been made the means of her con

public, which I did; and since that time version, and you saying, that dropping

I have dispersed a good many of them, Tracts inight have the like effect, I was

and shall do so still. I shall go again Carnest that I might have some of them

to the north country in the spring, to distribute. Coing into the church.

God willing, and expect by that time vard in April 1803, on our companion

to have a larger number of Tracts by Sabbath, I found a shilling, and I added

the profit of those I lend out to read ; threepence to it, and on Monday went

and by my well-wisher's generosity. to the bookseller's and bought a quar.

I pray, dear Brethren, that ye may ter of a hundredhof “The Death of John

prosper, and be the means of bringing Bowles," which I sold, and with the many fram darkness to light, and from money bought more. Inert went to the power of Satan to God: my hookseller, and ordered him to

and I am, &c. write to London for a quarter or a The Comınittee of the Religious Trac bundred of “ The Death of Lord Ros Society were much gratised by the chester;" and for the “ Account of the above Letter ; and they presented the Origin and Progress of the Rcligious zealous and worthy writer of it with a Tract Society.' I was so delighted complete set of their Traets, bound in with the latter, that I lent it out to three volumes, for his own usc, and read for a penny, and thus gathered five with a suitable oumber to be distributed or six shillings. I theu seni to London hy him. The Committee have since for as many Tracts of different sorts heard, that he continues, with unabatas my money would allow of; and I ing ardour and success in the good still gathered more money by the sale work which he so singularly and hape of thein. Ou going to the bookseller's pily conceived.


L. S de
Friends at Trowbridge

9 0
Rev. J. Walker and Friends, Peppard, Oxon.
Mark Wilks and Cougregation, Norwich

8 4
Mr. Wildbore and Congregation, Falmouth

14 5
Tim. Wildbore and Congregation, Penrhyn
W. Sykes and Congregation, Guestwick, Norfolk


7 A Contribution from the Lovers of the Gospel at Aldwinkle, All-Saints, Northamptonshire, by Dr. Haweis

6 8 0 Rev. Mr. Ilobbs and Congregation, Colchester

6 Mr. Evays and Cougregation, Foleshill, uear Coventry 9


64 2






Rev. Charles Atkinson, Ipswich

Rev. Mr. Richardy, Hull Jamos Boden, Sheffielit

R, Winier, Newport, Isle of Wight Mr. Bruce, Wakefield T. P. Bull, Vevport Panel

NORTH BRITAIN. Benjamin (racknell, Weyruouth Rev. John Findlay, Paisley J. Cooke, Maidenhead

Thomas Fleming, Kirkcaldy
Fred. Hamilton, Brighton

Mr. Mackinlay, Kilmarnock
William Hopkins, Christ Church

John Calapvell, Kippen
Samuel Lowell, Bristol
Mr. Phillips, Norwich
Mr. Preotice, Bungay

Rev. Dr. M'Dowell, Dublin
Rev. John Ralph, Liverpool

Dir. Aidermio Iluttun, Dublin


Feb. 28, 1805, the Rev. Mr. Buteman patwe of a gospel church, &c. Mr. was ordained over the church of Christ, Simpson offered the ordination-prayer, meetiog in Edward Street, near Ward- Mr. Buck delivered the charge, Mr. Our Street, Soho. Mr. Ivemey began Stollery addre, ed the church, and Mr. with reading tbe Scriptures and prayec; Atkinson concludeil, Mr. Keeble asked the questions and re

On the 26th and 30th of May, the ceived the confession of faith; Hi,

Independerit Ministers in the county of Coxhead prayed the ordination prayer;

Sussex, had a vertin, ul Mr. Leggetes, Ms. Burnhamn gave the charge, from

Bur wash. Mr. Watkius, of Brigbion, 2 Tim. iv. 2. ; Mr. Shepstone preached

preached from 2 Cor. 6.14; Mr. Hamido to the people, from Zech. viii. 19.; Mr. Silvester concluded in prayer.

ton, of ditto, from var. iv, 19; and is.

Jones, of Dal-ball, from Is. xii 2.; On Marcb 12, Mr. W. Scott, preacher Messrs. Neve, of Friston ; Cracknell, of the gospel, was ordained to the of- of Weymouth; White, of Shorehain; fice of the holy ministry and pastural More, or Sewhaven; wa Ilkins, of charge of the Associate Congregation Tunbridge, engaged in the other serof Lesly, in Scotland. Mr. Leishinan, vices. The principal object of this minister at Kinross, preached in the Association is, to promote the Spread forenuon, from Phil. i. 17.; Mr. Liarie, of the Gospel in the County. Some new of Milnathort, who presided on the ou- measures were proposed and agreed to. casion, put the questions of the For The meeting, were well allended, hatmula; and after the ordination-prayer, mony and love prevailed, and the word tendered an exhortation, first to the was heard with much attention. minister, and then to the congregation.

June 4, 1805 The New Baptist la the afternoon, Mr. Browning, of Meeting-house at the Coppice, near Auchtermuchty, preached from James Coseley, in the parish of selgerley 1 21. The audience was large.

Staffordshire, was opened for public May 29. The Rev, Mr,

worship. The services of the day were set apart to the pastoral office over the tbus divided : The Rev. T. Simitt, of particular Baptist church at Tring, Coseley, prayed ; Mr. Mory 11, of BitHerts. Mr. Davis, of Wadsdon-hill, mingham, preached from 2 Cor. iii. began tbe service by prayer, &c.; Mr. 2, 3; and concluded the morning-serGrocer, of Watford, delivered the in- "vice in prayer. In the afternoon, Mr. troductory discoursc, &c.; Mr. Dawson, S, Breeze, from Wales, praset: Mr. of Risborough, offered up the ordina- L, Butterworth, of Evesham, preached tion prayer and gave the charge, from from Ps. crxxii. 13, 14; and Mr. M. Acts xx. 28.; Mr. Shenstone, of Lon. Thomas, of Ryesord, prayed and closed. don, preached from Zech. viii. 19. ; Mr. 'I be auditories were cruwder!, both Lewis, of Berkbampstead, conchuded. morning and afternoon. The new house

The same day the fiev. Mr. Dunn is commodious, the country very popu(late student at Tiuxton) wis urduined lous ; and it is hom!ly hopeal, through to the pastoral Oflice over the church

a divine blessing, that the cause of reassembling at the meeting-house inligion will br promoted, Palace Streer, Pimlico, London. 'The June 5: The Rev. Mr. Gore, late of sudlowing ministers cogaged : Mr. Core Sandwich, was set apart in the work yf prayed, &c. Mr. Burder explained the a pastor, in the church, meeting in

our was

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