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afar oft*. And the emperor pursued not after him, for the winter began; and during many days there was rain upon all the eartht. So he gathered his host into the cities on the borders, and remained there; and the king also gathered his host into the fortresses; and the country had rest.

1312. In those days there was no king in Englandf, for their king, Edward, was dead, and the government was left in the hand of his sister, the daughter of his father; and they buried him in the sepulchre of the kings.

1313. And the ships of Solyman came with the ships of King Henry, bearing the men of war whom the king had in Siena, and weapons of war in abundance; and they fell suddenly upon the island of Corsica, which was under the government of Genoa. And they took all the cities of the plain and all its fortresses, as a man taketh a piece of an ear; then the fortress Calvo alone was left unto the Genoese; and the French surrounded it, and it remained in siege and in straitness many daysg.

1314. And the lords of Genoa gathered men of valor and ships in abundance, to go to its help, to deliver it from the hand of its spoilers. And the


* Exod. xx. 18.
I Comp. Jud. xvii. 6.

+ Gen. vii. 12.
g Deut. xxviii. 53. 55. 57.



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emperor and the duke of Florence succoured them;
and they waxed very mighty*.

1315. In those days, a priest, one of the brethren
of St. Francis, whose name was Corneglio of Mon-
talcinot, was converted, and he cut off the flesh of
his foreskin, to serve the Lord our God, and the
spirit came upon himf, and he set his face like a
flints to preach unto many in the streets of the
city of Romell, against their law and against their
Messiah, and they seized him and burned him
with fire:

1316. Then they who raved against our nation,
brought their slander to Pope Julius the Third,
saying, “ That there were passages in the Tal-
mud, which speak against their law.” And he
wrote letters into all the circuits of Italy, and com-
manded them to burn all the books of the Talmud
with fire. And the decree was given at Romel,
and at Bologna, and at Venice; this burning
happened in the month Marchesvan, three hundred
and fourteen, because of the greatness of its sins**:
see, O Lord, and considerft! And in the rest
of the cities of Italy the Jews assembled, and pro-
claimed fasts, and clothed themselves in sack-

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524 THE TALMUD BURNED, A.M. 5313. Jop cloth*, and cried unto the Lord in their distresst, and He was long suffering with them, because he delighteth in mercyt.

1317. And there was war in Piedmont and in Corsica at that time.

· The author, Joseph the priest, saith, 6 Hitherto the Lord hath holpen me to write this Book of Chronicles, which was completed at the end of the month Cheshwan, in the year, and the things that shall come upon them MAKE HASTES.' May the Lord deem us worthy|| to write other books without end, and see the pleasantness of his temple, and the building of his house in Jerusalem. Amen. Such be his plea


When Zerachiahs, the Levite, the son of the author's sister, saw the beauty of this glorious Book, and the honey

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314 + 5000= A.M. 5314 =

A.D. 1553.. 0731, mundum, purum esse apud Rabbinos est etiam mereri, dignum esse in Piel dignum censere.Buxtorf Lex. Rab.


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from the honeycomb of its words*, the Lord stirred up his spirit, and he also began to speak; and he opened his mouth with songs of rejoicing; and he said, 66 Whosoever desireth to find delight in the times past, let him take up this Book of Memorials: when his sleep hath left him, let him read itt, for therein he shall see the matters of the king of the nationst, and the end of our captivity. Peradventure he will be favored to discern between the greatness of the heathen kings, and that of our Messiah. And so he will give thanks unto God, that he hath not taken his mercy from us, giving us a ready penman, a writer of the Chronicles of our nation." .

. These Chronicles are ready for sale at the printer's and bookseller's, the celebrated Rabbi Solomon Proops, the righteous priest, (may his rock and his Redeemer guard him!), together with any other sort of books, Pentateuchs, Prayer-books, Liturgies, Absolutions, according to every regulation of each congregation|| (may their rock and Redeemer guard them !); and sorts of volumes, large and small, either in the holy tongue, or in the strange tongues. He buys and sells also, all sorts of old and new books, Gemaroth,

+ Prov. xvi. 24. 1 Sam. xiv. 27. + Esth. vi. 1. | Comp. Gen. xiv. I. $ i.e. 9:34_bga? 1798 1799.

|| i. e. According to the Sphardim, or the Jews of the Spanish, and the Ashkenazim, or the Jews of the German rites.

I rys nus. A similar phrase occurs in Ps. cxiv. Our text has the mark of nian U87, or of initials, over I'y5; which seems to

.לשון עם זר imply that it is to be taken as an abbreviation for

The context shows that the Dutch language is meant.

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Medrashim (Sermons), and also books of the Cabbalah, Commentaries, Decisions, Questions and Answers, and all other sorts of books whatsoever, as it is known.

His dwelling is in the street which is called Broad Street, (onu "9), Breite Strasse), in the holy community of Amsterdam. .


CORRIGENDA TO VOL, I. line. heading, for 4466 read 4856. 21, for seventy read ninety. 23, for four hundred and sixty-six read eight hundred and

Page. 12

54 59

fifty-six.. note, after Dipspodip, insert, seems to be Gottschalk. 5, insert a note to mail. Some historians compute the

whole number of persons, women and children and clergy inclusive, at six hundred thousand; of whom three hundred thousand were infantry, and one hundred thousand mounted knights: but others state, with the rabbi, that there were six hundred thousand foot.- Von Ruumer, Geschichte der Ho

henstaufen, vol. i. p. 99. note, last line but one, after confounded insert, Von Raumer

calls this person Kilidsch Arslan. 5, note to thence. According to other historians, Bald

win's retinue consisted of seven hundred knights and two thousand foot ; Tancred's to five hundred knights and a corresponding number of foot.

Vor Raumer, Hohenstaufen, vol. i. p. 116. note, after TN'OUVIIN, read, seems to be Mamistra. 19, for learn read leave.


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