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modern perriwig; and the voice was suited to the visage, founding weak and remote. Dryden, in a long barangue, foothed up the good Antient, called him Father, and, by large deductions of genealogies, made it plainly appear that they were nearly related. Then he humbly proposed an exchange of armour, as a lasting mark of hospitality between them. Virgil confented, (for the goddess Diffidence came unseen, and cast a mist before his eyes) though his was of gold, and coft an hundred beeves, the other's but of rusty iron. However, this glittering armour became the Modern yet worse than his own. Then they ayreed to exchange horses; but when it came to the trial, Dryden was afraid, and utterly unable to mount.”—Tale of a Tub.





Tuis translation of Monsieur Boileau's Art of Poetry was made in the year 1680, by Sir William Soame of Suffolk, Baronet; who being very intimately acquainted with Mr. Dryden, desired his revisal of it. I saw the manuscript lie in Mr. Dryden's hands for above fix months, who made very considerable alterations in it, particularly the beginning of the fourth Canto : and it being his opinion that it would be bet. ter to apply the poem to English writers, than keep to the French names, as it was first translated, Sir William defired he would take the pains to make that alteration; and accord. ingly that was entirely done by Mr. Dryden.

The poem was firti published in the year 1683; Sir Wil. liam was after fent ambassador to Constantinople, in the reign of King James, but died in the voyage.

J. T.



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