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Letter from Bihop Fleetwood 1713, his Lordship writes me thus. "I have never heard that Bishop Gold. well took away any

Books tings with him, that belonged to St. Asaph. But I know, it is a common Thing for the Emifsaries of Rome to boast of what Records, and other valuable Things they carried away with them at the Reformation, but when we fend to Rome for Accounts they fend us little or nothing, and it is, I dare fay, because they have lit


Your Lordship's
Most obedient Servant,

Browne Willis.

tle of any Value."

am, my

Whaddon - Hall,
April 14, 1747.

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The near Relation these Collections bear to your Lordship, would, in Justice, challenge my submitting them to your Perusal, were I not already determin’d to entreat your Patronage and Acceptance thereof.

For I am oblig'd to own that it was in a great Measure owing to your Friendship and Encouragement that I began this Undertaking, and that several of the most valuable Materials in it were of

Lordship’s imparting; and the Information I receiv'd from Persons on the Spot, was chiefly procur'd by your Favour and Recommendation.


How I have answer'd my Part in putting them together, no one can judge so well as your Lordship. I shall think myself sufficiently honour'd, if I may be allow'd to have improv'd what was begun by so great a Man as Mr. Warton, to whom the Ecclesiastical History of our Cathedrals, particularly this of St. Afaph, is so much indebted.

The Imperfectness of the Records of this See, mention'd Page 122, and in other Places in this work, and the Defect of the Bishops' Registers, which were scarce ever begun to be kept in any regular Order before your Lordship's Time, is much to be lamented. It was on this Account that I was induc'd to collect from public Offices whatever was not already printed relating to this Church, and insert in a large Appen, dix, which would have been both more instructive and diverting, if I had receiv'd some of those Records earlier, to have taken Notice of them in the proper places to which they referr'd; but several of these Instruments did not come to Hand 'till great Part was printed off, which when I had the Hafpiness to procure, seemed to me too valuable to be suppress’d.

The Draughts of the Church were taken by the ingenious Mr. Joseph Lord of Carmarthen, who sent me a Description to an

swer to the Draughts and Surveys by him made: This was examin'd and augmented by the Reverend Mr. Josiah Babington, Vicar-Choral of St. Asaph, who in a most friendly and instructive Manner gave me particular Answers to all the Queries with which, from time to time, I was, against my Will, forc'd to trouble him: Nor was this the only Instance he gave of his Readiness to promote my bringing the Antiquities of St. Asaph to Light. He spared no Pains in searching for and gathering up all the Memorandums which the few Records belonging to this Church would afford. And here I do with Thankfulness acknowledge the Favour of your Lordship’s worthy Successor, the present Bishop of St. Asaph, who with great Courtesy allow'd Mr. Babington Access to whatever he apprehended might be to my Purpose: In which I was also very kindly assisted by the Reverend Mr. Humphrey Foulks, one of the worthy Prebendaries of that Church.

Neither can I dismiss this Argument without rendering my most hearty and publick Acknowledgments to my honour'd Friend, Dr. William Foulks, late Fellow of Jesus College in Oxford, who hearing of my De. fign, aslisted me, tho'a Stranger to him, at that Time, in searching among the MSS.

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