Sidor som bilder

parish, 'who have joined in Resolu- proved your crime in its birth ; and tions respecting the Lord's Day, your shame would have been the conhare obtained a Copy of the said Re- sequence of that prooi. Bu vas this solutions; and which they hereby a reason to kill and inurler it! If i's puhlall, in hope, thaith seremple, first cries to you (its natural paren) will others in the metropolis aniits for sus enan re antcare made it by force vicinity, of the like nature, will on your living accuser, could this be a reatriufe to a eeneral al prin son to hul those cries, and stile that of such Resuwn3, for the decent breath of the unc013 cious witcs3 ol 3. Vance of the Lords Day: against you with a koule, and with a WC, ve tradesmen, &c. resaling in

murdering baod? Had it lire!, you

tudny do have lost your place : you might the p nf in swick, wh@ nunies have lost other places, you might have e hcic 10-15'iboi, C L

Sr's in'o povety as well as into proving of the ofice give bi u 'la

shka ie; but was his a reas in th all the gisirates situg at the guide-t) lice,

juur? Was it a reas ia to acquirea Star and Garter Taicre, ew Bridge,

fase character, with a guilty conscience, respecting the Lorl's Bay * ; being de.

upon your p.low, aud cries of the amr. 8.326 bat i es ricie, regard may be

derei wurant at your ear. When did Jan Ollie sa ne, and being convinoed

This fear of shame and poverty begin! ta' (X rcising our severaloccupations,

Was it an o'rs'acle in the way of your by seling on any ou! of the Lords

criminal intercourse with your lover! Day, W. uid rurale e de red end,

No; when you hatcriminal paes")3$ 10 have come to the following Resolu

indulge, and criminal pleasures to s.js', tioas:

you had no fear of the risk. Wuca Reso'ord, I, That we do not, dar those passions were satia:ed, and touse ing the Lord's Day, exercise our seve- pleasures were arousers in their bilfer ra! occupations, by "erving customers, fruit, then you becaine such a cuxar', or any other jer ons.

that you have sacrificed your infaai's Resolved, li, That if we know, or life, the peace and the interest of your hear of any persons selling on any part soul here and hereafter, to that besof the Lord's Day, we shall en teavour horn fear. Alas! hor dreadfalare the to dissuade them from the practice by landing places of guilt, when I ascends private admonition.

in its progress! You began wito noonReso'ret, UI, That if any person tinence, criminal in itseli, bu full of will not de ist from seliing, af er being complicated peril, in 1e tendency to privately adunisherl, we will acquaint worse crimes. Your next guilt was, a one of the peare-othiers to represent mask to the world in the concealment thieir conduct to the magistrates.

of your pregnancy, which (besides the

Vicious art of the imposture) was danMi. Justice Hardinge's Address to

gerous to the child you had conceived.

Your las: crime was the murder of that Alary Morgan, convicted at Pres

child, iniliced by yoursel.. You nare deigne, on Thu. ada, April 11, of

os, murdered tha' huojancieature, who, of mu, deiing her Bustard Child; and

all others upon eartb, had the most wło was i xecuted wit the following Su

affeciing rigat, as well as claim, to your lurday.

mercy and your love: the offspring Mary Morgan,

of your own guilt, and guilt entailed Croy evidence which leaves not a upon it, io some degree, by the sbane shade of doubt in the mini', you are of its descent. At your wild an. youthconvicted of murdering your child, a ful age, uudisciplined, I fear, as vell new-born infant, of your own sex, the as upenlightened, and with such early offspring of your secret and vicious habits of depraved self-iudwigence, it is love ; -- murriering it with a kuife, not probable that a religion like that selecie, as the implement of a purpose of the New Testaptout, whico breathes de:vierately fore, before its destined in every page of it love to infants, could victini Cance into the world. Your have been impressed upon your mind. haired of his innocent lutle suderer But the God of Nature has wrules à could not have been your Gurire. i6 book, which "be that runs may real." never offended you, ani was therefore You have read that book, and the letters po olject of reseniuuent, it is true that of it were stamped upon your feelings if the child had lived, it would have at your birth. It was a law wattea

* The m gistrates had issued a potice round the diferent parishes in this district a lit' eittore, cutening to put in force the laws against those who upeve. shops, &c. on the Sabwath.

upon the living and powing tahets of punishurent ; vergiful juries, meraisal the heart, which told you injust roles or low, and merciful jtires give it was to push the off, 0 your rerous on 'ons to the impunity: guit, for toe te you had corupo fill is a deile, I hope it will never it hy na gwil alone. Yn should be reptiel: at the same gries, the hava ener'e! prery moment of your $.ne law, and the sine julges are osa life in u'on 15, hy re inghiotteri. fi n tohteir trust in a case like yours. tanz in i till . a, brhe The life that you have destroyed, lost Canistán intih i hrid lastead of its natural parent then you were its brains are this a onepent, you ever itioner, fis guilt of vo:r own. were deaf o her infanties, and you, I found a par-3: in Heaven, there averythere seti i arreby puding is not a more stel object of that her to lea d this boie of di. Pren'love (whose children we all

it of hardei, 01 us are) than a new-born child, wha is i: un'ine? You have created ia his inase. lis blood is like en 100'ered the perlof Hetec'ion and that of Abel; it crie4 from the earth : permeo, by a liath of shane, 19 an: its com:)! int is noted in Heaven. the uur lorer of your child. -- You What your in lucement was to sacrifice bare taken the chance of lying impeni. this pledge of your love, and your crime, teat, or with a conscience ill prepared we have no means to ascertain : your for 10wful a chang', as from this life conscience knows it we'l; but we are into the jrgnes or errmily. You able to know, that it must have been have taken the chane, had you escaped selfish and cruel. I have talked with fron hunido dereion, - had you in- you hitherto, as a Julge, preparing posed up in the whole world ever *0 and bound by his painful office to inflict we!, - ofiurerio tormen *, upon the the penalty of death upon his convict. Tack of alle sell-ac uel and self- ed prisoner before himn :-- but look accurt. Thus it is that one guilt pro- up to me! I can give you confort, and dices another, especially in your ser, can tell you with sut impairing the when roae into its criminal inter weight of your doom in this world. I cours with ours. The natural delicacy that you can turn away your e.'s to the and mnotes of the tenute char.ctes Julge of us all, whose mercy has no entangles all its progress in guit; al limiin, and whom po sinner can ime accumula led crines are generate il byplore in vain, if the tears of penitence the fear of sha ne. Allas the ener- ant remorse are deep and sincere. gues of the mini are half ournal in the You must have expected your fate; confusion of bif'ed expelients to and I hope in God that you will be escape from the importunate eye of the prepared, hy a new-inule heart, for a work. But there is another sye - beter word, having made all the ha"about the path and about the beli," man atuneinent in your power upon from which no darkness can seclude, eirih. T) cu' old young creature like an froll which "no secrets are hii.“' you, in the morning of life's day (for That eve never is close.', and wrings to it is little more than a day to the oldest light guilt like yours in a inan er for of us ull) is an indliction throsd upon which the sagacity of hunan conjecture me, which I have no power to describe, despairs to account, Guilt is always a or to bcar, so well as perups lauld. Coward; guilt like yours prompts the You must not think we ure crael; it offender to accuse hersell, and prove is to save other infants like vours, and her crime by evidence of he fuct in a many other girls like you, irom the pit moment of despair, leer, or surprize, into which you have fallen : your senMadness like this, comt's too ae : it tence and your deubis mercy to them : is the efect and tie dood of cult; it il you nave repented of your crime, it is no shelter for it. You have no plea is mercy to yourself. llad yon e.cap. of suddlen impuise to his act (not limited, your mind and concience woud, any such pled could avail you, if in fact or right have been so depraved, this ir existed); yours was a deiiberate mur mercy, wiogel asit is, could treaca der, the implement of the death's itin time. You have now the tears woonl obtained, and sei apart for its and prayers of ind around you. In our destinei oilioe aud vicini. ila you abhorrenos of your erime, we have not escapei, plany other girls thoughtless lost our compassion for your fate, por and light as you have been) would have our zealous hope, that you will find been encouraged by that escape, to mercy at the jurigment-staat of it kecommit your crime, with hopes of your deeming Intercessor, who diet for impanity. The merciful terror of your you; that is, who died, that penitent example will save tbesk Desperate ouders, through uia, should b. rescried acts lie these very oftea escape from from the dooin they had iacurred, and

should expiate their pollurions in the mitted, by him and hy Mr. Kemn, as atonement of his blood. I am now to sistant to Mr. Hobbs. By this means pass upon you the awful sentence of a small interest was gathered, which your legal, your jus', and your inevithai variel with circumstances, fill it able dooin in this worid. - Here he pleased God to favour them with a delivered the sentence, and proceeded stated minis'ry, which increased the thas :) You have heard the sentence, congregation till it was much too large and the imperious will of the law. It for the private rooms where they usel affects your body alone ; your soul its to assemble; and a liberal subscripting cannot reach it is in the hands of soon raised the present building. The your God. May that God shew mercy place was opened July 2; when three to ir, when it shall appear before him sermons were preached by Mr. Cra hern, upon the day of its final judginent! - of Dadhan, froin Watt. xviii. 20; Mr. May it there be acquitted, and blest! Newton, of Witham, from Acts xiv. ;

and Mr. Taylor, of Colchester, from

2 Cor. ii. 12. Prayers were offered on May 29. The Rev. Mr. Penny was the occasion by Messrs. Hobbs and set apart over the particular Baptist Kemp, of Coichester; Nicholson, of church in White's Row, Poriseа. Mr. London; Hordle, of Harwici; Cover, Shoveler, of Portsmouth, began the of Mersey; and Merchant, of Layerwervice by reading and prayer; Mr bretton. The attendanre was numerHiall, of Portsea, asked the questions, ous, and the general feeling much im&c. and gave the charge from 2 Tim. pressed. - Mr. Coney, in whose house ii. 15; Mr. Bogue, of Gosport, pravel the congregation useito assemble, and the ordination-prayer; Mr.Saiferey, of who had long prayed to see this happy Salisbury, preached to the people from day, saw it; and, as if spared on purIsa. XXX. 20, last clause ; Mr. Griffin, pose that he might finish the honour. of Portxu, concluded.

able work of fixing the gospel in the

place, he sickened from the day of its June 20. A plain, neat, and well- opening, was seized wih a pleuriss, built.meeting-house (measuring in the and in a few days died; and was buclear forty-eight feet hy thirty-three) riel, July 15, close to the vestry-door, which has beco erected by the Baptist amidst a coucourse of his neighbours, congregation, under the pastoral care of who were much affected with the prothe Rev. D. Trotman, in the town of vidence. The funeral - serinon as Tewksbury, was this day opened for preached from Rev. xiv. I“, by Hire public worship. In the morning, Mr. Hyde, the minister of the place. Jay, of Bath, preached froin dlat. xviii. 20. In the afternoon, Dr. Ryland July is Mr. James Smith, probapreached from Hag. i. 14. In the even- tioner, was ordained to the office of ing, Mr. Belsher, of Worces'er, preach- the holy ministry, and the pastoral ed from Heb, i 8, 9. Messrs. 1.. But charge of the Associate Congregation terworth, of Evesham ; Williams, of of Bolton-le-Noor, Lancashire. Mr. Cheltenham; Bedford, of Birlingham; Thomson, of Leeds, preached the ordiT. Edmonds, of Upton; Rowland, of nation-sermon froin Jer. i. 6-8; Mr. Pershore; and one of Mr. Wesley's mi- Jack, of Manchester, asked the ques nisters, engaged in prayer.

tions of the Formula, ordained, and

gave the charge to the minister and the A small neat place of worship has

people; Mr. Black, of Musselburgh, been crected at Wivenhoc, a little sea

preached from leb. xiii. 15, and coue port pear Colchester. About eighty cluded the solemu scrvice. years ago there were two meeting. houses there, a Presbyterian and a Bap. July 31. The Thirteenth Annivertist; but po vestige of them now re- sary was held at Cheshunt College, mains. One family only (Mr. Coney's) Hertfordshire; when three of the sturesident in Wivenhoe ahout twenty dents delivered orations on the follow years, has kept the faith of the gospel ing subjects, viz. Mr. Lake, on Christ, amid the general depravily. They at- under the title of a Friend ; Mr. Wil. tended on the Lord's Day at Mr. kins spoke of Ilim under the metaphor Ilobbs's place at Colchester; from of the Sun; aud Mr. Bridgman Codwhence it is distant about four miles. sidered Him as typyfied by a Lam). About nine years ago, a Lord's Day After which the Rev. M. Wilks preachEvening - Lecture was instituted there ed a sermon, in which he held up Christ by Mr. Taylor, of Colchester, which as an example, from Acts x. 38, " Wha Iues been continued, as occasion per- went about doing good," Mr. Willias,

•f Otfiham, and Mr. Kirkmau engaged in prayer.

July 24. The Rev. R. Ow-r» was ordained-pallor of (lie Baptist ehuroli at Southampton. Mr. Moody,of Lockerley, began the service hy reading the Scriptures and prayer; Mr. Mialf, of Portsea, introduced the business, and receive I the church's call an I Mr. Owers's confession, with an account of his call hy grace, and his being led into the work of the ministry; Mr. Kingsbury, who has been forty years pastor of the Independent Congregation in the same town, prayed the ordination - prayer, with the most cordial affection; Dr. Ilyland, who had been tutor to Mr. Owers for three years,gave ihe charge from Col. i. »8, jc); Mr. Saifcrey, of Salisbury, preached to the people; and Mr. Clare, of Dowuton, coneluded.

July 31. The new Tlaplist meetinghouse at St. lyes, Huntingdonshire, was opened for public worship. Mr. Tipp'c, of Halewessen, prayed; Mr. (Jeard.of Mitchen, preached from Exod. xx. 24; Mr. Tall, of Swansey, prayed the second prayer; and Mr. Upton, -of London, preached a second lecture, from Pi. exxxvii. 5, 6; and concluded the service with prayer. In the evening Mr. Skeletor, of (treat Gransden, prayed: and Mr. Virley, of Calton, preached from Hog. ii. 9, and concluded with prayer.

The HaJf-yearly Meeting of the Wiltshire Association, appointed for September 3, is postponed to Tuesday, October 8 -, when it will lie held at Ihe Independent Chapel at l'rome. Mr. Elliott is expected to preach iu the morning, and Mr. Jay in the afternoon.

The Annual Meeting of the Indepeudent Benevolent Society, meeting in <iloucesiershirc, will be holder) at 'J'hornbury, near Bristol, on Wednesday, October 2. An open Committee, for auditing accounts, etc will sit the preceding evening at the Rev. Wni. Jones's house; and the Gloucester Association will be hnldvn at bis Meeting on Uie said 2d of October.

The East Kent Association will bold tbeir next Meeting at Mi- Matter's, J'everslunj, October 9. Mr. Towngeud, of Ramsgate, to preach in the inorning; and Mr. Drew, of Siioud, at night. The preceding ctooiirj, Mr, Xi .•:.<--j of Davar,


ExtraB of m Letter from Northampti*.

THortsotv, Aug. 8, was the day appoiu'ed for the nomination of the chief magistrate of this borough; an! which, as is usual, was observed witfi conviviality. After dinner, the company withdrew to partake of tea, cards, and a ball. About nine o'clock, afn-r Mr. Hayes (tiic late Mayor) had finished one dance, and wa.s just beginning another, the lady, bearing him make a little complaint of tiredness, wished him to desist from the exercise. Upon which he saii!,"0,no; I won't give it up so I" But alas! scarcely had he uttered these words, but he fell down, and never more breathed! Medical advice was at hand, but in i n in. Darin; the dance, his wife observing him to be without gloves, noticed the circumstance to him. Upon which he remarked, " O, never mind; I'll keep them till to-morrow: to-morrow is my day '." It is here to be noticed, that the second day is generally ob.rrved with greater gaie'y than the first: hut how does this awful circumstance enforce the Wise Mau's admonition: "Boast not thyself of to-morrow!"

We have observed In the pnblia Papers, lately, an uncommon number of sudden deaths, some of which we subjoin, as they atford a powerful comment on those words of our Divine Instructor: "Watch ami pray, for in an hour, when yo tb'mSt nol, the Son of Man coinath." May 30. Mr. Motion, of Falmouth, (Talking to his farm, was seized with faintness, carried home and expired.

Mrs. W'atkins, near Bristol, while receiving some of her guests, suddenly sunk down, and immediately expired.

Mrs. Young, at Allord, Liucolu, in an apoplectic lit.

Mr. J. Birtcbncll, of Oakham, fell down in the street; arid, before any medical assistance could be procured, expired.

June 9. Mrs. Monday, of Crowle«s, was found dead in bed by har hus'vmd, who bad been some time indisposed: he was removed to another bed, and, in about six hours after, he also died.

Sir. Makins, of Willoughby, while ou his way to .YIford,fcll down in a fit, and died instantly.

June 30. Miss Best, of Salisbury, while giving directions to her servants, dropped down a lifeless carpge.

July 1. Capt. Olaples, of Newark, July 8. --Steele, Esq. at Chert. while playing at cards.

wy, afrer eating a hearty dinner. Mrs. Jarvis, of Southwell, while sit. Rev. P. Cugningham, lare o Ticiating ting by her husband, complainel of a minister of Chertsey, while sitting at pain in her hearl, and lezoing on his dinner with his friends, fell back in bis shoulder, expiredi inmediately.

chair, was conveyed to his lodgings, and July 7. Joha Evans, Esq. of Graves in a few minutes expired. end, after breakfast, dressed himself How striking is that sentiment in the for church, valked in the garden, re. Burial Service: * In the midst of life turned into the house, sat down, and we are in death !" died.

List of Lectures in and near London for September. 1. Lord's Day Morn early (seven Collyer; Palace Street, Mr.

o'clock) Artillery ac. Mr.Platt. Thorp; Orange Stree', 1. Bar Ev. Broad Sir. Mr. Brooks

der ; Chapel St. Mr. Tho1128 ; bank : Jlare Court, Mr. T.

Peter Street, Dr. Hanilton; Thomas ; Palace Str. Mr. Dunn;

Devonshire Sq. Dr. Jenkins.
Crown Crt. Vir Knigh' ; Orange 17. T4. M. Broad Street, Mr. Clayton.
Street, Mr. Thorp; Peter Street 18. IVed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the
(to the Ifricans) Vír. Jeraeo* ;

Nation, at Mr. Clayton's,
Devonshire Siliare, Vr. foruy.

r Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bap.) 2. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet

at Dr. Jenkini's, Vír. Rance ing, at Mr. Stollery's, Chapel

to preach. - The Spirit the Street, Soho.

19. 3 Comforter. 3. Tie. M. Broad Str. Mr. Birher.

Er, Fettes Lane, Mr. Wang'. 4. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Veerint for the

Redemption thro' the bivoi Nation, at Mr. Hanphrya's.

[ of Christ. Th.M.llonthly Meeting Iniep.) at Mr. Collser's, Pockham, 22. LORD's Day Morn. early (seran Mr. Brooksbank to preac'.-

o'clock) Artillery Street, Vr. Causes of not profiting by the

Shenston. - by. Braad Str. Mo. Word.

Newman ; Hare Crt. Mr. Webh; Ev. Felter Lane, Vr. Thorp.

Crown Court, Mr. Stollery; ! Christ the Surety of the Co

Chapel Street, Mr. Dunn; levenant.

ter Street, Dr. Duncan; Devon

sbire Square, Mr. J. Thomas. 8. LOR'S DAY Moro. early (seren 24. Tit. M. Broad Str. Mr. Goode.

o'clock) Artillery Street, Mr. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the
Priestley. - Ev. Broad Street,

Nation, at Mr. Williams's.
Mr. Collyer: Flare Court, Nr. 26. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Dr. Rippon.
Newman ; Orange Street, wir.

- Public Praver.
Townsend; Crown Court, Mr.
Web!); palace Street, Mr. Stol-
lery ; Chapel Street, Mr. Bur- 29. LORD'S DAY Morn. early (seven
der; Pe'er Street, Mr. Donn;

o'clock) Artillery Street, Mr. Devonshire Square, Mr. Gould.

Simpson. Ev. Hare Court, . Mon. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Mr. Shenstone; Crown Couri, Nation, Surry Chapel.

Mr. G. Clay:on; Palace Street, 15. Tu. Jl. Broad Str. Di. Fisher.

Mr. Bryan ; Orange Street, Nr. 11. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Lyndall; Chapel Street, Mr. T. Nation, at Mr. Brooksbank's.

Williams; Peter Street, Mr. 1:. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Goode.

. --- Vith what Views should
Christians regard the Spread of


The Tabernacle and Tottenham, Mr.

Grove, of Walsal.
15. Lord's DIY Morn. early (seven Surry Chapx?, Mr. Jay, of Bath,

o'clock) Artillery Street, Mr. Spa fields, Mir. Bickerdike
Holmes. — Ev. Broad Street, Sion, Mr. Bennett.
Mr. Hutchings; Hare Crt. Mr. Morion Academy Chapel, Mr. Bradley,
Ilumphrys; Crown Court, Mr. of Manchester.

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