Sidor som bilder

Of sorrow, barricadoed evermore
Within the walls of citiesmay these sounds
Have their authentic comment ; that even these
Hearing, I be not downcast or forlorn !
Descend, prophetic Spirit ! that inspir’st
The human Soul of universal earth,
Dreaming on things to come ; and dost possess
A metropolitan temple in the hearts
Of mighty Poets : upon me bestow
A gift of genuine insight ; that my Song
With star-like virtue in its place may shine,
Shedding benignant influence, and secure,
Itself, from all malevolent effect
Of those mutations that extend their sway
Throughout the nether sphere !And if with this
I mix more lowly matter ; with the thing
Contemplated, describe the Mind and Man
Contemplating ; and who, and what he was-
The transitory Being that beheld
This Vision ; when and where, and how he lived ;
Be not this labour useless. If such theme
May sort with highest objects, then-dread Power !
Whose gracious favour is the primal source
Of all illuminationmay my Life
Express the image of a better time,
More wise desires, and simpler manners ;--nurse
My Heart in genuine freedom :-all pure thoughts
Be with me ;-s0 shall thy unfuiling love
Guide, and support, and cheer me to the end!'







Page 3, A summer forenoon.—3, The Author reaches a ruined Cottage

upon a Common, and there meets with a revered Friend, the Wanderer, of whose education and course of life he gives an account. 21, The Wanderer, while resting under the shade of the Trees that surround the Cottage, relates the History of its last Inhabitant.

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