Equity in Pennsylvania: A Lecture Delivered Before the Law Academy of Philadelphia, February 11, 1868

Kay & brother, 1868 - 139 sidor

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Sida 76 - The prevention or restraint of the commission or continuance of acts contrary to law and prejudicial to the interests of the community, or the rights of individuals.
Sida 63 - It shall be lawful for the defendant or plaintiff in replevin in any cause in any of the Superior Courts in which, if judgment were obtained, he would be entitled to relief against such judgment on equitable grounds, to plead the facts which entitle him to such relief by way of defence, and the said Courts are hereby empowered to receive such defence by way of plea ; provided that such plea shall begin with the words " for defence on equitable grounds...
Sida 4 - ... do all and every other thing and things which unto the complete establishment of justice unto courts and tribunals, forms of judicature and manner of proceedings do belong...
Sida 60 - And the legislature shall vest in the said courts such other powers to grant relief in equity as shall be found necessary; and may, from time to time, enlarge or diminish those powers, or vest them in such other courts as they shall judge proper for the due administration of justice.
Sida 29 - The King shall have the custody of the lands of natural fools, taking the profits of them without waste or destruction, and shall find them their necessaries, of whose fee soever the lands be holden ; and after the death of such idiots he shall render [it *] to the right heirs, so that such, idiots shall not aliene, nor their heirs shall be disinherited.
Sida 11 - That in all courts all persons of all persuasions may freely appear in their own way and according to their own manner, and there personally plead their own cause themselves, or, if unable, by their friends.
Sida 4 - Judicatories, and Tribunals, Judicial Forms and Modes of Proceeding, although express Mention thereof in these Presents be not made; and, by Judges by them delegated, to award Process, hold Pleas, and determine in those Courts, Praetorian Judicatories, and Tribunals, in all Actions, Suits, Causes, and Matters whatsoever, as well Criminal as Personal, Real and Mixed, and Praetorian...
Sida 5 - THAT in all Courts, all Persons of all Persuasions may freely appear in their own Way, and according to their own Manner, and there personally plead their own Cause themselves; or if unable, by their Friend...
Sida 81 - The Courts of Common Pleas of the several counties of the Commonwealth shall have power, within their respective jurisdictions, to appoint overseers of election to supervise the proceedings of election officers and to make report to the court as may be required; such appointments to be made for any district in a city or county upon petition of five citizens...
Sida 71 - Courts of common pleas, shall, beside the powers heretofore usually exercised by them, have the powers of a court of chancery, so far as relates to the perpetuating of testimony, the obtaining of evidence from places not within the state, and the care of the persons and estates of those who are non compotes mentis.

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