An Introduction to the Duties of Magistrates and Justices of the Peace

Thacker Spink & Company, 1871 - 322 sidor

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Sida 164 - ... to charge any person upon any agreement made upon consideration of marriage; or upon any contract or sale of lands, tenements or hereditaments or any interest in or concerning them...
Sida 86 - Goods ; and any Person, to whom any Property shall be offered to be sold, pawned, or delivered, if he shall have reasonable Cause to suspect that any such Offence has been committed on or with respect to such Property, is hereby authorized, and, if in his Power, is required to apprehend and forthwith to carry before a Justice of the Peace the Party offering the same, together with such Property, to be dealt with according to Law.
Sida v - means the Act of the session of the eleventh and twelfth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter forty-three, intituled " An Act to facilitate the performance of the duties of justices of the peace out of sessions within England and Wales, with respect to summary convictions and orders...
Sida 85 - ... a person who has no ostensible means of subsistence, or who cannot give a satisfactory account of himself...
Sida 261 - ... a certificate containing the substance and effect only (omitting the formal part) of the indictment and conviction for such offence, purporting to be signed by the clerk of the Court, or other officer having the custody of the records of the Court where the offender was...
Sida 43 - B, in consequence of the unsoundness of his mind, being incapable of knowing the nature of the act, or that he is doing what is wrong or contrary to law, sets fire to the house in consequence of A's instigation.
Sida 104 - ... or of any other person if after notification of his authority and purpose and demand of admittance duly made, he cannot otherwise obtain admittance...
Sida 65 - Our people, concerning their bodies or firing their houses, have used threats, to find sufficient security for the peace or their good behaviour towards Us and Our people, and if they shall refuse to find such security, then them in Our prisons, until they shall find such security, to cause to be safely kept.
Sida 86 - That any Person found committing any Offence against this Act, whether the same be punishable upon Indictment or upon summary Conviction, may be immediately apprehended, without a Warrant, by any Peace Officer, or the Owner of the Property injured, or his Servant, or any Person authorized by him, and forthwith taken before some neighbouring Justice of the Peace, to be dealt with according to Law.
Sida 101 - ... if any credible witness shall prove upon oath before a justice of the peace a reasonable cause to suspect that any person has in his possession or on his premises any property whatsoever on or with respect to which any offence...

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