Families and Health Care: Psychosocial Practice

Aldine de Gruyter, 1990 - 320 sidor
Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Foreword -- Preface -- 1. Relevant Theoretical Frameworks -- The General Systems Paradigm -- The Ecological Perspective -- A Social-Ecological Perspective in Public Health -- Transactional Stress Models: Interactional Processes and Mediating Factors -- Ecological Systems: Paradigms Synthesis in Social Work -- The Biopsychosocial Model: A Transactional Systems Perspective -- Family Systems Theory -- Family Stress and Coping Theory: Integrative Models -- The Future: Continued Theory Integration and Refinement -- 2. Research on Health, Illness, and Family -- Individual Health Status -- Families and Illness Outcomes -- Impact of Illness on Families -- Family Coping Resources -- 3. The Social Environment and Family-Focused Health Care -- Social Policy, Families, and Health -- Health Policy and Families -- Structural Issues Affecting Families Access to Services -- Organizational Effects on Family-Focused Care: Practice Implications -- Family Support Programs and Mutual Aid Groups -- Bioethical Decision Making and Families -- Conclusion -- 4. Evaluation of Family Interventions -- Characteristics of Research on Family Interventions -- Family Interventions to Promote Health and Prevent Illness -- Family Interventions in the Face of Illness or Disability -- An Agenda for Future Evaluation Research -- Conclusion -- 5. Assessment Frameworks and Assessment Tools -- Population-Based Assessment: The Public Health Model -- Assessing Treatment Environments -- Assessment of Family Functioning -- General Assessment Frameworks -- Assessment Frameworks for Use in Primary Care -- Family Assessment in the Face of Illness -- Assessment Tools -- Implications for Practice -- 6. Social Work Intervention with Families in Health Care -- Values of Family Practice -- Purpose and Goals

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