Phyllis: A Novel

J.B. Lippincott, 1888 - 336 sidor

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Sida 220 - I gallop'd on my palfrey white as milk, My robe was of the .sea-green woof, my serk was of the silk; My hair was golden yellow, and it floated to my shoe, My eyes were like two harebells bathed in little drops of dew; My palfrey, never stopping, made a music sweetly blent With the leaves of autumn dropping all around me as I went; And I heard the bells, grown fainter, far behind me peal and play, Fainter, fainter, fainter, fainter, till they...
Sida 295 - Now for my life, it is a miracle of thirty years, which to relate, were not a history, but a piece of poetry, and would sound to common ears like a fable. For the world, I count it not an inn, but an hospital ; and a place not to live, but to die in.
Sida 326 - The branches cross above our eyes, The skies are in a net : And what's the thing beneath the skies We two would most forget? Not birth, my love, no, no, — Not death, my love, no, no, — The love once ours, but ours long hours ago.
Sida 326 - Burden ALONG the grass sweet airs are blown Our way this day in Spring. Of all the songs that we have known Now which one shall we sing? Not that, my love, ah no! — Not this, my love? why, so! — Yet both were ours, but hours will come and go. The grove is all a pale frail mist, The new year sucks the sun. Of all the kisses that we kissed Now which shall be the one?
Sida 304 - I do not think you have any right to speak to me in this way,' replies he, quietly. ' I may have deceived you passively once in my life by forbearing to mention what would do no good in the telling, and might have caused you grief, or, at least, unpleasantness. But to you pr any other being I have never lied.
Sida 278 - No, I cannot. What has vexed you, mother? You have been crying." " Oh, no, darling," in trembling tones ; " you only imagine it. Perhaps it is the uncertain light." " Nonsense," I insist, angrily ; " you know you have. I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice. Why do you try to deceive me? Something has happened, — I feel it, — and you are keeping it from me. Let me think " With a nervous gesture mother raises a cup from a table near, and puts it to my lips. " Drink this first,...
Sida 280 - God, I am so young, so young— 1 am not used to tears at nights Instead of slumber — nor to prayer With sobbing lips and hands out-wrung ! Thou knowest all my prayings were ' I bless thee, God, for past delights — Thank God!
Sida 203 - Chandos, with resentment towards his cruel love, until, glancing towards the latter, who has stood motionless since his departure, with head bent and hands loosely clasped, the resentment fades, and compassion of the deepest takes its place. I would give all the world to be able to go meet and comfort her, to twine my arms around her neck, to express my sympathy. But how can I? What a treacherous creature she would think me ! How mean ! nothing but a pitiful eavesdropper. « Slowly she raises her...
Sida 323 - WThy must the wretchedness of this world so heavily overbalance the good ? I fling the small volume from me with some impatience as Marmaduke comes in. He has been studiously cold to me of late ; indeed, he has shown an open and marked avoidance of my company. It has at times forced itself upon me...
Sida 300 - Sir," say I, feeling half choked, " believe me, I fully appreciatQ all the sacrifices you would make for my sake. Pray spare both me and yourself the recital of them." "Sacrifices?" interrupts he, eagerly : " no, indeed ! I never thought of it in that light. I only meant to put the case clearly before you exactly as it is, without any false lights. I tell you that so far from my present proposition to you being a sacrifice on my part, I would gladly go on my knees to you this moment, if by doing...

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